Vocabulary Review

  1. Abdicate
    to denounce; to discard, to abandon
  2. aberration
    something not typical; a deviation
  3. abjure
    to renounce upon oath
  4. abnegation
  5. abrogate
    to break, as a treaty or law
  6. abscond
    to depart secretly; to hide (oneself)
  7. absolve
    to set free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt
  8. abstain
    to refrain deliberately from an action or practice, usually as a form of self-denial
  9. adulate
    to flatter
  10. contrite
  11. florid
    rosy, ruddy, highly colored
  12. fervent
    hot, burning, ardent
  13. convivial
    social, jovial
  14. corsair
    a privateer, a pirate, a pirate ship
  15. coterie
    a group which gathers for social purposes, social circle, clique
  16. elucidate
    to make clear, to explain
  17. entourage
    surroundings, environment; a group of attendants
  18. emporium
    a trading center, a large store, a market place
  19. altruism
    concern for the welfare of others
  20. vigor
    active strength or force, healthy physical or mental energy
  21. sonnet
    a poem, lyric, poetry, rhyme
  22. frenetic
    wildly excited or active
  23. servile
    being in slavery, oppressed, characteristics of slaves
  24. thrift
    economically management, vigorous growth
  25. ardor
    great warmth of feeling, passion, intense devotion
  26. lassitude
    weariness of body or mind from strain, oppressive climate, lack of energy
  27. centriguge
    radiating, deviating, diffusive, divergent, radial, spiral, spreading
  28. repugnance
    strong dislike or objection, contradictoriness, or inconsistency
  29. bigot
    a person who is utterly intolerant or any differing creed, belief, or opinion
  30. coerce
    to compel by force, to dominate or control
  31. elation
  32. aberrant
    deviating from normal or correct
  33. aggrandize
    to make greater, to increase, thus to exaggerate
  34. ambrosial
    extremely pleasing to the senses, divine (as relating to the gods) or delicious
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