PLAR Vocab #2 First half of words

  1. Contrite
    ADJ- Broken in spirit by a sense of guilt; showing deep regret or sorrow; eager to be forgiven
  2. Oratory
    Noun- Skill in public speaking
  3. Maudlin
    ADJ- Tearfully silly because of excitement; sentimental in a weak, silly way
  4. Perservere
    Verb- Continue steadily in something hard; to persist; to keep at it
  5. Frugal
    ADJ- Avoiding waste; saving; thrifty
  6. Austerity
    Noun- Sternness in manner or appearance; harshness; severity
  7. Surmise
    Verb- A guess; to infer with little evidence
  8. Reprobate
    Noun- Being imperitent; boldly rude
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PLAR Vocab #2 First half of words
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