SU Level 4 Chapter 33

  1. 정답다
    to be intimate; to be friendly
  2. 서시
    a prologue
  3. 우러르다
    to look up; to turn one's face upwards
  4. 일다(바람이)
    to rise
  5. 이슬
    dew; dew drops
  6. 지새우다
    to be up all night
  7. 맺히다
    to be bedewed
  8. 진주
    a pearl
  9. 곱다
    to be lovely; to be beautiful
  10. 설움
    grief; sorrow
  11. 알알이
    grain by grain; every grain
  12. 동산
    a hill; a small mountain
  13. 미소
    a smile
  14. 태양
    the sun
  15. 묘지
    a cemetery; a graveyard
  16. 떠오르다
    to rise
  17. 찌다
    to be boiling hot; to be steamy hot
  18. 더위
    the heat; hot weather
  19. 시력
    a trial; a hardship
  20. 광야
    a wide plain
  21. 호수
    a lake
  22. 젓다
    to row
  23. 그림자
    a shadow
  24. jade; a precious stone
  25. 뱃전
    the sides of a boat; a gunwale
  26. 부서지다
    to be smashed; to be broken
  27. 촛불
  28. 비단
  29. 옷자락
    the skirt; the train
  30. 떨다
    to tremble
  31. 최후
    the end; the last
  32. 방울
    a drop
  33. 남김 없이
    without remains
  34. 타다
    to get burned
  35. 나그네
    a vagabond; a traveler
  36. 피리
    a Korean musical instrument; a pipe
  37. 기울이다 (귀를)
    to give ear to what people tell one
  38. 호젓이
    lonely; calmly
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