1. The term nutrition is often used to refer tot he effects your food choices have on your health. True or false?
  2. Food supplies the body with chemicals called hormones, which help the body grow and carry out its many functions. True or false?
    False (nutrients)
  3. Knowing that you have a good supply of food helps provide a psychological need. True or false?
  4. Developing your skills can help build your sense of belonging. True or false?
    False (self-esteem)
  5. As a rule, the family has the greatest influence on one's food choices. True or false?
  6. Money, time, skills, and knowledge are examples of values. True or false?
    False (resources)
  7. Invading armies were one of the factors that caused food customs to spread from one culture to another. True or false?
  8. Genetic engineering is used to design toold and appliances that are easier and more comfortable to use. True or false?
    False (ergonomics)
  9. Chemical changes may occur in certain foods when they are heated or mixed with other ingredients. True or false?
  10. The term science refers to using the knowledge gained through research to create new products, improve olds products, or develop new processes. True or false?
    False (technology)
  11. The study of how necessary chemicals contained in food are used by the body is called...

    B. nutrition
  12. A major influence on the availability of food products is...

    D. technology
  13. Foods that are representative of a cultural group that is based on a common heritage are called...

    B. ethnic foods
  14. The fact that American meals frequently include such foods as spaghetti, tacos, and stir-fried foods indicates that Americans...

    D. have cultural diversity
  15. One aspect of ergonomics is...

    D. work simplification
  16. It is recommended that you get __ percent or more of your daily intake of calories from carbohydrates.

    C. 55
  17. Studies show that __ may help lower blood cholesterol levels.

    D. soluble fiber
  18. Water-soluble vitamins, which are needed on a daily basis, include...

    A. the B vitamins and vitamin C
  19. The three minerals that work together to help maintain the body's fluid balance are...

    D. sodium, chloride, and potassium
  20. What foods contain complex carbohydrates?
    potatoes, corn, bread, and rice
  21. What foods contain complete proteins?
    meat, poultry, fish, dairy products
  22. What foods contain incomplete proteins?
    peanuts, dry beans, seeds
  23. What foods contain calcium?
    canned fish, dairy products
  24. What foods contain iron?
    dried fruits, meat, fish, egg yolks
  25. What foods contain vitamin A?
    dark green and deep yellow fruits and vegetables
  26. What foods contain vitamin C?
    cantaloupe, oranges, kiwi, tomatoes
  27. What foods contain vitamin D?
    fortified milk, egg yolks
  28. What foods contain soluble fiber?
    oat products, dry beans
  29. What foods contain potassium?
    bananas, oranges, dry beans, fish
  30. The number of servings needed daily from the Fruit Group.
    2 to 4
  31. The number of ounces of natural cheese equal to one serving.
    1 1/2
  32. The number of servings needed daily from the Bread, Cereal, Rice, and Pasta Group.
    6 to 11
  33. The number of daily servings of dairy products a teenager needs.
  34. The number of servings needed daily from the Vegetable Group.
    3 to 5
  35. The number of bread slices equal to one serving.
  36. The number of servings needed daily from the Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs, and Nuts Group.
    2 to 3
  37. The number of cups of cooked dry beans it takes to equal one cup of meat.
  38. The number of tablespoons of peanut butter it takes to equal one ounce of meat.
  39. Variety and ___ can help you balance your food choices.

    C. moderation
  40. Avocados are an example of a food high in ___ fat.

    C. invisible
  41. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans were developed by...

    B. the American Cancer Society
  42. In general, most ___ need the highest number of servings from each group in the Food Guide Pyramid.

    A. teenage boys
  43. Of the following the best source of accurate information about nutrition is...

    B. your local health department
  44. People who skip meals tend to lose weight later in the day. True or false?
    False (overeat)
  45. A breakfasts of fruit, starch, and protein gives you lasting energy and helps keep you alert throughout the morning. True or false?
  46. The most important meal of the day is dinner. True or false?
    False (breakfast)
  47. What you eat is important to good health; when you eat is just as important. True or false?
    False (less)
  48. One disadvantage of buffet-type restaurants is that they encourage you to overeat. True or false?
  49. The term 'sauteed' on a menu is a clue that the food may be high in sodium. True or false?
    False (fat)
  50. On a restaurant menu, 'entree' means side dish. True or false?
    False (main course)
  51. The prepared salads at salad bars are frequently high in fat. True or false?
  52. Foods that contain the flavor enhancer MSG contain high levels of fat. True or false?
    False (sodium)
  53. Vegetarians who rely heavily on milk, cheese, nuts, and seeds may be eating too much fat. True or false?
  54. It is very important that vegetarians get plenty of vitamin D, which helps the body absorb the iron in foods from plant sources. True or false?
    False (vitamin C)
  55. Dry beans and green leafy begetables help supply vegetarians with calcium. True or false?
  56. Vegetarians may substitute food products made from soybeans for foods from animal sources when preparing meals. True or false?
  57. If you are eating five or more small meals throughout the day, you are...

