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  1. Visit for a short time
    drop by

    • Can I drop by your house later?
    • I drop by the cleaners and pick up my clothes
  2. wait.
    (on the phone, store)
    put on hold

    • Can I put you on hold?
    • Can I put this on hold?
  3. Getting close to a deadline
    running short of time
  4. Go faster
    Get a move on
  5. Dentro de una hora
    In an hour
  6. Busy doing something that you can't stop
    tied up

    Can I call you later?, I'm tied up right now
  7. When is a convenient time?
    When is a good time?
  8. Atorado
    (en algun asunto o Lugar)
    held up

    He got held up at the office
  9. Va por mi cuenta
    It's on me
  10. I forgot
    it slipped my mind
  11. Make contact by telephone
    get through

    I tried to call him, but I could't get through
  12. Soportar algo/alguien
    put up with

    I have to put up with this cold weather
  13. No Te estoy entendiendo
    I'm not following you
  14. Lose the connection during a telephone call
    Get cut off

    • Sorry, we got cut off.
    • There's something wrong with my cell phone. I get cut off very often
  15. La penultima o una antes de la ultima
    The second to last

    My house is the second to last
  16. (something) is available in
    comes in

    The drapes come in white or green
  17. Quiero... (en un restaurant por ejemplo) de manera Cortez
    I'd like...

    I'd like the chicken Alfredo and ...
  18. Stay awake late. (later than usual)
    stay up

    I'm so tired. I stayed up last night watching a movie
  19. Wake up later than planned

    If she doesn't use the alarm clock she oversleeps
  20. Going to do something (very soon)
    about to do somthing

    Call me later, I'm about to take a shower
  21. Voy en camino
    I'm on my way
  22. Distraerse
    get sidetracket

    Sorry I didn't got what you said, I got sidetracked
  23. El ya se fue. (cando por ejemplo salen del trabajo y ya no van a regresar
    He's gone for the day
  24. Ya era hora
    It's about time

    • She is getting married.
    • It's about time. She is 42 years old
  25. Cambiar el plan o situacion para despues
    Take a rain check
  26. Ponerse ropa, vestirse
    Put clothes on.

    In english you first put clothes on, then you are wearing clothes.

    Put your coat on and lets go
  27. Cooperar
    chip in

    Let's each chip in $15 to buy her a present
  28. No se hubieran molestado (para mostrar gratitud al recibir un regalo
    You shouldn't have!

    • Here is a little gift for you.
    • "Thank you, but you shouldn't have!
  29. Recuerdame comprar leche
    Remind me to buy milk
  30. Unhappy about something that has been happening for a long time
    fed up with something

    It's been a long winter, I'm fed up with the snow
  31. Sabes donde esta mi cartera?
    Do you know where my wallet is?
  32. Perdon por interrumpir
    Sorry to interrupt

    Cuando quieres hablar con alguien que esta hablando
  33. Salir por un momento
    step out

    • Can I speak to Karen?
    • She just stepped out. She'll be back soon
  34. Te comunico, Te conecto.
    (para transferir la llamada)
    I'll put you through

    • Is this doctor Lin's office?
    • No, I'll put you through
  35. Forever, permanently
    for good

    • They are going to Mexico.
    • For how long?
    • For good
  36. Por algo o alguien. ( cuando brindas)

    • To your promotion
    • To the new baby
  37. Recibir contestacion de alguien
    hear back from someone
  38. Mejor... (para ofrecer una
    mejor opcion)
    better off doing something

    • I'm better off buying a bigger size.
    • It's going to snow really hard, we are better off going now.
  39. Are we going to meet as we already agreed?
    Are we still on for...?

    • Are we still on for tomorrow?
    • Yes, tomorrow at 9 p.m.
  40. Dicen que... (Cuando no es importante quien lo dijo)
    They say...

