DNA transcription

  1. What is the RNA polymerase made up up in prokaryotes?
    2 alpha, one beta and one beta prime plus a sigma factor
  2. When does sigma factor leave?
    during elongation
  3. What topoisomerases are present during prokaryotic transcription?
    Topo I and II
  4. Which termination, rho dependent or independent uses palindromic GC rich then AT rich sequences to form a loop which dissociates the RNA polymerase?
    Rho independent
  5. What happens in rho dependent termination?
    rho factor recognizes termination sequence upon which unwindins the nascent RNA molecule from the template strands terminating transcription
  6. Rifampin
    binds beta subunit of RNA polymerase preventing initiation of transcription
  7. Actinomyocin D?
    Intercalates between DNA preventing it from being transcribed
  8. Alpha amantin
    RNA pol II
  9. What 3 factor bind to the TATA box which help to anchor DNA pol II?
    TBP, TAF and TFIID
  10. What TF bind to GC and CAAT sequences?
    • SP1
    • CTF
  11. What are promoter proximal upstream elements
    • GC
    • CAAT
  12. How is termination different for each of the eukaryotic RNA polymerases?
    • RNA pol I- polymerase specific termination factor
    • RNAII- coupled to a sequence that polyadenylates 3'
    • RNA-III- simiar to rho independent termination
  13. what is the order after transcripton of capping,cleavage polyadenylation, splicing?
    the above mentioned
  14. What is the sequence of splicing?
    • 2'-OH of the branch site attacks 5'-P of donor site
    • 3'-OH of donor site joins 5'-p of acceptor site
    • Forms a Lariat in the process
  15. Lupus?
    ab against snRNP
  16. beta thalasemia results from?
    faulty splicing
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