Corporate Accounts

  1. Ghost Accounts: Advantages and disadvantages
    • Pros:
    • -no chargebacks
    • -detailed monthly list
    • -customer doesn't have to put down CC
    • Cons:
    • -Must apply for a line of credit through comerica
    • -Can't look it up
  2. Paper Direct Bill: Advantages and disadvantages
    • Pros
    • -CC not required
    • -Invoices come in the mail as the contracts are closed

    • Cons
    • -Create an A/R
  3. Billing Numbers: Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Pros
    • -Prepopulates CC number

    • Disadvantage
    • - risk of chargeback
  4. Qualifiations: Local, multi-group, Nationwide
    • Local: $500/month
    • Multi-group: $500/month
    • National: $25,000/year
  5. Finding an out of group account in 2.0
    Select "all groups"
  6. What is the price structure out of group if the account has fixed rates in it's owning group?
    5% out of group discount
  7. If you search for an account and multiple possibilities appear, how do you pick?
    • XZ (dual brand, most current)
    • NA
    • Local
  8. If you search and cannot find the account, what might have happened?
    • -Account expired from non-use
    • -It's a small business account
  9. Can business rates be used for personal use?
    Yes, but the coverage would not be valid
  10. What is the source code for the state of california?
  11. How does the month or more program work?
    • Addendums good for 10 months
    • Technically renters are entitled to $25, $50 and then $75 off each consecutive month
  12. How do rewrites affect their business (and ours)
    If not rewritten, the average rate is artificially inflated, makes us look bad
  13. Why would volume reports differ?
    We didn't source correctly
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