Post War

  1. What is a cold war?
    • war of words
    • no deadly weaponary
  2. major player?
    • soviet union
    • us
  3. when was UN created?
    april-June 1945
  4. Summary of UN
    representatives from 50 nations met at San Francisco to discuss creation of organized body of nations
  5. Aims of the UN....
    • band together to avoid war
    • encourage cooperation
    • improve living conditions
    • defend human rights
  6. John Humphrey
    • from montreal
    • 1946- set up huma rights division
    • drafted 1st declaration of human rights (adopted by Un in 1948)
  7. NATO....
    • North Atlantic traty organization
    • felt Un not good enough to provide security
    • signed by 12 countries
    • april 1949
    • promise to defend each other if one was attacked
  8. Warsaw Pact
    soviet response to NATO
  9. NORAD
    • 1957
    • North american air defence command
  10. 3 chains of radar...
    • 1. mid canada line (55 N parallel)
    • 2. pinetree radar system (along Cdn Ame border)
    • 3. Distance early warning line (along arctic border)
  11. Roots of Vietnam War
    • occupied by japan b4 WW2
    • after ww2 was french colony
    • ho chi minh led independace movement in 1954
    • divided country in 2
  12. Division of Veitnam
    • south was a us backed goverment. supported capitalism
    • north was led by Ho Chi Minh as a communist
  13. Problems in veitnam war
    ho wanted to unify North and south. Ussr and china saw this as an oppurtunity to have an influence. led to proxy war, between us and ussr
  14. proxy war
    was between 2 opposing idealoigies fought in and by a 3rd party
  15. Cdns in veitnam
    • no official role
    • did not send troops
    • helped give war supplies
  16. What happened during baby boom
    cda's population increased by 50% durin 1946-61
  17. Why did baby boom occur
    depression didnt encourage big families so when men returned from war, there were new families
  18. Positive Impacts of BB
    • developed suburbia
    • more demand for schools and teachers
    • rise of the teenager
  19. Negative Impacts of BB
    • job market could not expand fast enough
    • so much house buying that prices skyrocketed
  20. Future of BB
    • aging population
    • lots of ppl taking out of pension plan, but not as much money going towards it
  21. Gay rights
    • 1967
    • omnibus bill by pierre trudeau
    • he said that law should be based on what was criminal, not sinful
  22. No Fault divorce
    • B4 1967 (Que, Nfld) -had to get bill allowing divorce
    • B4 1967 elsewhere- had to proves spouse committed adultry, creulty, etc.
    • Divorce Act 1968, allowed divorce without a good reason
  23. Birth Control
    • Banned at first
    • Omnibus bill leagalized the use of BC
  24. October Crisis
    FLQ and Quebec Nationalists kidnapped British diplomat James Cross and Quebec provincial cabinet prime minister Pierre Laporte. Later on Prime Minister Tradaeu takes action and introduces the war measures act, giving athorities more power and detention to take down the FLQ.
  25. War Measures Act (1970)
    gaev more control to police to do whatever they pleased, as long as it was for the greater good of the country.
  26. Bill 22
    • 1974
    • Official Languages made french official topic
    • only kdis whose parents went to Eng school were allowed to go too
  27. Bill 101
    • Pari Quebicois made stronger law
    • 1977- Charter of French Language
    • allowed french to be main language in quebec
  28. Official Languages Act
    • 1969
    • made french and english main languages of canada
  29. bloc quebicois (lucien bouchard)
    was a federal party dedicated to soverigniy of quebec
  30. meech lake accord
    • 1987
    • attempt to get quebec to sign the constituition
    • said that they would preserve the identity of quebec
    • was a FAIL
  31. Carlottetown accord
    • 1992
    • brian mulroney wanted to bring quebec into constitution
    • recognized que as a distinct society
    • FAIL
  32. Patriation of Constitution
    • premiers meet to come up with new constituion
    • quebec doesnt sign
    • april. 1982, queen elizabeth 2 signs consitution
  33. Americanization
    • american culture pours into Canada
    • people favour ame music, culture, etc
  34. FLQ
    • stood for front liberation of quebec
    • violent group
    • believed in quebec sovereignity
  35. Dunbarton Oaks
    • fall of 1944
    • location where UN plans were laid
  36. Yalta Conference
    • february 1945
    • agreement to replace failed league of nations
    • later would be known as UN
  37. San Francisco Conference
    • april 1945
    • formal UN charter was drafted
  38. UN
    • 1945
    • 5 big nations- Soviet Union, US, britain, france, china
    • wanted peace
  39. Gouzenko Affair
    • september 1945
    • igor gouzenka exposed USSR of spy ring
    • made canada feel that they were also involved in the Cold war
  40. Iron Curtain
    • Winston Churchill
    • 1946
    • indicated the divison between the continent of europe due to the two pacts
  41. Truman Doctrine
    • 1947
    • were guiding lines
    • wanted to stop communism in smaller countries
  42. Marshall Plan
    • 1948
    • canada and US gave money to europe to help pay for the repairs of the war
  43. Referendum
    • one in 1980 and 1995.
    • both were to decide if quebec should be a separate nation
  44. Korean war
    • 1950-1953
    • north was communist, south capitailism
    • divided at 38th parallel
    • north invaded south, and led to war
  45. Cdns in Korean War
    • had a significant contribution
    • sent alot of troops
    • developed a more international status
    • helped in emergencies
  46. First Wave of Immigration
    • 1946-54
    • mostly from europe
  47. Second Wave
    • 1954-67
    • britain and hungarian
  48. Immigration act
    • 1978
    • wanted to attract more people from other places
    • reunite families
    • accept displaced and persecuted ppl
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