Music Literature Final

  1. What was going on during the Enlightenment?
    • Individuality
    • Equality
    • Reason
    • Natural principles
  2. What was eighteenth-century life like?
    • Vienna, Austria was cosmopolitan center
    • Middle class interest was in arts and music
  3. Who were the two major Classical composers?
    • Haydn
    • Mozart
  4. What are characteristics of the galant style?
    • Small motives
    • Short phrases
    • Larger periods
    • Simple harmony
    • Frequent cadences
  5. What are characteristics of the Empfindsamkeit style?
    • Sentimentality
    • Chromaticism
    • Ornamentation
  6. Who was the primary Empfindsamkeit writer?
    CPE Bach wrote in this style
  7. In what country was Dramma giocoso played?
    Italy played this this cheerful drama
  8. What did dramma giocoso replace?
    It replaced opera buffa
  9. What did dramma giocoso have at the end?
    An enseble finale was at the end of this
  10. What is an ensemble finale?
    Where all characters are gradually brought on stage
  11. In what country was Opera Comique played?
    France played this light opera
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