SAT Words

    Kate's effervescent personality made her the perfect choice for her dream profession: hosting a talk show.
    • bubbly; lively
    • syn: fizzy, resilient, carbonated, ebullient, animated, excited, exuberant, gleeful
    • ant: flat, stale, languid, dead, stagnant, dull, lifeless, sluggish
  2. COVERT (adj)
    The fictitious James Bond was a master of covert operations.
    • secretive; veiled
    • syn: camoflauged, clandestine, concealed, disguised, shrouded, incognito
    • ant: open, overt, public, uncovered, unveiled, unhidden, above board
  3. SOPORIFIC (adj)
    The biology lecture proved to be so soporific that soon I found myself dozing.
    • causing sleep
    • syn: boring, tiring, dull, mesmerizing, numbing, sedative, tranquilizing, somniferous
    • ant: exciting, awakening, exhilarating, energizing, revitalizing, lively, stimulating, invigorating
  4. IRASCIBLE (adj)
    We learned to keep quiet around the irascible old man; we knew anything we said would make him angry.
    • easily angered; hot tempered
    • syn: irritable, hostile, querlous, cranky, petulant, grouchy, cantakerous
    • ant: calm, tranquil, peaceful, placid, kind, amiable, sweet, friendly
  5. DISDAIN (n)
    Those who did not share the government's beliefs treated the soldiers with disdain.
    • scorn; contempt
    • syn: hatred, loathing, disgust, insolence, ridicule, derision, snobbishness, antipathy, haughtiness, superciliousness
    • ant: love, acceptance, caring, charity, honor, admiration, reverence, respect, approval, praise
  6. LUGUBRIOUS (adj)
    The young men wore a lugubrious expression for weeks after his favorite musician died.
    • exaggeratedly mournful
    • syn: dejected, damnhearted, melancholy, depressed
    • ant: elated, euphoric, exhilarated, liveful, gleeful
  7. ASSIDUOUS (adj)
    She was not a natural athlete, but with assiduous effort, she became the best soccer player at the school.
    • hard-working;diligent
    • syn: attentive, tenacious, untiring, industrious, perserving, laborious
    • ant: lazy, negligent, indifferent, neglectful, disinterested, idle
    The recalcitrant young man refused to perform any of the requested tasks; he was as stubborn as a mule.
    • stubbornly resistant to authority or restraint
    • syn: disobedient, intractable, defiant, pigheaded, unmanageable, obstinate
    • ant: amenable, pliant, compliant, docile, flexible, conforming
  9. TENACIOUS (adj)
    After years of physical therapy, the tenacious polio victim eventually walked again.
    • persistent; resolute
    • syn: adamant, determined, stubborn, forceful, inflexible, obstinate, relentless, staunch
    • ant: surrendering, weak, yielding, submissive, weak, timid, deferring
  10. INTUITIVE (adj)
    My mother's talent with decorating is completely intuitive; she's never taken a decorating course.
    • instinctive; untaught
    • syn: innate, understood, automatic, habitual, inherent, natural, involuntary, visceral
    • ant: taught, learned, obtuse, dense, conscious, deliberate, imperceptive
  11. VOCIFEROUS (adj)
    The baseball commissioner continued his speech despite the vociferous protests of the players and fans.
    • loud or vehement; noisy
    • syn: cacophonous, clamorous, boisterous, raucous, riotous, uproarious, rambunctious, ranting
    • ant: harmonious, euphonious, quiet, meek, silent, restrained, subtle, calm
  12. PROSAIC (adj)
    The student's prosaic writing style bored her literature teacher so much that he disliked grading her essays.
    • dull; ordinary; run-of-the-mill
    • syn: banal, boring, commonplace, lackluster, hackneyed, mundane, routine, uninteresting
    • ant: flashy, exciting, flamboyant, vibrant, extraordinary, original, extravagant
  13. RAVENOUS (adj)
    After three days of being trapped underground, the cool miners were ravenous.