    A. grazing
  58. The purpose of keeping a food record is to...

    D. identify poor food habits
  59. It's becoming easier to make healthful food choices at fast-food restaurants because many of them...

    A. have added low-fat menu choices
  60. The main benefit of ordering items a la carte is that...

    D. you can avoid high-fat side dishes
  61. An important source of calcium for ovo-vegetarians is...

    B. fortified soy milk
  62. Vegetarians who will eat eggs and dairy products in addition to foods from plant sources are...

    A. lacto-ovo vegetarians
  63. Pure vegetarians, or those who will only eat foods from plant sources, are called...

    B. vegans
  64. Research shows that people whose excess weight is concentrated in the hips have a greater risk of health problems. True or false?
    False (abdomen)
  65. Body shape is detemined by heredity. True or false?
  66. Successful weight management starts with accepting your body shape. True or false?
  67. A woman's waist-to-hip ratio should be no more than 0.90. True or false?
    False (0.80)
  68. About 95 percent of all the people who do lose weight by dieting gain it back again after going off their diet. True or false?
  69. The main purpose of aerobic excercise is to strengthen the muscles and joints. True or false?
    False (heart and lungs)
  70. Sit-ups are an example of a stretching exercise. True or false?
    False (strengthening)
  71. You should exercise at least 3 times a week. True or false?
  72. About 50 percent of an athlete's calories should come from carbohydrates. True or false?
    False (60)
  73. Athletes lose about 1 to 2 quarts of water through perspiration during a strenuous workout. True or false?
    False (3 to 5)
  74. An athlete's pre-event meal should be high in protein. True or false?
    False (complex carbohydrates)
  75. Sugary foods should be eaten no more than one hour before an athletic event. True or false?
  76. The pre-event meal should be eaten one to two hourse before the event. True or false?
    False (three to four)
  77. What is the purpose of a body-fat test?

    A. to check the amount of body fat in relation to muscle
  78. For an adequate supply of energy, what is the very least number of calories that a diet should provide per day?

    A. 800
  79. If you want to improve the chancews of permanent weight loss, what weight loss goal should you set?

    D. 1/2 to 2 pounds a week
  80. According to weight charts used by professionals, which of the following is true?

    B. as people age, a slight increase in weight is acceptable
  81. Once you have fully develoepd your exercise program, how long should each exercise period last?

    B. 30 min
  82. Which of the following is not recommended when trying to gain weight?

    C. eating foods high in sugar and fat
  83. Which of the following is not true of yo-yo dieting.

    B. it causes emotinoal highs and lows
  84. Which of the following is a good finger food for a one to two year old?

    C. cheese
  85. Compared to older children and teens, children under age two need more of which of the following?

    D. fat
  86. How far do most bulimics vary from a healthy weight?

    A. no more than 10 to 15 pounds
  87. Which of the following is not an effect of bulimia?

    B. excessive thirst
  88. Which of the following is not part of the diet requrements for someone with diabetes?

    C. high in potassium
  89. A good way to put out a fire in an electric skillet is to pour ___ on the flames.

    B. baking soda
  90. The refridgerator temperature should be kept at or just below ___ to slow bacterial growth.

    B. 40 degrees F
  91. The temperatures between ___ are called the danger zone because it is in this temperature range that bacteria multiply very rapidly.

    C. 60-125 F
  92. If you cut raw vegetables with the same knife you just used to cut up raw meat and you do not thoroughly wash the knife between uses, you can cause food-borne illness due to...

    D. cross-contamination
  93. All of the following except ___ are examples of food that should be discarded.

    B. cheddar cheese with spots of mold
  94. Wire loops held together by a handle; used for mixing, beating, etc. What is it?
  95. Has a large triangular blade that is wide at the handle and narrow at the tip. What is it?
    Chef's knife
  96. Has a blade that swivels. What is it?
  97. A long solid metal rod with a handle. What is it?
    Sharpening steel
  98. Has a serrated edge. What is it?
    Bread knife
  99. Has a fine wire screen at the bottom and a blade that forces dry ingredients through the screen. What is it?
  100. To measure 3/8 cup of sugar for a recipe, you would measure out...

