Monarchs of Europe

  1. Hugenot
    French Protestant
  2. Henry IV
    He issued the Edit of Nantes, which allowed Protestants to worship and restored peace to France
  3. Cardinal Richelieu
    Ruled France as minister under Louis XIII. He strengthened the monarchy by fighting the Hugenots and breaking the power of the nobles
  4. Louis XIV
    King of France from 1643-1715; known as the Sun King, he built the Palace of Versailles as a means to consolidate absolute power; a series of wars and extravagant spending drained France's wealth
  5. Charles I
    Ruled England from 1625-1649; his conflict with Parliament lead England to a civil war. He was beheaded in 1649>
  6. Oliver Cromwell
    He lead Parliament's forces in deposing King Charles I
  7. Charles II
    He was asked by the people to rule England after the death of Oliver Cromwell
  8. Glorious Revolution
    A non-violent revolution in which leaders of Britain's Parliament invited Mary and William to replace King James II
  9. Constitutional Monarchy
    A monarchy limited by certain laws
  10. Magna Carta
    Document that the king was forced to sign that limited his power; occured in the year 1215
  11. English Bill of Rights
    1688 Parliament passed a bill that declared that Parliament would choose who would rule the country and protected the rights of citizens
  12. Czar
    A title taken by the ruler of Russia
  13. Ivan IV
    He was also known as Ivan the Terrible because he insinuated a campaign of terror against the landowners in Russia. He was the first to assume the title of czar. He killed his son leaving no heir to the throne
  14. Peter the Great
    The czar of Russia and he transformed Russia into a modern state by bringing in western ways and making reforms
  15. Westernization
    The adoption of the culture and ideas of Western society, namely Europe and America
  16. Catherine the Great
    Czarina of Russia who ruled with absolute power and extended the modern reforms started by Peter the Great
  17. Maria Theresa
    She was Archduchess of Austria and was one of the most beloved monarchs in Austria
  18. Fredrick the Great
    King of Prussia who made Prussia a major European power in the 1700s
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