    • hungry; very eager
    • syn: voracious, starving, famished, anxious, anticipating
    • ant: full, satisfied, content, satiated, comfortable
  14. LOQUACIOUS (adj)
    The students on the debate team were naturally loquacious which often led to long discussions.
    • talkative
    • syn: verbose, garrulous, chatty, extroverted, jabbering, communicative, blabbering, gabby
    • ant: silent, reticent, mute, shy, meek, laconic, curt, succinct
  15. INCONGRUOUS (adj)
    The frilly party dress seemed incongruous in the closet filled with jeans and sweatshirts.
    • not compatible or harmonious; out of place
    • syn: conflicting, misplaced, incompatible, dissimilar, foreign, discordant, disparate
    • ant: similar, fitting, compliant, logical, congruent, compatible, harmonious
  16. RECLUSIVE (adj)
    The reclusive tendencies of the billionaire caused him to abandon his city life and move to an isolated area of the country.
    • withdrawn; hermit-like
    • syn: shy, introverted, isolated, separated, anti-social, solitary, alienated, secluded
    • ant: extroverted, friendly, sociable, included, outgoing, gregarious, effervescent, ebullient
  17. HACKNEYED (adj)
    Although the images and metaphors used in the holiday poem are hackneyed, the rhyme is still fun to recite.
    • overused; clichéd
    • syn: stereotyped, trite, typical, common, dull, unoriginal, pedestrian, stale
    • ant: rare, original, uncommon, innovative, fresh, new, unusual, interesting
  18. IMPETUOUS (adj)
    The impetuous stockbroker sold off his holdings as soon as the market dipped slightly.
    • acting suddenly with little thought
    • syn: spontaneous, impulsive, capricious, hasty, reckless, rash, whimsical, hurried
    • ant: meticulous, premeditated, thought-out, scrupulous, planned, deliberate, cautious, considered
  19. ERUDITE (adj)
    Geoff's father was an erudite scholar; he had read almost everything printed about Shakespeare.
    • very learned
    • syn: scholarly, educated, knowledge, intelligent, sagacious, savvy, wise
    • ant: unintelligent, ignorant, stupid, uneducated, dense, moronic, idiotic
    The hostess's condescending look and tone of voice caused us to leave the restaurant.
    • patronizing
    • syn: arrogant, haughty, egotistical, supercilious, uppity, superior
    • ant: approachable, friendly, humble, reticent, shy, polite
  21. ARCANE (adj)
    The arcane rituals and beliefs of the tribe were passed down from generation to generation.
    • secret; mysterious
    • syn: mystifying, strange, puzzling, obscure, veiled, hidden, unexplained
    • ant: known, obvious, explained, public, common, blatant, straightforward
  22. EGREGIOUS (adj)
    The algebra textbook contained several egregious errors, so it was pulled from school shelves.
    • conspicuously bad
    • syn: terrible, awful, ghastly, atrocious, deplorable, heinous, flagrant
    • ant: minor, slight, little, small, inconspicuous, mild, moderate
  23. OSTRACIZE (v)
    After making rude comments at several games, Martin was ostracized by the team.
    • to exclude from a group; to banish
    • syn: avoid, reject, snub, ban, isolate, relegate, excommunicate, shun
    • ant: accept, adopt, embrace, invite, keep, welcome, allow, permit
  24. DIGRESSION (n)
    The instructor's recounting of his war experience was an interesting digression from historic lecture.
    • a straying from the main point
    • syn: circumvention, departure, diversion, deviation, rambling, variation, distraction
    • ant: focus, directness, consistency, conformity, regularity, precision
  25. LETHARGY (n)
    My parents say I'm famous for my lethargy because all I do is sit on the couch all day.
    • lack of energy; abnormal drowsiness
    • syn: laziness, listleness, idleness, lassitude, languor, sleepiness, disinterest, apathy
    • ant: energy, hyperactivity, perkiness, exuberance, resilience, enthusiasm, stimulation, excitement
  26. TIMOROUS (adj)
    Bobby was a timorous little boy who relied on his older brothers to speak up for him and fight his battles.
