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  1. Who speaks as o
    Who speaks as one from the earth? / A. The one who is from the earth (3:31)
  2. Who speaks the w
    Who speaks the words of God? / A. The one whom God has sent (3:34)
  3. Who speaks to ga
    Who speaks to gain honor for himself? / A. He who speaks on his own (7:18)
  4. Who spoke to Mose
    Who spoke to Moses? / A. God (9:29)
  5. Who spoke to the
    Who spoke to the girl on duty there? / A. The other disciple (18:16)
  6. Who spoke up a
    Who spoke up and said, �You know nothing at all.� / A. Caiaphas (11:49)
  7. Who stands
    Who stands condemned already? / A. Whoever does not believe (3:18)
  8. Who stared a
    Who stared at one another? / A. Jesus' disciples (13:22)
  9. Who started
    Who started for the tomb? / A. Peter and the other disciple (20:3)
  10. Who stayed at h
    Who stayed at home? / A. Mary (11:20)
  11. Who stayed in Cape
    Who stayed in Capernaum a few days? / A. Jesus, his mother and brothers, and his disciples (2:12)
  12. Who stayed in Gali
    Who stayed in Galilee? / A. Jesus (7:9)
  13. Who stood arou
    Who stood around a fire? / A. The servants and officials (18:18)
  14. Who stood near
    Who stood near the cross of Jesus? / A. His mother, his mother's sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene (19:25)
  15. Who stood on th
    Who stood on the shore? / A. Jesus (21:4)
  16. Who stood outsi
    Who stood outside the tomb crying? / A. Mary (20:11)
  17. Who stood warm
    Who stood warming himself? / A. Simon Peter (18:25)
  18. Who stooped
    Who stooped down and wrote on the ground? / A. Jesus (8:8)
  19. Who struck
    Who struck the high priest�s servant? / A. Simon Peter (18:10)
  20. Who summoned Jesu
    Who summoned Jesus? / A. Pilate (18:33)
  21. Who summoned the
    Who summoned the man who had been born blind a second time? / A. The Pharisees (9:24)
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john bible quizzing whos 23rd page
john bible quizzing whos 23rd page