    A. 1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp
  101. If you were using a recipe from a British cookbook, the measurement for cooking oil would most likely be given in terms of...

    C. milliliters
  102. If you were told to measure 5 grams of an ingredient, you would need a...

    B. scale
  103. If you were to substitute four egg whites for two whole eggs in a cake recipe, the result would be...

    C. less fat in the cake
  104. If you were told to mince an ingredient, you would...

    B. cut it into very small irregular pieces
  105. If you were to dredge a food, you would...

    C. coat it with dry ingredients, such as flour or cornmeal
  106. All of the following are good suggestions for working efficiently in the kitchen except...

    C. get out each ingredient as a recipe calls for it so you don't forget to add an ingredient
  107. Used to microwave meatloaf. What is it?
    Stoneware ring mold
  108. Used to dip hot liquids such as broth from a pan. What is it?
  109. Used for baking cupcakes. What is it?
    Muffin pan
  110. Pieces of food are threaded onto this for cooking. What is it?
  111. Used for melting chocolate or heating milk. What is it?
    Double boiler
  112. Used for sauteing. What is it?
  113. Used for braising. What is it?
    Dutch oven
  114. Specially designed for stir-frying. What is it?
  115. Rectangular pan with four sides about 1 inch deep. What is it?
    Baking sheet
  116. Used to turn meat and poultry when broiling. What is it?
  117. Electric ranges with solid disk elements require special cookware with extra-flat bottoms. True or false?
  118. In microwave ovens, the heat is produced in the food by friction. True or false?
  119. Cooking baked products in light-colored pans gives them a thick brown crust. True or false?
    False (dark-colored)
  120. The process of transferring heat by the movement of air or liquid is called conduction. True or false?
    False (convection)
  121. When heat is transferred to a food through direct contact with a heated surface, such as cooking a pancake on a hot griddle, the food is being cooked by induction. True or false?
    False (conduction)
  122. Long, slow, moist heat cooking can help tenderize meat. True or false?
  123. Baking four potatoes in the microwave takes the same amount of time as baking two potatoes in the microwave. True or false?
    False (longer than)
  124. When cooking foods of uneven thickness in the microwave, the thinnest parts should be turned toward the center of the oven. True or false?
  125. Unless directed otherwise, foods should be stirred or pans should be rotated halfway through cooking time when microwaving. True or false?
  126. In microwave cooking, food should be tested for doneness after standing time. True or false?
  127. The arrangement of the tableware used by one person to eat a meal is called a place setting. True or false?
    False (cover)
  128. The forks go to the right of the plate when setting the table. True or false?
    False (left of the plate)
  129. The beverage glass is placed just above the tip of the dinner knife when the table is being set. True or false?
  130. When setting the table, spoons are placed to the right of the knives. True or false?
  131. When setting the table, place the napkin under the forks. True or false?
    False (to the left of the fork)
  132. The cup and saucer are placed to the right of the spoons. True or false?
  133. When setting the table, put the knives to the left of the forks. True or false?
    False (right of the plate)
  134. If you wish to provide a bread and butter plate with a meal, place it to the right of the dinner knife. True or false?
    False (above the forks)
  135. If a salad is served before the main course, the salad fork should be placed further from the plate than the dinner fork. True or false?
  136. The soup spoon is placed to the left of the teaspoon. True or false?
    False (right)
  137. The main disadvantage in plate service is that the food tends to cool quickly. True or false?
    False (family)
  138. In fine restaurants, pickles should be eaten with your fingers. True or false?
  139. In fine restaurants, fried chicken should be eate with a knife and fork. True or false?
  140. When you are finished eating, place your knife and fork on your plate. True or false?
  141. The average amount for a tip is 10 percent of the total bill. True or false?
    False (15)
  142. Peope who watch television while they eat tend to...

    C. eat more than they would otherwise
  143. In family service, food is generally...

    D. passed to the right
  144. If you have problems getting foods such as peas or corn onto your fork when dining in a restaurant, you should...

    C. use a piece of bread or the tip of a knife to push them onto the fork
  145. Mrs. Jordan stops for coffee in a hotel coffee shop. Her bill is 95 cents. The correct tip would be...

    D. 25 cents
  146. Your bill at John's All-U-Can-Eat Buffet is $10. A standard tip for the people who poured the drinks and cleared the table is...

