Pharm, Dispensing Terms

  1. Suspension-
    2-phase system consisting of a finely divided medicament dispersed and suspended in a liquid, but not dissolved
  2. Emulsion-
    Two-phase systems prepared by combining two immiscible liquids with an emulsifying agent
  3. Infusion-
    • mode of admin of fluid into a vein or uterus
    • (also a pharmaceutical extraction method)
  4. Decoction-
    method to extract active principle from a plant by boiling
  5. Mentruum
    Plant extract obtained by percolating
  6. Powders-
    Aggregation of solid particles used in food, solutions or direct application.
  7. Aerosol-
    Colloid system with paritcles suspended in a gas for admin as a spray
  8. Collodion-
    Drug contained in an alcohol or ether solution
  9. Liniments-
    Liquid/suspension applied to the skin by rubbing
  10. Embrocation-
  11. Lotion-
    Liquid suspension containing finely-divided medicaments for external app
  12. Cream-
    An oil and water viscous emulsion that is miscible with skin secretions. Used for therapeutic/protective purposes
  13. Ointment-
    Semisolid prep with medicaments in a non-aqueous base. Used for skin and eye
  14. Syrup-
  15. Elixir-
    Clear, sweetened hydro-alcoholic liquid for oral use. May be medicated.
  16. Pill
    Solid, dosage form bound to an excipient and binder. AKA tablet
  17. Tablet-
    Solid dosage form that may/may not be coated.
  18. Bolus-
    Large tab for oral/uterine admin
  19. Oblet-
    Similar to a bolus, and oblong pessary (intravaginal/intrauterine)
  20. Pessary-
    medicated tablet given intrauterine/intravaginally
  21. Capsules-
    Small gelatin containers w/ med for oral admin
  22. Spansule-
    Capsule with enclosed particles coated for different release rates
  23. Lozenge-
    Tablet, for sucking, not swallowing
  24. Injection-
    Solution/suspension for parental admin
  25. Implant-
    Tablet, or medicated material, surgically implanted
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