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  1. Who will all
    Who will all men know that you are? / A. Jesus' disciples (13:35)
  2. Who will bapti
    Who will baptize with the Holy Spirit? / A. The man on whom you see the Spirit come down and remain (1:33)
  3. Who will be asce
    Who will be ascending and descending on the Son of Man? / A. The angels of God (1:51)
  4. Who will be driv
    Who will be driven out? / A. The prince of this world (12:31)
  5. Who will be love
    Who will be loved by my Father? / A. He who loves Jesus (14:21)
  6. Who will be save
    Who will be saved? / A. Whoever enters through Jesus (10:9)
  7. Who will be thir
    Who will be thirsty again? / A. Everyone who drinks this water (4:13)
  8. Who will come and
    Who will come and take away both our place and our nation? / A. The Romans (11:48)
  9. Who will come in a
    Who will come in and go out, and find pasture? / A. Whoever enters through Jesus, the gate (10:9)
  10. Who will convic
    Who will convict the world of guilt? / A. The Counselor (16:8)
  11. Who will do even
    Who will do even greater things than these? / A. Anyone who has faith in Jesus (14:12)
  12. Who will do what
    Who will do what Jesus has been doing? / A. Anyone who has faith in him (14:12)
  13. Who will draw a
    Who will draw all men to himself? / A. Jesus (12:32)
  14. Who will dress
    Who will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go? / A. Someone else (21:18)
  15. Who will expl
    Who will explain everything to us? / A. Messiah (called Christ) (4:25)
  16. Who will find
    Who will find pasture? / A. Whoever enters through Jesus (10:9)
  17. Who will give Jesu
    Who will give Jesus whatever he asks? / A. God (11:22)
  18. Who will give you anot
    Who will give you another Counselor? / A. The Father (14:16)
  19. Who will give you food
    Who will give you food that endures to eternal life? / A. The Son of Man (6:27)
  20. Who will give you what
    Who will give you whatever you ask in Jesus' name? / A. Jesus' Father (16:23)
  21. Who will guide
    Who will guide you into all truth? / A. The Spirit of truth (16:13)
  22. Who will hear the Son'
    Who will hear the Son's voice? / A. All who are in their graves (5:28)
  23. Who will hear the voic
    Who will hear the voice of the Son of God? / A. The dead (5:25)
  24. Who will keep
    Who will keep his life for eternal life? / A. The man who hates his life in this world (12:25)
  25. Who will lose
    Who will lose his life? / A. The man who loves his life (12:25)
  26. Who will never be t
    Who will never be thirsty? / A. He who believes in Jesus (6:35)
  27. Who will never die?
    Who will never die? / A. Whoever lives and believes in me (11:26)
  28. Who will never go h
    Who will never go hungry? / A. He who comes to Jesus (6:35)
  29. Who will never see
    Who will never see death? / A. A man if he keeps my word (8:51)
  30. Who will never taste
    Who will never taste death? / A. Anyone who keeps your word (8:52)
  31. Who will never thirs
    Who will never thirst? / A. Whoever drinks the water Jesus gives him (4:14)
  32. Who will not be c
    Who will not be condemned? / A. Whoever hears Jesus' word and believes him who sent Jesus (5:24)
  33. Who will not come
    Who will not come into the light? / A. Everyone who does evil (3:20)
  34. Who will not obey
    Who will not obey Jesus' teaching? / A. He who does not love Jesus (14:24)
  35. Who will not see l
    Who will not see life? / A. Whoever rejects the Son (3:36)
  36. Who will not stumb
    Who will not stumble? / A. A man who walks by day (11:9)
  37. Who will obey
    Who will obey Jesus' teaching? / A. Anyone who loves Jesus (14:23)
  38. Who will Pete
    Who will Peter disown? / A. Jesus (13:38)
  39. Who will remain
    Who will remain forever? / A. The Christ (12:34)
  40. Who will remind
    Who will remind you of everything Jesus has said to you? / A. The Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in Jesus' name (14:26)
  41. Who will rise to be c
    Who will rise to be condemned? / A. Those who have done evil (5:29)
  42. Who will rise to live
    Who will rise to live? / A. Those who have done good (5:29)
  43. Who will spea
    Who will speak for himself? / A. The man born blind (9:21)
  44. Who will teach
    Who will teach you all things? / A. The Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in Jesus' name (14:26)
  45. Who will testif
    Who will testify about Jesus? / A. The Counselor, the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father (15:26)
  46. Who will weep
    Who will weep and mourn? / A. The disciples (16:20)
  47. Who will you
    Who will you accept? / A. Someone else who comes in his own name (5:43)
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john bible quizzing whos 28th page
john bible quizzing whos 28th page