john bible quizzing whos 18th page

  1. Who judges
    Who judges no one? / A. The Father (5:22)
  2. Who jumped
    Who jumped into the water? / A. Simon Peter (21:7)
  3. Who keeps
    Who keeps the law? / A. Not one of you (7:19)
  4. Who knew all
    Who knew all men? / A. Jesus (2:24)
  5. Who knew what w
    Who knew what was in a man? / A. Jesus (2:25)
  6. Who knew where
    Who knew where the wine had come from? / A. The servants (2:9)
  7. Who know wha
    Who know what Jesus said? / A. Those who heard him (18:21)
  8. Who knows his
    Who knows his sheep? / A. The good shepherd (10:14)
  9. Who knows Jesu
    Who knows Jesus? / A. The Father (10:15)
  10. Who knows Laza
    Who knows Lazarus will rise again in the resurrection at the last day? / A. Martha (11:24)
  11. Who knows that
    Who knows that he tells the truth? / A. The man who saw the flow of blood and water (19:35)
  12. Who lay sic
    Who lay sick at Capernaum? / A. The son of a certain royal official (4:46)
  13. Who lays do
    Who lays down his life for the sheep? / A. The good shepherd (10:11)
  14. Who leaned
    Who leaned back against Jesus? / A. The disciple whom Jesus loved (13:25)
  15. Who learned
    Who learned that the man had been in this condition for a long time? / A. Jesus (5:6)
  16. Who led Je
    Who led Jesus from Caiaphas to the palace of the Roman governor? / A. The Jews (18:28)
  17. Who lifted
    Who lifted up the snake in the desert? / A. Moses (3:14)
  18. Who live s
    Who live scattered among the Greeks? / A. The Jews' people (7:35)
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john bible quizzing whos 18th page
john bible quizzing whos 18th page