PWC BLS Protocols and EMS

  1. Abdominal pain protocols?
    • - SAMPLE, O2
    • - consider orthostatic vital signs if pt can.
    • - if hypostensive, place in shock position unless pt is in respiratory distress
    • -assess associated signs and symptoms
    • --- cardiac related symptoms: dyspnea, diaphoresis, hx of cardiac disease, consider acute coronary syndrome.
    • --- fever
    • --- hx of G.I. problems
    • --- possible abdominal aortic aneurysm dissection, pulsating mass, absent or faint distal pulses
    • --- pregnancy
    • --- gynecological abnormality
    • --- note blood in vomit or stool
    • - position of comfort
  2. Allergic Reaction protocols?
    • SAMPLE, O2
    • Reduce further exposure to allergen
    • Remove stinger and apply cold pack
    • Determine severity
    • Minor/Local: Local edema and itching
    • Moderate: generalized itching, uticaria
    • Severe: anxiety, respiratory distress, wheezing, stridor, airway comprimise, decreased L.O.C. decreased perfusion, or hypotension
    • if hypotensive, place in shock position
    • monitor vitals regularly
    • If medical control permits, assist wth admistration of Epi pen. Dont forget 5 rights
  3. Amputation protocols?
    • O2
    • Control bleeding, treat as multi-system trauma protocol
    • Medevac amputation proximal to wrist or ankle
    • Care for amputated part
    • Rinse off gross contaminants w/ saline
    • Place amputated part in inverted glove or plastc bag and seal
    • Place bag or glove in ice water or between cold packs--do not pack on ice
  4. Cardiac arrest?
    • Initial assessment, obtain pertinent med hx including DDNR status.
    • Perform CPR
    • Avoid interrupting chest compressions for more than 10 seconds
    • Establish and maintain patent airway, administer O2
    • Attatch AED
    • Obtain blood sugar level
    • If pulse returns support respirations
    • Assign crew member to the family
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