    • easily frightened
    • syn: apprehensive, cowardly, fearful, meek, craven, wimpy, unafraid, scared
    • ant: fearless, courageous, bold, daring, brave, confident, intrepid, heroiz
  27. HEDONIST (n)
    The hedonist did not care about the poverty that surrounded the resort.
    • a pleasure seeker
    • syn: epicurean, glutton, libertine, pleasure monger, sensualist, thrill-seeker, voluptuary
    • ant: masochist, sadist, ascetic, puritan
  28. FORMIDABLE (adj)
    The soldiers fighting the guerilla war turned out to be a formidable enemy.
    • causing fear or dread
    • syn: ferocious, menacing, fierce, threatening, intimidating, imposing, daunting, scary
    • ant: comforting, simple, soothing, inviting, futile, agreeable, pleasing, warm
  29. ADULATION (n)
    After the spelling bee, the audience lavished the ten-year-old winner with adulation
    • high praise
    • syn: acclaim, commendation, laudation, flattery, honor, kudos, ovation, approbation
    • ant: criticism, condemnation, loathing, derision, abuse, insult, libel, hate
  30. PRECARIOUS (adj)
    The mountain climber lost her precarious grip on the force of the cliff and fell 20 feet to the ledge below.
    • uncertain; dependent upon chance
    • syn: unstable, risky, dangerous, insecure, unsafe, unsure, perilous
    • ant: certain, firm, secure, stable, safe
  31. INDOLENT (adj)
    The employer's indolent habits and inability to meet goals cost him his job.
    • lazy
    • syn: languid, lethargic, lax, tired, slothful, inactive, sluggish, idle
    • ant: energized, assiduous, motivated, stimulating, active, robust, vital, vibrant
  32. OBSTINATE (adj)
    He was an obstinate little boy, adamantly refusing to eat any vegetables.
    • stubborn
    • syn: headstrong, inflexible, intractable, adamant, contradictory, dogmatic, immovable, obdurate
    • ant: yielding, pliant, submissive, amendable, compliant, accommodating, acquiescing, cooperative
  33. CURTAIL (v)
    When Deb strained her ankle, she had to curtail all physical activity for two weeks.
    • to shorten; to reduce
    • syn: abbreviate, truncate, summarize, contract, diminish, abridge, lessen, minimize
    • ant: expand, increase, elongate, lengthen, prolong, enlarge, amplify, augment
  34. ENERVATE (v)
    The Special Forces team hoped that the night raids would enervate the enemy.
    • to tire; to weaken
    • syn: debilitate, devitalize, exhaust, enfeeble, fatigue, incapacitate, disable, weary
    • ant: activate, empower, energize, invigorate, strengthen, fortify
  35. CAPRICIOUS (adj)
    The young prince was quite capricious; his friends never knew what his next adventure would be.
    • impulsive; unpredictable
    • syn: whimsical, spontaneous, intrepid, daring, impetuous, adventures, fickle, unpredictable, arbitrary, indiscriminate
    • ant: premeditated, predictable, expected, mundane, planned, constant, stable, dependable, steady, boring
  36. NEFARIOUS (adj)
    The attorney was known for using nefarious tactics; She seemed to enjoy her negative reputation.
    • evil; vicious
    • syn: malicious, horrendous, atrocious, devious, wicked, malevolent, vile, odious
    • ant: benevolent, virtuous, good, ethical, honorable, principled, trustworthy, moral
  37. CIRCUITOUS (adj)
    The taxi driver took a circuitous route through the city to avoid rush-hour traffic on the main streets.
    • indirect; roundabout
    • syn: complicated, rambling
    • ant: direct, clean
  38. AUSTERE (adj)
    The lack of decoration made the newly constructed church seem austere.
    • stern; unadorned
    • syn: cold, formal, plain, grim, harsh, serious, sober, strict
    • ant: elaborate, extravagant, indulgent, luxurious, florid, gilded, lush, comfortable
  39. HARBINGER (n)
    After a long winter in New England, the robin is a harbinger of spring.
