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  1. Who gives birt
    Who gives birth to a child? / A. A woman (16:21)
  2. Who gives ligh
    Who gives light to every man? / A. The true light (1:9)
  3. Who gives the
    Who gives the Spirit without limit? / A. God (3:34)
  4. Who gives you
    Who gives you the true bread from heaven? / A. It is Jesus' Father who gives you the true bread from heaven (6:32)
  5. Who glori
    Who glorifies Jesus? / A. His Father (8:54)
  6. Who goes down
    Who goes down ahead of the invalid into the pool? / A. Someone else (5:7)
  7. Who goes out
    Who goes out from the Father? / A. The Counselor, the Spirit of truth (15:26)
  8. Who got into
    Who got into the boats? / A. The crowd (6:24)
  9. Who got up q
    Who got up quickly and went to Jesus? / A. Mary (11:29)
  10. Who had a noti
    Who had a notice prepared and fastened to the cross? / A. Pilate (19:19)
  11. Who had a swor
    Who had a sword? / A. Simon Peter (18:10)
  12. Who had advis
    Who had advised the Jews that it would be good if one man died for the people? / A. Caiaphas (18:14)
  13. Who had alrea
    Who had already been in the tomb for four days? / A. Lazarus (11:17)
  14. Who had arriv
    Who had arrived in Galilee from Judea? / A. Jesus (4:47)
  15. Who had been an i
    Who had been an invalid? / A. One who was there at the pool for thirty-eight years (5:5)
  16. Who had been bapt
    Who had been baptizing in the early days? / A. John (10:40)
  17. Who had charg
    Who had charge of the money? / A. Judas (13:29)
  18. Who had come
    Who had come to Martha and Mary? / A. Many Jews (11:19)
  19. Who had decid
    Who had decided that anyone who acknowledged that Jesus was the Christ would be put out of the synagogue? / A. The Jews (9:22)
  20. Who had drawn
    Who had drawn the water? / A. The servants (2:9)
  21. Who had enou
    Who had enough to eat? / A. All those who were seated (6:12)
  22. Who had five
    Who had five small barley loaves and two small fish? / A. A boy (6:9)
  23. Who had given orde
    Who had given orders that if anyone found out where Jesus was, he should report it? / A. The chief priests and Pharisees (11:57)
  24. Who had given thanks
    Who had given thanks? / A. The Lord (6:23)
  25. Who had given the pl
    Who had given the plot of ground to his son Joseph? / A. Jacob (4:5)
  26. Who had gone away
    Who had gone away alone? / A. Jesus' disciples (6:22)
  27. Who had gone into
    Who had gone into town to buy food? / A. Jesus' disciples (4:8)
  28. Who had Jesu
    Who had Jesus not yet joined? / A. The disciples (6:17)
  29. Who had leaned
    Who had leaned back against Jesus at the supper? / A. The disciple whom Jesus loved (21:20)
  30. Who had left f
    Who had left for the feast? / A. Jesus' brothers (7:10)
  31. Who had no husb
    Who had no husband? / A. The Samaritan woman (4:17)
  32. Who had no idea
    Who had no idea who it was? / A. The man who was healed (5:13)
  33. Who had not ye
    Who had not yet joined the disciples? / A. Jesus (6:17)
  34. Who had point
    Who had pointed out that a prophet has no honor in his own country? / A. Jesus himself (4:44)
  35. Who had put a
    Who had put all things under Jesus' power? / A. The Father (13:3)
  36. Who had reac
    Who had reached the tomb first? / A. The other disciple (20:8)
  37. Who had slip
    Who had slipped away into the crowd? / A. Jesus (5:13)
  38. Who had taken part
    Who had taken part in a rebellion? / A. Barabbas (18:40)
  39. Who had taken the
    Who had taken the bread? / A. Judas (13:30)
  40. Who had to go t
    Who had to go through Samaria? / A. The Lord (4:4)
  41. Who had to keep
    Who had to keep coming to the well to draw water? / A. The Samaritan woman (4:15)
  42. Who had to wait
    Who had to wait outside at the door? / A. Peter (18:16)
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john bible quizzing whos 14th page
john bible quizzing whos 14th page