DNA replication

  1. What acts as helicase in E.coli
    DnaA then DnaB and then DnaC
  2. What is a primosome?
    Primase + prepriming complex
  3. replication of which strand is discontinous and moving away from the replication fork?
    Lagging strand
  4. Which DNA pol in prokaryotes excises the primer and fills it in with nt?
    DNA pol I
  5. Which DNA pol elongates the primer?
    DNA pol III
  6. What is the only DNA pol that has repair exonuclease?
    DNA pol I
  7. What is the difference between topoisomerase one and two?
    • One nicks one strand..no ATP
    • Two nicks 2 strands..ATP involved
  8. Whats another name for DNA topoisomerase two?
    DNA gyrase
  9. Novobiocin
    Blocks binding of ATP to gyrase
  10. Nalidixic acid and ciproflaxin
    Block DNA gyrase
  11. Camptothecin
    Blocks human topo I..cancer drug
  12. Etoposide, Etoposide
    Blocks topo II..cancer drug
  13. Which Prokaryotic DNA pol has 5' to 3' repair exonuclease
    DNA pol I
  14. Whats the only prokaryotic DNA pol that has 5' to 3' repair exonuclease
    DNA pol I
  15. proliferating cell nuclear antigen is analogous to what prokaryotic dna pol subunit
    beta subunit---clamps dna to pol
  16. what eukaryotic DNA pol elongates the growing chain?
  17. what eukaryotic pol replicates mitochondial dna?
  18. Polymerase alpha is what
  19. what repetitive sequence do telemeres have
  20. DnaG is what in the prokaryotic replication?
  21. Cyclophosphamide, Chlorambucil
    Cross links DNA bases
  22. What gene is mutated in HNPCC
    • MSH2
    • MLH
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