    • a forerunner; a herald
    • syn: omen, portent, precursor, sign, signal, messenger, augury
    • ant:
  40. PLACATE (v)
    The father tried to placate the hungry child by offering him candy and cookies.
    • to soothe; to pacify
    • syn: appease, satisfy, calm, console, comfort, assuage, settle, tranquilize
    • ant: aggravate, annoy, pester, provoke, upset, irritate, rouse, fluster
  41. MAGNANIMOUS (adj)
    After watching the World War II documentary, we could appreciate the magnanimous suffering of the Battle of the Bulge soldiers.
    • showing courageous spirit, especially in forgiving insult or injury; not selfish
    • syn: giving, altruistic, benevolent, charitable, generous, kind, munificent
    • ant: selfish, egotistical, greedy, self-centered, unsacrificing, cold hearted, unkind
  42. SUPERFLUOUS (adj)
    The speaker's explanation of the process was superfluous; the audience already understood the objective.
    • beyond what is necessary; excessive
    • syn: extra, gratuitous, nonessential, needless, unnecessary, unneeded, surplus, frivolous
    • ant: minimal, sparse, necessary, significant, imperative, indispensable, irreplaceable, bare
  43. INSIPID (adj)
    The restaurant critic claimed that many items on the restaurant's menu were insipid, lacking any kind of spice.
    • bland
    • syn: bland, dull, tasteless, unsavory, flat, ordinary, stale, plain
    • ant: flavorful, interesting, exciting, pleasing, exhilarating, tasty, seasoned, delicious
  44. AUGMENT (v)
    The writer augmented his royally earnings with speaking engagements at bookstores.
    • to expand; to make larger
    • syn: widen, increase, magnify, expand, intensity, enlarge, broaden, enhance, amplify, supplement
    • ant: decrease, diminish, reduce, withdraw, degrade, lessen, remove, lower
  45. FERVID (adj)
    The fans of the championship soccer team were particularly fervid, doing everything they could to catch a glimpse of their heroes.
    • passionate; intense
    • syn: enthusiastic, eager, impassioned, vehement, avid, fierce, intense, zealous
    • ant: apathetic, frigid, unenthusiastic, mundane, dispassionate, indifferent, prosaic, cold
  46. CIRCUMVENT (v)
    The fans figured out a way to circumvent security and slipped backstage.
    • to avoid by going around
    • syn: detour, avoid, bypass, avert, dodge, evade, elude, eschew
    • ant: encounter, face, seek, accept, address, meet, want, embrace
    The choreographer couldn't hide her exasperation when the dancers made a mess of her dance routine.
    • irritation; frustration
    • syn: annoyance, frustration, discontent, vexation, aggravation, bother, displeasure, irritation
    • ant: happiness, exuberance, serenity, tranquility, delight, pleasure, calm, ecstasy
  48. VINDICATE (v)
    Marie felt vindicated when her dire predictions about the coming flood came true.
    • to clear from blame
    • syn: pardon, dismiss, forgive, exonerate, excuse, acquit, absolve, exculpate
    • ant: accuse, prosecute, blame, charge, convict, condemn, censure, impeach
  49. DELETERIOUS (adj)
    The deleterious effects of the new drug continued long after the patients stopped using it.
    • harmful
    • syn: bad, injurious, damaging, destructive, detrimental, pernicious, malicious, malevolent
    • ant: advantageous, beneficial, benevolent, good, helpful, healthy
  50. LANGUID (adj)
    The languid group sat slumped and dozing on the porch, barely noticing the passing neighbors.
    • sluggish; drooping
    • syn: apathetic, comatose, enervated, feeble, lethargic, listless, weak, weary
    • ant: vivacious, lively, blithe, animated, energetic, spirited, alert, active, enlivened, sprightly
  51. INTREPID (adj)
    In spite of poor visibility, the intrepid explorer continued his climb up the snow-covered mountain.
    • fearless; bold
    • syn: brave, daring, courageous, dauntless, heroic, gallant, valiant
    • ant: scared, fearful, timid, timorous, afraid, meek, cowardly
  52. TORTUOUS (adj)
    It was difficult for the jury to follow the tortuous path of the conspiracy that unfolded in the courtroom.