    C. $1.00
  147. Which of the following suggestions would not help a family plan economical meals around busy schedules?

    D. eat out as much as possible
  148. Which of the following is not an appropriate 'emergency' food to keep on hand for times when your plans change suddenly?

    B. fresh green vegetables
  149. Which of the following is not a valid way to reduce food expenses?

    C. eating beans and grains less often
  150. Which of the following is not a service of the Woman, Infants, and Children Program?

    C. weight-loss advice
  151. Which of the following stores woud be most likely to offer fresh vegetables at a low price?

    D. farmer's market (in season)
  152. What is the most important thing to consider when choosing where to buy food?

    D. cleanliness
  153. Which product is most likely to have a 'sell date'?

    A. milk
  154. Which of the following is not basic information given on a product label?

    B. date of manufacture
  155. For which of the following are the daily values the same for everyone?

    B. cholesterol and sodium
  156. How much of the Daily Value of fiber is provided by a cereal labeled "Good source of fiber"?

    A. 10-19%
  157. If you are trying to decide whether the 18-ounce box or the 32-ounce box is the better buy, what number should you compare?

    B. unit price
  158. Which is the best buy?

    C. twelve bagels for $4.20
  159. Some lettuce and cucumbers can now be grown using hydroponic farming methods. True or false?
  160. Controlled atmosphere storage lets you keep prepared salad in your refridgerator at home for up for four weeks. True or false?
    False (modified atmosphere packaging)
  161. A method of sustainable farming that uses harmless insects to get rid of harmful insects is called integrated pest management. True or false?
  162. The Environmental Protection Agency regluates food packaging. True or false?
    False (Food and Drug Administration)
  163. Contaminants are pollutants, microorganisms, and other harmful substances that accidentally get into food. True or false?
  164. Genetic engineering is another name for irradiation. True or false?
    False (biotechnology)
  165. A chemical residue is a chemical's maximum safe level in the human body. True or false?
    False (tolerance level)
  166. Before they are used, additives must be tested and approved to be sure they will cause no harm. True or false?
  167. Oil is the fuel most commonly used for cooking in developing countries. True or false?
    False (wood)
  168. A food shortage that continues for a long period of time is known as a famine. True or false?
  169. The bridge between food processors and the supermarket is the...

    A. distributor
  170. All of the following are true about irradiation except...

    B. it leaves a slight level of radioactivity
  171. Items on the GRAS list are...

    A. food additives
  172. All of the following are natural disasters except...

    B. oil spill
  173. An important first step in remedying the global food shortage is to...

    A. teach people how to help themselves
  174. The total amount you pay for borrowing is called the...

    C. finance charge
  175. You should make sure products you buy have a ___ so you can return the product to the manufacturer for replacement or repair if it malfunctions.

    D. warranty
  176. A(n) ___ cooktop heats food using electromagnetic energy.

    D. induction
  177. A(n) ___ oven uses extremely high heat to burn food stains off the oven walls.

    C. self-cleaning
  178. If tableware is sold ___, you can buy it piece by piece instead of buying the entire set.

    C. open stock
  179. The ordinary routine that you use to get food, wash and prepare it, and serve it is known as the ___.

    C. work flow
  180. A(n) ___ is a freestanding kitchen cabinet unit that may contain additional counter space, a sink, a cooktop, or additional eating space.

    A. island
  181. Nonfat dry milk is a convenience food that has a longer shelf life than whole fluid milk. True or false?
  182. Gross animal protein is a common analogue for beef and poultry. True or false?
    False (textured vegetable protein)
  183. Although many calories are added to convenience foods during processing, you can never be sure you are getting all the ones you need. True or false?
    False (nutrients)
  184. Any product that introduces time-saving innovation can be considered a convenience food. True or false?
  185. The cost of convenience foods may be considerably higher than that of unprocessed foods. True or false?
  186. One reason for developing manufactured foods is to meet special nutritional needs. True or false?
  187. Once canned foods are opened, any unused portion should be stored at room temperature. True or false?
    False (in a refridgerator)
  188. Raw vegetables can be chopped and frozen for later use, as long as you plan to eat them raw. True or false?
    False (cook them)
  189. For more flexibility, cook and freeze main dishes in family-size portions. True or false?
    False (individual)
  190. Rice, bulgur, millet, and couscous are examples of quick-cooking grains. True or false?
  191. To reconstitute a dried convenience product means to...

    A. add back liquid removed during processing
  192. All of the followign are ways to provide low-cost, nutritious frozen main dishes to your family except...

