Bio Chapter 1

  1. 1. Bacteria and the blue-green algae are classified as:
    a. Protistans
    b. Fungi
    c. Prokaryotes
    d. all of these
    c. Prokaryotes
  2. 2. An organism that has an absolute requirement for preformed organic nutrients is best described as:
    a. an autotroph
    b. a heterotroph
    c. prokaryotic
    d. euglenoid
    b. a heterotroph

  3. 3. Many microbiologists do not consider viruses alive because:

    D. they are acellular
  4. 4. A catchword for rectifying environmental pollution with living organisms is:
    a. sewage treatment
    b. global greenhouse
    c. recombinant DNA
    d. bioremediation
    d. bioremediation
  5. 5. Select the term the signifies “disease causing agent”
    a. symbiotic
    b. serendipitous
    c. serology
    d. pathogen
    e. flora
    d. pathogen
  6. 6. Which term is best used to describe the study of the fungi?
    a. ecology
    b. phycology
    c. doxology
    d. taxonomy
    e. mycology
    e. mycology
  7. 7. Which of the following taxa is most broad?
    a. phylum b. family c. order d. class e. genus
    a. phylum
  8. 8. Cells that lack nuclei and internal membrane-bound organelles are:
    a. only found in the kingdom Prokaryota
    b. only found in the kingdom Protista
    c. compose both the fungi and animals
    d. none of these is correct
    a. only found in the kindom Prokaryota
  9. 9. The spherical bacteria are correctly termed:
    a. cocci
    b. spirilla
    c. spirochetes
    d. bacilli
    a. cocci
  10. 10. Agar is added to microbiological media to:
    a. provide a source of nitrogen
    b. as a carbohydrate source

    c. as a solidifying agent
    d. as a source of nutrients
    c. as a solidyifying agent
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