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  1. Who harves
    Who harvests the crop for eternal life? / A. The reaper (4:36)
  2. Who has a te
    Who has a testimony weightier than that of John? / A. The Son (5:36)
  3. Who has been
    Who has been lost? / A. None but the one doomed to destruction (17:12)
  4. Who has broug
    Who has brought the Father glory on earth? / A. The Son (17:4)
  5. Who has certi
    Who has certified that God is truthful? / A. The man who has accepted his testimony (3:33)
  6. Who has cross
    Who has crossed over from death to life? / A. Whoever hears Jesus' word and believes him who sent Jesus (5:24)
  7. Who has entru
    Who has entrusted all judgment to the Son? / A. The Father (5:22)
  8. Who has ever gone
    Who has ever gone into heaven? / A. No one, except the one who came from heaven--the Son of Man (3:13)
  9. Who has ever hear
    Who has ever heard of opening the eyes of a man born blind? / A. Nobody (9:32)
  10. Who has ever seen
    Who has ever seen God? / A. No one (1:18)
  11. Who has everlast
    Who has everlasting life? / A. He who believes (6:47)
  12. Who has fall
    Who has fallen asleep? / A. Our friend Lazarus (11:11)
  13. Who has given the shee
    Who has given the sheep to Jesus? / A. Jesus' Father (10:29)
  14. Who has given the Son
    Who has given the Son authority to judge? / A. The Father (5:27)
  15. Who has given you
    Who has given you the law? / A. Moses (7:19)
  16. Who has gone
    Who has gone after him? / A. The whole world (12:19)
  17. Who has grant
    Who has granted the Son to have life in himself? / A. The Father (5:26)
  18. Who has know
    Who has know from the beginning which of them did not believe and who would betray him? / A. Jesus (6:64)
  19. Who has lifte
    Who has lifted up his heel against me? / A. He who shares my bread (13:18)
  20. Who has loved
    Who has loved Jesus? / A. The Father (15:9)
  21. Who has made
    Who has made him known? / A. God the One and Only, who is at the Father´┐Żs side (1:18)
  22. Who has no hold o
    Who has no hold on Jesus? / A. The prince of this world (14:30)
  23. Who has no honor
    Who has no honor in his own country? / A. A prophet (4:44)
  24. Who has no perm
    Who has no permanent place in the family? / A. A slave (8:35)
  25. Who has no righ
    Who has no right to execute anyone? / A. The Jews (18:31)
  26. Who has obeye
    Who has obeyed the Father's word? / A. Those the Father gave Jesus out of the world (17:6)
  27. Who has overc
    Who has overcome the world? / A. Jesus (16:33)
  28. Who has pain?
    Who has pain? / A. A woman giving birth to a child (16:21)
  29. Who has place
    Who has placed everything in his hands? / A. The Father (3:35)
  30. Who has test
    Who has testified to the truth? / A. John (5:33)
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john bible quizzing whos 15th page
john bible quizzing whos 15th page