1. Amoebas are single-celled organisms that eat by surrounding and engulfing its food. This process of eating is
  2. White light from the sun is
    a mixture of all the colors of the visible spectrum. ( white light represents an expression of all colors combined)
  3. The electrical circuit most likely used in everyday appliances is
    Direct current
  4. ______current is the most common current used to supply electrical energy. It can be safely transferred at high voltages and over long distances
  5. Human blood has a pH of about 7.4, if the pH were to change to 6.9 this indicates
    an increase in acidity
  6. this type of rock results from reactions from deep within the earth—molten magma cooling, solidifying and rising.
    igneous rock
  7. Warm air has _________ atmospheric pressure than cold air.
    LESS ( Warm air is less dense than cool air and exerts less pressure on the atmosphere)
  8. A kingdom consisting of eukaryotic, single-celled organisms is the
    Protista Kingdom
  9. Kingdom Plantae and Animalia contain
    Multicellular organs
  10. Kingdom Prokaryotae contains
    bacteria that are prokaryotic
  11. heterozygous means
    not dominant. has a recessive gene so Dd vice DD.
  12. The appearance of deep holes and craters on the moon's surface are predominately the result of
  13. having identical pairs of genes for any given pair of hereditary characteristics is known as
  14. having dissimilar pairs of genes for any hereditary characteristic is know as
  15. ___________ are a division of plants that are classified into two groups, monocots and dicots, which refer to seed leaf structure. (Monocots—one-seed leaves; dicots—two-seed leaves.)
  16. ___________is the general classification for all organisms that have a true nucleus and membrane-bound organelles.
  17. Seismic activity as recorded by a seismograph is best associated with
  18. Mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles are examples of organisms belonging to which phylum
    Phylum Chordata represents only organisms having vertebrae (backbone).
  19. Color Vision results as a function of which of the following?
    Cones are photoreceptors of the retinas that provide color vision and visual acuity.
  20. The earth's orbit around the sun
    The earth follows an elliptical pattern as it orbits around the sun. The orbit is complete every 365.25 days.
  21. Radioactivity of an element results from
    a spontaneous disintegration of atomic nuclei
  22. The mass of an element that combines with one part by weight of hydrogen is defined as its
    equicalent weight
  23. the most accurate description of the earth's atmosphere is that it consists
    of a mixture of gases, liquid droplets, and minute solid particles.
  24. the best estimate of the age of the earth comes from the study of
    radioactive material
  25. when water is taken apart by electricity, what two substance are formed?
    hydrogen and oxygen
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