john bible quizzing whos 7th page

  1. Who aband
    Who abandons the sheep and runs away? / A. The hired hand (10:12)
  2. Who accepts
    Who accepts the one who sent Jesus? / A. Whoever accepts Jesus (13:20)
  3. Who accompa
    Who accompanied Joseph of Arimathea? / A. Nicodemus, the man who earlier had visited Jesus at night (19:39)
  4. Who acts i
    Who acts in secret? / A. No one who wants to become a public figure (7:4)
  5. Who also aske
    Who also asked the man how he had received his sight? / A. The Pharisees (9:15)
  6. Who also had been in Jer
    Who also had been in Jerusalem at the Passover Feast? / A. The Galileans (4:45)
  7. Who also had been invite
    Who also had been invited to the wedding? / A. Jesus and his disciples (2:2)
  8. Who also must
    Who also must testify? / A. You (the disciples) (15:27)
  9. Who also went
    Who also went inside? / A. The other disciple, who had reached the tomb first (20:8)
  10. Who always
    Who always taught in synagogues or at the temple? / A. Jesus (18:20)
  11. Who are th
    Who are the Jews determined to kill? / A. Jesus, a man who has told you the truth that he heard from God (8:40)
  12. Who arreste
    Who arrested Jesus? / A. The detachment of soldiers with its commander and the Jewish officials (18:12)
  13. Who arrived
    Who arrived and went into the tomb? / A. Simon Peter (20:6)
  14. Who asked Mary
    Who asked Mary, "Woman, why are you crying?" / A. Two angels (20:13)
  15. Who asked Pila
    Who asked Pilate for the body of Jesus? / A. Joseph of Arimathea (19:38)
  16. Who asked, "How can a ma
    Who asked, "How can a man be born when he is old?" / A. Nicodemus (3:4)
  17. Who asked, "How can this
    Who asked, "How can this be?" / A. Nicodemus (3:9)
  18. Who asked, �Isn'
    Who asked, �Isn't this the same man who used to sit and beg?� / A. His neighbors and those who had formerly seen him begging (9:8)
  19. Who asked, �What
    Who asked, �What are we accomplishing?� / A. The chief priests and Pharisees (11:47)
  20. Who ate ma
    Who ate manna and died? / A. Your forefathers (6:58)
  21. Who attend
    Who attends the bridegroom? / A. The friend (3:29)
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john bible quizzing whos 7th page
john bible quizzing whos 7th page