1. FDA
    food and drug administration
  2. what does the FDA monitor?
    • safety, labeling, manufacturing standards
    • regulates which drugs are sold prescription vs otc
  3. t/f the FTC decides which drugs are sold by prescription and which drugs can be sold OTC
  4. which agency enforces the food drug and cosmetic act of1938
  5. what agency is in charge of marketing and advertising and prohibits false advertising
  6. FTC
    federal trade commission
  7. which act identifies drugs capable of causing addiction and sets requirements for prescribing drugs with potential for abuse?
    controlled substances act 1970
  8. what agency enforces the controlled substances act 1970
  9. DEA
    drug enforcement administration
  10. what groups do drug trials exclude?
    • children
    • women
    • elderly
  11. what is a possible outcome of drug trials?
    may cause more harm than good once presented to market, find new side effects
  12. what is the harrison narcotic act 1914
    intended to reduce drug addiction or substance abuse
  13. what is the comprehensive drug abuse prevention and control act of 1970
    • designed to prevent drug abuse and dependence
    • recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependent persons
    • regulations for manufacturing, distribution and dispensing of controlled substances
  14. what agency establishes standards for drug purity and strength?
  15. what are 4 reliable sources of drug information?
    • detailed and complete drug information publications
    • internet sources
    • dental drug references
    • drug interaction publications
  16. what are three roles of a dental hygienist with pharmacology in mind?
    • recommendations regarding drugs to pt
    • investigate drugs/herbs in HHX
    • make modifications to dental hygiene treatment plan
  17. t/f the DH must record recommendations to pt in the chart?
  18. why must drugs from the HHX be looked up?
    to understand clinical implications of drug effects
  19. who prescribes the antibiotic prophylaxis?
  20. what is the role of the DH in antibiotic prophylaxis?
    • ensures proper dose was taken and when it was taken by pt
    • records in treatment record
  21. what five things must be recorded on a drug card?
    • drug name
    • indication
    • side effects relevant to oral care
    • clinical implications (both ADEs and indication considered)
    • oral health info topics related to drug effects or warnings
  22. what are 7 examples of side effects relevant to DH care?
    • xerostomia
    • blood pressure or pulse effects
    • immune response changes
    • increased bleeding risk
    • nausea, abdominal pain
    • respiratory effects
    • central nervous system effects (tremors, facial tics)
  23. Which of the following is a side effect of a drug that might result in a DH modifying the treatment plan?

    E. all of the above
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