quiz #1 - superficial cold

  1. What does RICE stand for?
    • Rest
    • Ice
    • Compression
    • Elevation
  2. What does superficial cold do?
    peripheral cold thermoreceptors in the subcutaneous tissues cause a reflex stimulation of sympathetic nerves to increase the tone of the muscle surrounding cutaneous blood vessels in the area being cooled
  3. what are some of the physiological effects superficial cold
    • slows down acute inflammation and swelling
    • decreased metabolism – direct
    • decreased blood flow – direct
    • muscle relaxation – reflex
    • decreased pain – direct
    • decreased nerve conduction velocity – direct
    • decrease elasticity
  4. what are some of the therapeutic benefits of cold
    • decrease inflammation response – edema and pain
    • decrease muscle spasm and spasticity
    • decreased pain
  5. What are some potential ways to apply superficial cold?
    • homemade pacs
    • rubbing alcohol/water (4:1)
    • crushed ice
    • frozen veggies
  6. how do you apply a cold pack
    • inspect skin (if push skin, should turn red to refill
    • cover pack with one damp towel (allows cooling to occur faster)
    • 15 min. treatment duration
    • inspect skin (check for frostbite)
  7. is ice massage for large areas or small areas
    small areas
  8. true or false – ice massage should always be followed by range of motion activities or friction massage
  9. should ice massage be used on everyone
  10. how do you apply an ice massage
    • freeze water cup
    • inspect skin
    • rub area in small circles
    • have towels available
    • 5 – 10 min. duration
  11. what is the sensations a patient will feel when applying ice massage
    • cold
    • acute pain
    • ache
    • numbness
  12. what are the two types of vapocoolant sprays
    • ethyl chloride
    • fluori-methane
  13. what are some of the characteristics of ethyl chloride
    • flammable
    • intense cooling
  14. what are some of the characteristics of fluori-methane
    • effects of zone
    • not as intense
  15. What happens if you spray too close to the skin with spray and stretch?
    • you could potentially get frostbite
    • (this is how you freeze off warts)
  16. explain the spray and stretch technique
    • inspect skin
    • body part relaxed
    • sweep slowly, origin to insertion of muscle, bottle 45 cm from skin
    • sweep several times
    • stretch, repeat 1 – 2 times
  17. what are the contraindications of cold
    • peripheral vascular disease (vasoconstriction)
    • cold hypersensitivity (may cause hives or produce asthma)
    • raynaud's disease: hands & feet vasoconstrict
    • area of prior frostbite: tissue may completely die
    • no sensitivity: can't tell if it's too cold
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