    • winding; twisting; devious
    • syn: circuitous, crooked, curved, indirect, bent, serpentine, roundabout, convoluted
    • ant: straight, unswerving, direct, clear, easy, obvious, plain, simple
  53. OPULENT (adj)
    The opulent lifestyle of the business tycoon was evident in his luxurious mansion on the ocean.
    • demonstrating great wealth; extravagant
    • syn: snowy, lavish, luxurious, ostentatious, grandiose, affluent, plush, rich
    • ant: drab, modest, meager, shabby, humble, spartan, sparse, cheap
  54. PULCHRITUDE (adj)
    Helen of Troy was admired for her pulchritude; hers was the "face that launched a thousand ships."
    • physical beauty
    • syn: allure, attraction, charm, elegance, loveliness, exquisiteness, prettiness, refinement
    • ant: ugliness, homeliness, offensiveness, dowdiness, frumpiness, dullness, simplicity
  55. PROLIFIC (adj)
    Tom Clancy, a prolific writer, seems to produce a bestseller every year!
    • productive; fertile
    • syn: fruitful, bountiful, plentiful, copious
    • ant: lazy, unproductive, unfertile, barren, scant
    After the conflagration had finally subsided, those who still had homes returned to them.
    • a large, destructive fire
    • syn: inferno, wildfire, blaze, holocaust, pyre
    • ant: downpour, deluge, flood, torrent
  57. PROPITIOUS (adj)
    January was not the most propitious time to advertise our holiday pumpkin pie.
    • favorable
    • syn: advantageous, auspicious, beneficial, fortunate, lucky, opportune, prosperous, useful
    • ant: inauspicious, unfortunate, unfavorable, inopportune, ominous, harmful, useless, untimely
  58. FLORID (adj)
    The florid writing style of the author was in sharp contrast to the space concise writing of the editor.
    • flushed; ornate
    • syn: elaborate, decorative, embellished, flamboyant, flowery, pretentious, grandiloquent
    • ant: dull, insipid, bland, austere, plain, bare, unadorned
  59. EBULLIENT (adj)
    The children became so ebullient during the holiday party that the teacher had to ask for five minutes of silence.
    • overflowing with enthusiasm, or excitement
    • syn: energetic, joyous, gleeful, enthusiastic
    • ant: dull, lifeless, bored, depressed
  60. MUNDANE (adj)
    The mundane concerns of day-to-day life occupied Jan's thoughts, whereas his sister's interest was in unusual, extraordinary events.
    • ordinary; common
    • syn: banal, commonplace, everyday, normal, prosaic, routine, insipid, tired
    • ant: new, innovative, exciting, extraordinary, fresh, new, original, interesting
  61. TRANSITORY (adj)
    Most of our relationships with neighbors are transitory because we move so frequently.
    • of brief duration; fleeting
    • syn: temporary, short-lived, momentary, swift, rushed, quick, ephemeral
    • ant: permanent, long-lasting, lengthy, perpetual, sustained, steady, eternal
  62. ANECDOTE (n)
    Sitting around the campfire, the leaders entertained the scouts with anecdotes of other trips.
    • a short account of an event
    • syn: summary, narrative, synopsis, story, sketch, tale, yarn
    • ant: epic, tome, navel, saga
  63. BOMBASTIC (adj)
    The press accused the senator of bombastic speech-full of outrageous claims that had no basis in fact.
    • pretentious; pompous
    • syn: grandiloquent, loudmouthed, arrogant, boastful, conceited, egotistical, bragging, vainglorious
    • ant: humble, reserved, quiet, restrained, understated, modest, timid, subtle
  64. WHET (v)
    My brief trip to Europe served to whet my appetite for more travel.
    • to sharpen; to stimulate
    • syn: awaken, excite, incite, kindle, pique, provoke, rouse, spark
    • ant: blunt, dull, tranquilize, bore, calm, lull, pacify, quiet
  65. PERFIDIOUS (adj)
    The candidate's perfidious advisor revealed all of his boss's secret strategies to the reporter.
