john bible quizzing whos 24th page

  1. Who takes
    Who takes away the sin of the world? / A. The Lamb of God (1:29)
  2. Who tasted
    Who tasted the water that had been turned into wine? / A. The master of the banquet (2:9)
  3. Who tells
    Who tells the truth? / A. The man who saw the flow of blood and water (19:35)
  4. Who testifies conc
    Who testifies concerning the Word? / A. John (1:15)
  5. Who testifies in t
    Who testifies in the Son's favor? / A. Another, whose testimony is valid (5:32)
  6. Who testifies to w
    Who testifies to what he has seen and heard? / A. The one who comes from heaven (3:31-32)
  7. Who thoug
    Who thought Jesus meant natural sleep? / A. His disciples (11:13)
  8. Who told T
    Who told Thomas, "We have seen the Lord!"? / A. The other disciples (20:25)
  9. Who too wil
    Who too will listen to the good shepherd's voice? / A. Other sheep that are not of this sheep pen (10:16)
  10. Who took char
    Who took charge of Jesus? / A. The soldiers (19:16)
  11. Who took Jesus and h
    Who took Jesus and had him flogged? / A. Pilate (19:1)
  12. Who took Jesus at hi
    Who took Jesus at his word? / A. A certain royal official (4:50)
  13. Who took palm
    Who took palm branches and went out to meet him? / A. The great crowd that had come for the Feast (12:12-13)
  14. Who took the
    Who took the loaves? / A. Jesus (6:11)
  15. Who tried all
    Who tried all the harder to kill Jesus? / A. The Jews (5:18)
  16. Who tried to s
    Who tried to set Jesus free? / A. Pilate (19:12)
  17. Who turne
    Who turned back and no longer followed him? / A. Many of Jesus' disciples (6:66)
  18. Who twist
    Who twisted together a crown of thorns? / A. The soldiers (19:2)
  19. Who under
    Who understood why Jesus said this to Judas? / A. No one at the meal (13:28)
  20. Who urged him
    Who urged him �Rabbi, eat something?� / A. His disciples (4:31)
  21. Who urged Jesu
    Who urged Jesus to stay with them? / A. The Samaritans (4:40)
  22. Who used this
    Who used this figure of speech? / A. Jesus (10:6)
  23. Who used to lie at
    Who used to lie at the pool? / A. A great number of disabled people�the blind, the lame, the paralyzed (5:3)
  24. Who used to lie?
    Who used to lie? / A. A great number of disabled people--the blind, the lame, the paralyzed (5:3)
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john bible quizzing whos 24th page
john bible quizzing whos 24th page