Finance Formulas Ratios

  1. Asset Ratio

    Inventory Turnover
    Sales / Inventory
  2. Asset Ratio

    Days Sales Outstanding or Asset Collection Period
    Accounts Receivable / (Annual Sales/365)

    (Answer in Days)
  3. Asset Ratio

    Fixed Asset Turnover
    Sales / Net Fixed Assets
  4. Asset Ratio

    Total Asset Turnover
    Sales / Total Assets
  5. Debt Ratio Management

    Total Liabilities / Total Assets
  6. Debt Ratio Management

    Times Earned Interest
    EBIT / Interest Charges
  7. Debt Ratio Management

    EBITDA Coverage
    (EBITDA + Lease Payments) / (Interest + Principal Payments + Lease Payments)
  8. Debt Ratio Management

    Debt to Equity
    Total Liabilities / (Total Assets - Total Liabilities)
  9. Debt Ratio Management

    Market Debt
    Total Liabilities / (Total Liabilities + Market Value of Equity)
  10. Dupont Ratio

    Return on Asset
    • Profit Margin x Total Asset Turnover
    • (Net Income/Sales) x (Sales/Total Assets)
  11. Dupont Ratio

    Equity Multiplier
    Total Assets / Common Equity
  12. Dupont Ratio

    Return on Equity
    • ROA x Equity Multiplier
    • (Profit Margin x Total Asset Turnover x Equity Multiplier)
  13. Liquid Ratio

    Current Assets / Current Liabilities
  14. Liquid Ratio

    (Current Assets - Inventory) / Current Liabilites
  15. Market Value Ratio

    Price / Earnings
    Price per Share / Earnings per Share
  16. Market Value Ratio

    Price / Cash Flow
    Price per Share / Cash Flow per Share
  17. Market Value Ratio

    Market / Book
    Market Price per Share / Book Value per Share
  18. Profitability Ratio

    Net Profit Margin on Sales
    Net Income Available to Stockholders / Sales
  19. Profitability Ratio

    Basic Earning Power
    EBIT / Total Assets
  20. Profitability Ratio

    Return on Total Assets
    Net Income Available to Stockholders / Total Assets
  21. Profitability Ratio

    Return on Common Equity
    Net Income Available to Stockholders / Common Equity
  22. Profitability Ratio

    Operating Profit Margin
    EBIT / Sales
  23. Profitability Ratio

    Gross Profit Margin
    (Sales - Cost of Goods Sold) / Sales
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