Anatomy 2

  1. OT
    Stimulates uterine contractions and milk ejection during suckling
  2. ACTH
    Stimulates secretion of hormones by the adrenal glands
  3. ADH
    Decreases water loss by increasing reabsorption of water into blood and decreasing urine production
  4. androgens
    increases sex drive in females
  5. thyroxine & triiodothyronine
    increases metabolism and BMR
  6. LH
    triggers ovulation and stimulates secretion of estrogen and progesterone
  7. PTH
    increases blood calcium levels by stimulating osteoclast activity
  8. epinephrine & norepinephrine
    promotes fight or flight response
  9. PRL
    stimulates production and secretion of milk
  10. cortisol
  11. increases resistance to stress, increases blood glucose levels and decreases inflammation
  12. melatonin
    helps to set the biological clock
  13. MSH
    darkens skin pigmentation
  14. hGH
    stimulates secretion of hormones that stimulate body growth and metabolism
  15. calcitonin
    decreases blood calcium levels by inhibiting osteoclasts
  16. thymosin
    promotes the maturation of T cells for the immune response
  17. FSH
    stimulates oocyte production and estrogen secretion
  18. Insulin
    decreases blood glucose levels by transporting glucose into body cells
  19. glucagon
    increases blood glucose levels by stimulating the liver to break down glycogen into glucose
  20. estrogen & progesterone
    stimulates development of female sex characteristics and helps regulate menstrual cycle
  21. testosterone
    regulates sperm development, stimulates development of male sex characteristics, and stimulates male sex drive
  22. LH
    stimulates secretion of testosterone
  23. TSH
    stimulates secretion of thyroid hormones
  24. FSH
    stimulates sperm production
  25. aldosterone
    increases reabsorption of sodium and water into blood and decreases urine output
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