1. What is the prinicipal organ of the urinary system
    The Kidneys
  2. What are the accessory organs of the urinary system
    • Ureters
    • Urinary Bladder
    • Urethra
  3. The Kidney is a accessory organ of the urinary system
  4. The Urethra and the Ureters are accessory organs of the urinary system
  5. What do the Kidneys resemble
    A bean
  6. Which kidney is larger the left or the right?
    The Left Kidney is larger
  7. Which Kidney is smaller the left or the right?
    The Right Kidney is smaller
  8. Which Kidney is lower than the other
    The right kidney sits a little lower
  9. Where are the kidneys located?
    • In the restroperitoneal position
    • On either side of the Vertebra btwn T12-L3
  10. What vertabra column land marks would you use for the kidneys
  11. What anatomical landmarks would you find the superior poles of the Kidneys
    • above the 12th rib
    • lower edge of the parietal plura
  12. The kidneys are posterior to the_______?
    • Parietial Peritoneum
    • (Retroperitoneal position)
  13. The kidneys resemble what kind of bean
    A lima bean
  14. What is the medial surface of the kidney that has a concave notch?
    The Hilum
  15. Where does structures enter and leave the kidney?
    The Hilum
  16. What is considered the beginning of the plumbing system?
    The Calyx
  17. Where is urine collected from and transported through to leave the body
    • from the renial papilla
    • to the Calyx, (plumbing system)
  18. How much blood flows through the kidneys every 60 sec?
    • 1200ml
    • 1/5 of the blood pumped by the heart
  19. Flow of blood through Kidney tissue (arteries)
    • 1. Abdominal Aorta
    • 2. Renal artery
    • 3. Segmental arteries
    • 4. Lobar Arteries
    • 5. Interlobar Arteries
    • 6. Acuate Arteries
    • 7. Interlobular Arteriies
    • 8. Afferent arteriole
  20. Flow of blood though Kidney tissue (capillaries)
    • 1. Glomerulus (glomerular capillaries)
    • 2. Efferent arteriole
    • 3. Peritubular capillaries (vasa recta)
  21. What artery recieves blood from capillaries
    • Efferent arteriole recieves from Glomerulus
    • between Glomerular and Peritubular Capilaries
  22. Flow of blood through Kidney Tissue (veins)
    • 1. Interlobular veins
    • 2. Arcuate veins
    • 3. Interlobar veins
    • 4. lobar veins
    • 5. Segmental veins
    • 6. Renal Vein
    • 7. Inferior vena cava
  23. Where does the renal blood ultimatly empty into
    the inferior vena cava
  24. What are the two tubes that actively convey urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder
  25. How long are the Ureters?
    About 28 to 34 cm
  26. How many layers are each ureter composed of? name them inside to out
    • 3:
    • Mucous Layer
    • Muscular middle layer
    • fibrous outer layer
  27. What type of muscle is the muscular layer composed of?
    Smooth Muscle
  28. How does the urether propel urine
  29. what is a muscular collapsible bag located behind the symphysis pubis
    The Bladder
  30. The bladder is lined with mucuos transitional epithilium what is it called
  31. The three opening in the floor of the bladder form a triangle called what
  32. What serves as a resivior for urine before it leaves the body
    the bladder
  33. what aids in expelling urine from the body
    • bladder
    • urethra
  34. A small tubed lined with mucous membrane that leads from the floor of the bladder to the exterior body
  35. Voluntary control of urine or voiding made possible by projection tracts of the CNS is called
  36. What are the microsopic units that make up the bulk of the kidneys
  37. How many nephrons make up the kidney
    about 1.25 million
  38. 85% of all nephrons that make up almost the entire renal cortex
    Cortical Nephrons
  39. What lies near the junction of the cortical and medullary layers but have loops of henle
    Juxtamedullary nephrons
  40. What are the two types of nephrons
    • cortical nephrons
    • juxtamedullary nephrons
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