john bible quizzing whos 20th page

  1. Who needs
    Who needs only to wash his feet? / A. A person who has had a bath (13:10)
  2. Who never
    Who never performed a miraculous sign / A. John (10:41)
  3. Who notice
    Who noticed how quickly Mary got up and went out? / A. The Jews who had been with Mary in the house comforting her (11:31)
  4. Who now st
    Who now stands condemned? / A. The prince of this world (16:11)
  5. Who only
    Who only has seen the Father? / A. Only the one who is from God (6:46)
  6. Who opens
    Who opens the gate for the shepherd? / A. The watchman (10:3)
  7. Who oppose
    Who opposes Caesar? / A. Anyone who claims to be a king (19:12)
  8. Who outra
    Who outran Peter? / A. The other disciple (20:4)
  9. Who perse
    Who persecuted Jesus? / A. The Jews (5:16)
  10. Who pierc
    Who pierced Jesus' side? / A. One of the soldiers (19:34)
  11. Who plott
    Who plotted to take Jesus' life? / A. The Sanhedrin (11:53)
  12. Who poured an e
    Who poured an expensive perfume on Jesus' feet and wiped his feet with her hair? / A. Mary (12:3)
  13. Who poured perf
    Who poured perfume on the Lord? / A. This Mary (from the village of Bethany) (11:2)
  14. Who prompte
    Who prompted Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus? / A. The devil (13:2)
  15. Who protest
    Who protested to Pilate? / A. The chief priests of the Jews (19:21)
  16. Who prunes
    Who prunes every branch that bears fruit? / A. The gardener (Jesus' Father) (15:2)
  17. Who questioned Jesus
    Who questioned Jesus? / A. The high priest (18:19)
  18. Who questioned John?
    Who questioned John? / A. Some Pharisees who had been sent (1:24-25)
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john bible quizzing whos 20th page
john bible quizzing whos 20th page