    • disloyal
    • syn: treacherous, deceitful, deceptive, corrupt, untrustworthy, traitorous, faithless, insidious
    • ant: decent, ethical, honest, honorable, moral, principled, scrupulous, trustworthy
  66. SAGACIOUS (adj)
    John prides himself on being a sagacious judge of character, but his brother has difficulty understanding people.
    • shrewd
    • syn: intelligent, astute, sharp, cunning, brilliant, smart, knowledge, clever
    • ant: witless, stupid, dull, dimwitted, moronic, slow, ignorant, idiotic
  67. GREGARIOUS (adj)
    Jennifer is an extremely gregarious person who spends most of her free time attending parties and other social events.
    • social; liking companionship
    • syn: extroverted, affable, convivial, congenial, outgoing, neighborly, amiable, cordial
    • ant: introverted unfriendly, inhospitable, unsociable, antagonistic, foreign, hostile, abrasive
  68. INFER (v)
    From the teacher's frown, the students inferred that they had not done well on the state test.
    • to conclude, to deduce
    • syn: ascertain, conjecture, construe, derive, goutier
    • ant: misunderstood, misconstrue, misinterpret, doubt, misconceive
  69. VERACITY (n)
    The congressman had a reputation for veracity, so everyone believed his campaign statements.
    • truthfulness; accuracy
    • syn: accuracy, authenticity, correctness, credibility, integrity, truthfulness, verisimilitude
    • ant: falsehood, inaccuracy, mendacity, deception
  70. QUERULOUS (adj)
    The querulous old man was a habitual complainer who was never satisfied with his workers.
    • irritable
    • syn: complaining, petulant, grumpy, surly, irascible, disgruntled, vexed, annoyed
    • ant: content, pleased, placid, peaceful, tranquil, calm, agreeable, friendly
  71. BENEVOLENT (adj)
    After the hurricane, many benevolent volunteer groups assisted the victims.
    • kindly; charitable
    • syn: altruistic, beneficent, caring, compassionate, considerate, generous, helpful, philanthropic
    • ant: malevolent, malicious, mean, unkind, greedy, unsacrificing, misanthropic, cold-hearted
  72. PRECOCIOUS (adj)
    The precocious child was able to speak several foreign languages by the time she was eight.
    • brilliant or expert at an early age
    • syn: advanced, intelligent, quickly, gitted, bright, mature, prodigious, genius
    • ant: standard, slow, unintelligent, behind, average, ignorant, challenged, obsolete
    The kind was unaware of the many surreptitious plots being planned by the members of his court.
    • characterized by secrecy
    • syn: clandestine, incognito, hidden, furtive, stealthy, veiled, covert, discreet, masked, undercover
    • ant: overt, obvious, blunt, honest, unconcealed, blatant, well-known, open, public, straightforward
  74. EPHEMERAL (adj)
    When times are difficult, memories of happiness seem ephemeral.
    • momentary; fleeting
    • syn: temporary, transitory, brief, short-lived, transient, passing, impermanent, evanescent
    • ant: everlasting, permanent, perpetual, eternal, continuing, ongoing, enduring, lasting
  75. DILIGENT (adj)
    The rescuers were diligent in their efforts to save the museum paintings from the rising flood-waters.
    • hardworking
    • syn: assiduous, careful, steadfast, eager, industrious, pain stalking, persistent, unrelenting
    • ant: inactive, languid, lazy, lethargic, negligent, disinterested, idle, neglectful
  76. PRETENTIOUS (adj)
    The pretentious home and cars gave Gatsby false sense of importance.
    • self-important; pompous
    • syn: snobbish, conceited, bombastic, ostentatious, flaunting, inflated, lofty, grandiloquent
    • ant: humble, modest
  77. ABSTAIN (v)
    During training the wrestler had to abstain foods because he didn't want to gain any extra weight.
    • to refrain from doing something
    • syn: allure, avoid, forgo, refuse, spurn, stop, withhold, reject
    • ant: indulge, partake, use, embrace, invite, imbibe, surrender, participate
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