1. Guidelines for written prescriptions: (x5)
    • -legible, accurate instructions, complete information, written in ink
    • -Should not have name of pharmacy/pharmaceutical company, to avoid appearance of endorsement
    • -Rx pads should be kept secure to avoid theft or loss
    • -Duplicate or record kept for each Rx should be kept in pts. chart
    • -English instructions, not Latin abbreviations
  2. What is included in the heading of a Rx:
    • Prescriber’s name, phone number, and address.
    • Pts. Name
    • age
    • weight-for children
    • Date
  3. What is included in the body of a Rx?
    • Specific Drug
    • dose
    • concentration
    • Directions for pt. use
    • Possible directions for doseform to the pharmacist to mix together
  4. What is included in the closing of an RX?
    • Prescriber’s signature
    • DEA number
    • Instructions to pharmacist-refills, generic allowed
    • *signature required for schedule II drugs
  5. What is a compliant Patient?
    is one who follows the therapeutic regimen recommended by the clinician
  6. Latin symbol for "take thou" placed in the body of the prescription.
  7. most accurate child dose calculation, used for anti-cancer drug dose
    Child’s dose =
    surface area of child (in square meters) x adult dose /1.73
    Body surface area (BSA)
  8. age for dose calculation
    Childs dose (1-12 y) =
    child’s age (in y) x adult dose/Child’s age (in y) + 12
    Youngs Rule
  9. Calculation for child dose using weight
    Child’s dose = weight of child (in lb.) x adult dose/150 lb.
    Clarks rule
  10. What Act conforms all drug related laws into one?
    Controlled substance Act 1970
  11. Schedule __ Drugs: have the highest risk for abuse, cannot be prescribed and are only used for drug research purposes.
    C I
  12. Schedule __ drugs: high abuse potential but have legal medical use, refills are prohibited
    C II
  13. Schedule __ drugs: moderate abuse potential, have legal use, refills up to 5 times in 6 months
    C III
  14. Schedule __ drugs: low abuse potential, refills up to 5 times in 6 months
    C IV
  15. Schedule __ drugs: low abuse potential, may be refilled, some state allow these to be sold over the counter-if over 18 yrs. old and a record must be kept by pharmacist
    C V
  16. Rules of Prescribing Scheduled Drugs (x4):
    • Written in ink/typed
    • Pts. Full name and address
    • Practitioners full name, address and DEA number
    • DatedManually signed
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