john bible quizzing whos 11th page

  1. Who depar
    Who departed? / A. A certain royal official (4:50)
  2. Who did God
    Who did God call "gods"? / A. Those to whom the word of God came (10:35)
  3. Who did John
    Who did John himself not know? / A. The man who comes after him (1:31)
  4. Who did Martha and
    Who did Martha and Mary lose? / A. Their brother (11:19)
  5. Who did Martha go b
    Who did Martha go back and call? / A. Her sister Mary (11:28)
  6. Who did Mary not
    Who did Mary not realize that it was? / A. Jesus (20:14)
  7. Who did Mary turn
    Who did Mary turn around and see? / A. Jesus (20:14)
  8. Who did not dare
    Who did not dare ask him, "Who are you? / A. None of the disciples (21:12)
  9. Who did not do su
    Who did not do such things? / A. Abraham (8:40)
  10. Who did not ente
    Who did not enter the palace? / A. The Jews (18:28)
  11. Who did not go i
    Who did not go into the tomb? / A. The other disciple (20:5)
  12. Who did not know
    Who did not know him? / A. John himself (1:31)
  13. Who did not rece
    Who did not receive the true light? / A. His own (1:11)
  14. Who did not want
    Who did not want the bodies left on the crosses during the Sabbath? / A. The Jews (19:31)
  15. Who did Simo
    Who did Simon Peter's sword strike? / A. The high priest's servant (Malchus) (18:10)
  16. Who did the chie
    Who did the chief priests plan to kill as well? / A. Lazarus (12:10)
  17. Who did the disc
    Who did the disciples know it was? / A. The Lord (21:12)
  18. Who did the Jews ask
    Who did the Jews ask to have the legs broken? / A. Pilate (19:31)
  19. Who did the Jews of J
    Who did the Jews of Jerusalem send? / A. Priests and Levites (1:19)
  20. Who did the teac
    Who did the teachers of the law and the Pharisees bring in? / A. A woman caught in adultery (8:3)
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john bible quizzing whos 11th page
john bible quizzing whos 11th page