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  1. What are some AT&T advantages over other carriers?

    H) All of the above
  2. How much is unlimited voice calling for AT&T?

    C) $69.99
  3. Unlimited Messaging with AT&T…….

    E. All of the above
  4. Go Phone with Unlimited Talk and Text?

    B) Costs $60
  5. Windows 7 Phones include?

    E) All of the above
  6. The Blackberry Torch has which of the following?

    D) Both A & B
  7. On a Non-Smartphone the data package costs?

    D) Both A & B
  8. On all Smart Phones, the mandatory data plan costs?

    D) Both B & C
  9. A-List includes?

    D) Both A & B
  10. Viva Mexico includes?

    E) Both A & B
  11. Part of delivering an extraordinary customer experience includes?

    D) All of the above
  12. By covering the Customer Service Summary, this ensures?

    D) All of the above
  13. The AT&T customer feedback tool requests detailed information about the transaction, overall satisfaction, and willingness to recommend?

    A) 100% of the time and for every transaction with email address
  14. The feature revenue on which my store is ranked is based on?

    C) Feature revenue per AT&T devices sold
  15. What are the AT&T iPhone advantages over the Verizon iPhone?

    E) All of the Above
  16. What is not a current messaging plan offered by AT&T?

    C) $5 for 200
  17. What is the activation fee for Family Talk add a line?

    B) $36
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