john bible quizzing whos 29th page

  1. Who wiped
    Who wiped the Lord's feet with her hair? / A. Mary (11:2)
  2. Who withdr
    Who withdrew again to a mountain by himself? / A. Jesus (6:15)
  3. Who wore th
    Who wore the crown of thorns? / A. Jesus (19:5)
  4. Who worship
    Who worshiped on this mountain? / A. Our fathers (4:20)
  5. Who would Jesu
    Who would Jesus bring together and make one? / A. The Jewish nation and the scattered children of God (11:51-52)
  6. Who would not conf
    Who would not confess their faith for fear they would be put out of the synagogue? / A. Many even among the leaders (12:42)
  7. Who would not entr
    Who would not entrust himself to them? / A. Jesus (2:24)
  8. Who would not have
    Who would not have died if Jesus had been there? / A. Martha's brother Lazarus (11:21)
  9. Who would you
    Who would you know if you really knew Jesus? / A. Jesus' Father as well (14:7)
  10. Who wrapped his
    Who wrapped his outer garment around him? / A. Simon Peter (21:7)
  11. Who wrapped Jesu
    Who wrapped Jesus' body? / A. Joseph and Nicodemus (19:40)
  12. Who wrote abou
    Who wrote about me? / A. Moses (5:46)
  13. Who wrote thes
    Who wrote these things down? / A. This disciple who testifies to these things (John) (21:24)
  14. Whom can
    Whom can the world not accept? / A. The Spirit of truth (14:17)
  15. Whom did Andr
    Whom did Andrew and Philip in turn tell? / A. Jesus (12:22)
  16. Whom did Jesus ask,
    Whom did Jesus ask, "You do not want to leave too, do you?" / A. The Twelve (6:67)
  17. Whom did Jesus mean
    Whom did Jesus mean? / A. Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot (6:71)
  18. Whom did Jesus than
    Whom did Jesus thank for having heard him? / A. The Father (11:41)
  19. Whom did John'
    Whom did John's two disciples follow? / A. Jesus (1:37)
  20. Whom did Mary Magd
    Whom did Mary Magdalene tell that he had said these things to her? / A. The disciples (20:18)
  21. Whom did Mary thin
    Whom did Mary think Jesus was? / A. The gardener (20:15)
  22. Whom did Moses
    Whom did Moses command us to stone? / A. Such women (8:5)
  23. Whom did othe
    Whom did others say Jesus deceived? / A. The people (7:12)
  24. Whom did Phil
    Whom did Philip go to tell? / A. Andrew (12:22)
  25. Whom did you
    Whom did you not choose? / A. Me (Jesus) (15:16)
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john bible quizzing whos 29th page
john bible quizzing whos 29th page