    A. keep well-supplied with commercial convenience foods
  193. Homemade convenience foods have all of the following advantages except...

    A. more additives
  194. You should stir homemade mixes well before you use them each time because...

    C. some ingredients are heavier than others and tend to fall to the bottom of the mix
  195. Each of the following is an example of a prepared ingredient except...

    A. nonfat dry milk
  196. Carotene gives food a(n)...

    B. orange color
  197. All of the following are usually true of seasonal items in season except...

    D. they are imported
  198. Washing produce before eating does all of the following except...

    A. reduce nutrients
  199. All of the following are ways to minimize vitamin loss while cooking fruits and vegetables except...

    C. cooking slowly
  200. Simmering vegetables involves cooking them...

    B. in a small amount of water in a covered pan
  201. The bran and the germ are both present in brown rice, which is the whole grain form of rice. True or false?
  202. The bran in grains provides B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, zinc, and trace minerals. True or false?
    False (germ)
  203. Bread that has been enriched with iron has had at least 10 percent of the daily value of iron added by the manufacturer. True or false?
  204. Corn endosperm that has been coarsely ground and is used as a breakfast side dish is called grits. True or false?
  205. Pasta should be cooked until it reaches the al dente stage of doneness. True or false?
  206. Rinsing causes enriched grains to lose the iron added by the manufacturer. True or false?
    False (B vitamins)
  207. Pasta, unlike other grains, should be cooked in a large amount of water. True or false?
  208. Plants whose seeds grow in pods are known as grains. True or false?
    False (legumes)
  209. Nuts and seeds are high in protein and B vitamins, but you should use them sparingly because they are high in fat. True or false?
  210. Which of the following is NOT part of a grain or other seed?

    A. lentil
  211. Which of the following is NOT a type of grain?

    A. tahini
  212. Which of the followign should be cooked simply by pouring boiling water over it and letting it stand?

    D. bulgur
  213. Which method is most commonly used to cook dry beans?

    D. simmer
  214. To which group do legumes belong?

    D. meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, and nuts
  215. Milk is a good source of all of the following except...

    D. vitamin C
  216. The recommended number of servings per day from the Milk group is...

    B. two to three
  217. If you drink a 16 oz. glass of low-fat milk for breakfast, you have had...

    D. two servings
  218. Ripened cheeses are usually served...

    D. chilled
  219. Eggs are an excellent source of all of the following nutrients except...

    A. calcium
  220. The recommended limit on the number of whole eggs eaten per week is...

    B. four
  221. The food with the largest amount of saturated fat is...

    A. broiled ground beef
  222. Ground beef cannot have more than...

    C. 30 percent fat
  223. Of the following, the poultry that has no white meat is...

    D. goose
  224. All of the following are light-colored fish except...

    A. swordfish
  225. All of the following are mollusks except...

    C. shrimp
  226. To ensure even cooking when microwaving pork roasts, you should use a(n)...

    B. cooking bag
  227. Of the following, the most tender cut is...

    B. rib roast
  228. The most healthful choice for a sandwich filling would be...

    B. leftover roast turkey breast
  229. Spreading a little butter or margarine on both pieces of bread helps to...

    B. keep the moist ingredients from making the bread soggy
  230. To heat a sandwich in the microwave, you should do all of the following except...

    C. omit cheese
  231. Of the following stir-fry ingredients, the one that should go into the cooking pan first is the...

    A. broccoli
  232. The correct oven temperature for cooking pizza is...

    D. 425 F
  233. All of the following are forms of yeast used in baking except...

    C. quick-mix yeast
  234. If a recipe calls for oil and tells you to mix the liquid and dry ingredients just enough to make a lumpy batter, you know the recipe is using the...

