SU Level 4 Chapter 32

  1. 의학
    medical science
  2. 향상
    improvement; elevation
  3. 고령
    an advanced age; a great age
  4. 증가하다
    to increase to grow
  5. 핵가족
    a nuclear family
  6. 돌보다
    to take care of; to look after
  7. 홀로
    alone; by oneself
  8. 노후
    one's old age; one's declining years
  9. 복지
  10. 교외
    the suburbs; the outskirts (of a city)
  11. 유료
    a charge; a paid fee
  12. 양로원
    old folks home; home for the aged
  13. 들어서다
    to come into being
  14. 고유
    characteristics; peculiarity
  15. 미덕
    a virtue
  16. 경로사상
    filial piety; an ideology that respects the aged (seniors)
  17. 강아지
    a puppy; a little dog
  18. 쓸쓸하다
    to be lonely
  19. 고작
    at (the) most; at (the) best
  20. the breast; the bosom
  21. 기르다
    to raise; to foster
  22. 효과
    effect; effectiveness
  23. 충성심
    loyalty; devotion
  24. 공경하다
    to respect
  25. 나아가다
    to go forward; to move on
  26. 인력
    human power
  27. 활용하다
    to utilize; to apply
  28. 황혼기
    the twilight years of one's life
  29. 주위
  30. 위하다
    to respect; to esteem
  31. 중고차
    a used car
  32. 문의하다
    to inquire; to ask
  33. 셔틀버스
    a shuttle bus
  34. 전시회
    an exhibition
  35. 의사소통
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