john bible quizzing misc. whos 5th page

  1. On whom are
    On whom are your hopes set? / A. Moses (5:45)
  2. On whom did J
    On whom did Jesus breathe? / A. On the disciples (20:22)
  3. On whom does God'
    On whom does God's wrath remain? / A. Whoever rejects the Son (3:36)
  4. On whom does Jesu
    On whom does Jesus pass judgment? / A. No one (8:15)
  5. On whom does the
    On whom does the prince of this world have no hold? / A. Jesus (14:30)
  6. On whom has
    On whom has God the Father placed his seal of approval? / A. On the Son of Man (6:27)
  7. On whom is t
    On whom is there a curse? / A. This mob (7:49)
  8. On whom shal
    On whom shall the angels of God be ascending and descending? / A. The Son of Man (1:51)
  9. On whom will
    On whom will they look? / A. The one they have pierced (19:37)
  10. Over
    Over whom has the Father granted the Son authority? / A. All people (17:2)
  11. Than whom is a me
    Than whom is a messenger not greater? / A. Than the one who sent him (13:16)
  12. Than whom is no s
    Than whom is no servant greater? / A. His master (13:16)
  13. Through whom did
    Through whom did grace and truth come? / A. Jesus Christ (1:17)
  14. Through whom migh
    Through whom might all men believe? / A. The witness John (1:7)
  15. Through whom was the law
    Through whom was the law given? / A. Moses (1:17)
  16. Through whom was the worl
    Through whom was the world made? / A. Through the true light (1:10)
  17. Through whom where
    Through whom where all things made? / A. The Word (1:3)
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john bible quizzing misc. whos 5th page
john bible quizzing misc. whos 5th page