Music 1

  1. soundscape
    characteristic sounds of a particular place, human and nonhuman

    ie nonindustrial cultures rely on local nonhuman sounds - african postal workers
  2. music culture
    a group's total involvement with music; ideas, actions, instiutions & material objects
  3. 2 ways people make music
    1. make or produce the sounds they call music

    2. make music into a cultural domain: forming ideas & activities they consider music (sung songs or just music)
  4. 3 structures of music
    • rhythm
    • melody
    • harmony
  5. rhythm
    time relation among sounds: nonmetered or metered

    (in ord lang it's a patter or recurrence of events, like walking)
  6. nonmetered rhythm
    cluttered: flexible
  7. metered rhythm
    • structured
    • ie postal workers
  8. melody
    tune that goes up and down; people sing along with it
  9. 5 aspects of Melody
    • pitch
    • timbre
    • volume
    • emphasis
    • major scale
  10. pitch
    how low (alto) or high (soprano) the sound is; depends on sound wave frequency
  11. timbre
    • tone quality
    • caused by diff voices/instruments vibrating

    ie flute vs trambone: same note, diff sound
  12. volume
    aka dynamics

    melodies increase & decrease in loudness
  13. emphasis
    the way major tunes of a melody are approached

    ie piano is instant, singers slide to them, guitars bend the pitch
  14. major scale
    melodies in European and EuroAmerican music have been organized since the 18th C

    we use octave
  15. Harmony
    a melody can be harmonized: one person sings melody & other sings harmony, a differenty part at the same time
  16. chords
    simultaneously sounding tones in a harmony
  17. texture in music
    how melody & harmony interact together in music
  18. 4 types of texture in music
    • 1. Monophonic
    • 2. Heterophonic
    • 3. Polyphonic
    • 4. Homophonic
  19. monophonic
    • texture
    • consist of a single melody,
    • sings alone or several sing same melody in unison
  20. heterophonic
    texture w/ 2 or more voices/instruments elaborate the same melody in diff ways at roughly same time
  21. polyphonic
    texture w/ 2 or more distinct melodies are combined

    ie Bach
  22. homophonic
    texture when two or more voices are combined and one voice dominates & others accompany it
  23. form
    • structural arrangement
    • patterns of org in rhythm, melody & harmony

    ie blues (3 line verses)
  24. 4 components of a music culture
    • ideas about music
    • activities involving music
    • social organization
    • Repertory of music
  25. 4 elements of a musical performance (in order from middle outward)
    • 1. music
    • 2. Performers
    • 3. audience
    • 4. time and space
  26. 4 ideas about music
    • music & belief system
    • aesthetics of music
    • contexts for music
    • history in music
  27. Music & belief systems
    • (an idea about music in music culture)
    • concerns the nature of human society, art & the universe
  28. aesthetics of music
    • (idea about music in music culture)
    • cultural preferences in sound quality & performance
  29. contexts for music
    • (ideas about music in music culture)
    • when, where & how often music should be performed
  30. history in music
    • (ideas about music in music culture)
    • responds to changes in human culture
  31. activities involving music
    • (music culture)
    • the way people divide, arrange or rank themselves in relation to music
    • (unevenly divided in culture)
  32. 2 social organizations in music culture
    • status
    • role
  33. status
    prestige of musicians in social organization of music culture
  34. role
    • diff roles assigned to people in the music culture
    • (social organization)
  35. 6 parts of repertory of music (music culture)
    • style
    • genres
    • texts
    • composition
    • transmission
    • movement
  36. style
    • everything related to the or of the music:
    • pitch, time, timbre & volume
  37. genre
    named, standard units of repertory and a music culture

    ie song, instrumental music & dances (riverdance)
  38. texts
    words or lyrics to a song
  39. composition
    • how music enters a music culture:
    • individual/group
    • fixed or improvised
  40. transmission
    how music is learned/transmitted from one person to the next
  41. movement
    the range of physical activity that accompanies music in a music culture
  42. material culture
    the tangible objects that people in a culture produce- seen, held, felt & used
  43. examples of material culture in music
    • musical scores
    • instruction books
    • sheet music
    • instructional DVD
    • websites
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