john bible quizzing misc. whos 4th page

  1. In whose favo
    In whose favor does another testify? / A. The Son's (5:32)
  2. In whose hono
    In whose honor was a dinner given? / A. Jesus' (12:2)
  3. In whose name does
    In whose name does Jesus do miracles? / A. His Father's name (10:25)
  4. In whose name has
    In whose name has the Son come? / A. The Father's name (5:43)
  5. In whose name will
    In whose name will the Father send the Counselor? / A. In Jesus' name (14:26)
  6. In whose pres
    In whose presence had Jesus done all these miraculous signs? / A. The crowds' (12:37)
  7. In whose word
    In whose words did John reply "I am the voice of one calling in the desert, 'Make straight the way for the Lord.'"? / A. The words of Isaiah the prophet (1:23)
  8. Into whom di
    Into whom did Satan enter? / A. Judas (13:27)
  9. Into whose home
    Into whose home was Jesus' mother taken from that time on? / A. Into the home of the disciple whom Jesus loved (19:27)
  10. Into whose pala
    Into whose palace was Jesus led by the Jews? / A. Into the palace of the Roman governor (18:28)
  11. Like
    Like whom was Philip from the town of Bethsaida? / A. Andrew and Peter (1:44)
  12. Of whom are
    Of whom are these not the sayings? / A. A man possessed by a demon (10:21)
  13. Of whom did
    Of whom did the soldiers take charge? / A. Jesus (19:16)
  14. Of whom is J
    Of whom is Jesus the Holy One? / A. God (6:69)
  15. Of whom was Anna
    Of whom was Annas the father-in-law? / A. Caiaphas, the high priest that year (18:13)
  16. Of whom was Simo
    Of whom was Simon the son? / A. John (1:42)
  17. Of whom were chil
    Of whom were children of God born? / A. God (1:13)
  18. Of whom were the Jews
    Of whom were the Jews who put their faith in Jesus descendants? / A. Abraham (8:33)
  19. Of whom were the man'
    Of whom were the man's parents afraid? / A. Of the Jews (9:22)
  20. Of whose acco
    Of whose accord did Jesus not speak? / A. His own (12:49)
  21. Of whose numb
    Of whose number was Nicodemus? / A. The Pharisees (7:50)
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john bible quizzing misc. whos 4th page
john bible quizzing misc. whos 4th page