Latin Noun Cases

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  1. Nominative Case
    indicates the subject of a finite verb
  2. Genitive Case
    • when one noun is used to modify another.
    • Commonly conveys possession.
    • Generally translated with the preposition "of".
    • Usually follows the noun it modifies.
  3. Dative Case
    • marks the indirect object
    • usually translated with prepositions "to" or "for"
  4. Accusative Case
    • indicates the direct object
    • also used for the object of certain prepositions
  5. Ablative Case
    • sometimes called the "adverbial case"
    • limits verbs by such ideas as means, agent, accompaniment, manner, place, time
    • used with or without a preposition
  6. Vocative Case
    noun of direct address
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