    C. muffin method
  235. A properly mixed muffin has a...

    D. rounded, pebbly top
  236. When using the quick-mix method for yeast bread, the liquid and fat should be heated to...

    C. 120-130 F
  237. The amount of flour needed in bread dough will vary because of differences in...

    D. moisture content and humidity
  238. If a recipe says to cream the butter and sugar, you know you are using the...

    D. standard mixing method
  239. All of the following are foam cakes except...

    C. pound cake
  240. A well-made shortened cake should have...

    B. a slightly rounded top with a tender, shiny crust
  241. The native cultures of the Aztecs, Gauchos, and Mayans greatly influenced the cultures and cooking in Latin American countries. True or false?
    False (Inca)
  242. Another name for corn in Latin America is maize. True or false?
  243. Two staple plant foods important for nutrition in countries throughough Latin America are corn and beans. True or false?
  244. The arid climate of the Caribbean influences the available food choices. True or false?
    False (tropical)
  245. Meats commonly servied in Latin American dishes are chicken, beef, and seafood. True or false?
  246. Unleavened bread is common to many cultures throughout Africa and the Middle East. True or false?
  247. Much of the food prepared in Africa and the Middle East is bland. True or false?
    False (protein)
  248. Lamb is a popular meat choice in the Midde East. True or false?
  249. An Israeli communal organization that raises its own food is called a kibbutz. True or false?
  250. Food of the British Isles tends to be hearty and bland. True or false?
  251. Antipasto means rich pasta dish. True or false?
    False (before the meal)
  252. Corn is the staple grain found in most Asian countries. True or false?
    False (rice)
  253. Foods of Australia and New Zealand are greatly influenced by African cultures. True or false?
    False (European)
  254. The common Indian seasoning similar to American curry is masala. True or false?
  255. Tamari sauce and tofu are made from seaweed. True or false?
    False (soybeans)
  256. Sweet/sour dishes are commonly found in both Chinese and ___ cooking.

    C. German
  257. ____ is a type of French cooking based on a tradition of foods originally prepared for and served to aristocrats.

    B. Haute cuisine
  258. The British meal called ___ sometimes replaces supper.

    A. high tea
  259. In China, the British Isles, Japan, and ____, tea is a commonly served beverage.

    A. Russia
  260. ___ is a frequently used liquied in Thai cooking.

    C. coconut milk
  261. A common New England dish made with milk, butter, onion, and clams. What is it?
  262. A northeastern dish made by baking a mixture of water and ground corn. What is it?
    journey cakes
  263. A mixture of browned flour and fat used for seasoning and thickening in Creole dishes. What is it?
  264. A seafood found in the Pacific Northwest. What is it?
    Dungeness crab
  265. A popular Hawaiian fish dish. What is it?
    Lomi lomi salmon
  266. Native Americans pounded dried meat into a paste, then mixed it with fat to make an easy-to-carry food known as...

    B. pemmican
  267. Of the following, the one that is not a typical Pennsylvania Dutch food is...

    D. fried chicken
  268. Native Americans introduced immigrants to all of the following foods except...

    B. peas
  269. A root that is ground and used to flavor Creole coffee is...

    B. chicory
  270. The primary influences affecting the development of regional food customs in the United States and Canada were...

    C. available foods and settlement patterns
  271. Cooking food in parchment paper is called cooking au jus. True or false?
    False (en papillote)
  272. Soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce are made from fermented soybeans. True or false?
    False (tamari)
  273. The most popular appliance for making coffee in a(n) automatic drip coffeemaker. True or false?
  274. A(n) infuser can be used to steep tea. True or false?
  275. Caffeine is a mild stimulant found in coffee and tea. True or false?
  276. Green tea is known for its deep, hearty flavor. True or false?
    False (black)
  277. If you want to know who is coming to your party, you should write PS and your phone number on the invitations. True or false?
    False (RSVP)
  278. The best way to serve a formal meal for a small group is to use standard French service. True or false?
    False (modified English)
  279. Raw meat or poultry being taken to a cookout should be packed in a separate cooler. True or false?
  280. In packing a cooler, items to be used last should go in second. True or false?
    False (first)
  281. Micro-grilling is a technique that can help prevent unsafe chemicals from being deposited on food cooked outdoors. True or false?
  282. All of the following are true of dried herbs except...

    B. their flavor is less strong than that of fresh herbs
  283. A blend of oil, acid, and seasonings used to tenderize and flavor foods is called a...

    D. marinade
  284. The best way to prepare a cold fruit punch is to...

    D. mix fruit juices ahead of time; add carbonated beverages and fresh fruit just before serving
  285. At a reception, the ____ style of service is usually used.

    D. buffet
  286. The correct way to use a service plate is to...

    B. remove it from the table before the main course is served
  287. When you arrive at a picnic site, the safest place to keep a cooler is...

    B. in a cool, shady spot
  288. If you are nervous before a job interview, you should...

    C. try to relax and be yourself
  289. During a job interview, it is most important to stress your...

    C. strengths and enthusiasm
  290. During an interview, an employer may ask for a written summary of your earliest to most recent work experience, called a...

    B. chronological resume
  291. At the end of a job interview, you should...

    D. thank the interviewer
  292. If you don't get the job you have interviewed for, you should...

    A. politely ask the interviewer why you didn't get the job
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