    They say it's going to snow today.
  41. Adelante (hazlo)
    Go ahead

    • Do you mind if I close the door?
    • Go ahead
    • No,
  42. Encontrarse a alguien inesperadamente
    run into someone

    I ran into Carmen yesterday
  43. I can't make something function
    I can't make something function

    I can't get my reader to work. There's something wrong with it.
  44. To identify yourself on the phone
    this is Maria

    • May I speak to Maria please?
    • This is Maria.
  45. at 11:00 or before 11:00, but not after 11:00
    by 11:00

    I want you to be home by 11
  46. A polite way to say we don't agree
    We don't see eye to eye

    We don't see eye to eye on how to decorate the house
  47. Connect sth to a power outlet
    Plug sth in

    You can plug your Ipod in here
  48. Buscar informacion en un libro o en Internet
    Look something up

    • How do we get there?
    • Look it up on mapquest
  49. A polite response when someone thanks you
    don't mention it

    • Thank you for your time
    • Don't mention it
  50. Ask this to make a very polite request
    Would you mind doing something?

    Excuse me, would mind not smoking here?

    Would you mind moving your car so I can get out.
  51. Agotado
    (mercancia por ejemplo)
    Sold out

    Sorry, tickets are sold out
  52. A la mitad de
    (has terninado la mitad de algo)
    Half way through

    • Have you finish your homework?
    • No, I'm half way through
    • No
  53. How much more time?
    How much longer?

    How much longer do you need?
  54. an unclear phone connection
    A bad connection

    Sorry, I can't hear you well, we have a bad connection and we might get cut off
  55. To ask for the location of an event
    Where is something held?

    • There is a good painting exposition
    • Where is it held?
  56. It's possible that I will
    I might

    • Are you going to the exposition?
    • I might. I haven't decided yet
  57. A polite way to ask before sitting beside a stranger
    Is this seat taken?

    • Excuse me, is this seat taken?
    • No, go ahead
  58. Establish; start
    set up

    She's hoping to set up her own business
  59. Use this phrase when you didn't hear someone's name or you can't remember
    I didn't get your name
  60. I can almost remember it
    it's on the tip of my tongue

    • Wha's her name?
    • Mmmm it's on the tip of
    • my tongue
  61. By a large amount
    by far

    That's the better option by far
  62. I'm 100% sure
    I'm positive

    • Are you sure?
    • I'm positive
  63. Say this when you can't understand how to do something
    I can't figure out how to...

    I can't figure out how to set this up
  64. To suggest something
    I suggest that he/ you/ we

    I suggest that you take the freeway
  65. To say in which month, day and hour
    in March, on Tuesday, at 7 o'clock

    • Whe did she leave?
    • In December, it was on December 4 at 10 o'clock
  66. Become detached
    come off

    This paint is coming off the walls
  67. not more than
    at the most

    I can run for one hour at the most
  68. Temporarily
    in the short term

    We'll live here in the short term
  69. Over a long period of time
    in the long run

    This will only make you happy in the short time, but in the long run you'll get bored of it
  70. Take time to thing about something before deciding
    think it over

    I'm not sure yet, I need more time to think it over
  71. Put sth in a special storage place
    Put sth away

    • Should I throw this away?
    • No, just put it away. I might need it
  72. Start talking about sth
    bring sth up

    Now that you bring it up, why don't we....
  73. Tell me about your recent life
    What are you up to these days?

    It's so nice to see you, tell me what you are up to these days?
  74. Say this when you need to leave
    I'd better get going

    It' so late, I'd better get going
  75. Say this if you want someone to give your greeting to another person
    send my regards to...

    Please send my regards to your sister
  76. Search or examine something carefully
    go through sth

    I went through my closet, but I could't find my coat
  77. Say this when you phone someone who tried to talk to you earlier
    I'm returning your call

    Hi Rocio, I'm returning your call
  78. Talking on a different phone line
    on the other line

    • Can I speak to Ale?
    • She's on the other line. Would you like to leave a message?
  79. Doing the right thing
    on the right track

    You are on the right track to a great success
  80. At exactly 5 o'clock; not 4:59 and not 5:01
    At 5 o'clock sharp

    I want you here at 2:00 p.m. sharp
  81. Como estuvo?
    How did it go?

    How did your presentation go?
  82. End a phone conversation by cutting the connection
    hang up

    Hang up right now!
  83. Finish a meeting
    wrap up

    I'd like to wrap up this meeting by 5 o'clock
  84. Puedo sugerir algo?
    Can I make a suggestion?
  85. At this time only; not forever
    for the time being

    You can stay here for the time being
  86. I understand your opinion or feelings
    I see your point

    I see your point, but you still have to do what the teacher says
  87. very soon
    any minute now

    It's going to rain any minute now
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