Alphabetical 6

  1. Assimilate
    To take in; to absorb; to learn thoroughly
  2. Assuage
    to soothe; to pacify; to ease the pain of; to relieve
  3. astute
    shrewd; keen in judgment
  4. attrition
    gradual wearing away, weakening, or loss; a naturual or expected decrease in numbers or size
  5. audacity
    boldness; reckless daring; impertinence
  6. augment
    to make bigger; to add to; to increase
  7. auspicious
    favorable; promising; pointing to a good result
  8. austere
    unadorned;stern; forbidding; without excess
  9. autocratic
    ruling with absolute authority; extremely bossy
  10. autonomous
    acting independantly
  11. avarice
    greed; excessive love of riches
  12. avow
    to claim; to declare; to admit
  13. avuncular
    like an uncle, especially a nice uncle
  14. awry
    off course; twisted to one side
  15. axiom
    self-evident rule or truth; a widley accepted saying
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