john bible quizzing misc. whos 1st page

  1. About whom did Isai
    About whom did Isaiah speak? / A. Jesus (12:41)
  2. About whom did Mose
    About whom did Moses write? / A. The Son (5:46)
  3. About whom did the
    About whom did the Jews begin to grumble? / A. Jesus (6:41)
  4. About whom do th
    About whom do these Scriptures testify? / A. The Son (5:39)
  5. About whom is n
    About whom is nothing false? / A. He who works for the honor of the one who sent him (7:18)
  6. About whom was J
    About whom was Jesus telling the Jews? / A. His Father (8:27)
  7. About whom will
    About whom will Jesus tell you plainly? / A. His Father (16:25)
  8. Among whom did a ru
    Among whom did a rumor spread? / A. Among the brothers (21:23)
  9. Among whom did Jesu
    Among whom did Jesus no longer move publicly? / A. The Jews (11:54)
  10. Among whom did the
    Among whom did the Jews begin to argue sharply? / A. Among themselves (6:52)
  11. Among whom do th
    Among whom do the Jews' people live scattered? / A. The Greeks (7:35)
  12. Among whom shou
    Among whom should you stop grumbling? / A. Among yourselves (6:43)
  13. Among whom was t
    Among whom was there widespread whispering? / A. Among the crowds (7:12)
  14. Among whom were
    Among whom were there some Greeks? / A. Among those who went up to worship at the Feast (12:20)
  15. Aroun
    Around whom did the Jews gather? / A. Around Jesus (10:24)
  16. Betwe
    Between whom did an argument develop over the matter of ceremonial washing? / A. Between some of John's disciples and a certain Jew (3:25)
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john bible quizzing misc. whos 1st page
john bible quizzing misc. whos 1st page