1. Fuel capacity:
    internal total capacity -
    forward fuel cell -
    aft fuel cell -
    internal auxillary fuel cell -
    4 aux tanks + internal -
    • 375 gal, 2512.5 lbs
    • 156 gal, 1038.5 lbs
    • 220 gal, 1474 lbs
    • 100 or 130 gal
    • 1295 gal, 8676.5 lbs
  2. What is the function of the Nitrogen Inerting Unit(NIU)?
    reduces fire hazards associated with the internal fuel cell ulages(air spaces) by filling the ullage with oxygen depleted air that will not support combustion
  3. What is the purpose of fuel cell breakaway valves?
    reduce fire hazards by sealing the cells and lines during a high-impact landing
  4. What, if any, is the indication that the NIU has failed?
    the indicator on the NIU monitor panel is black with 3 white triangles
  5. What is used to move fuel from the auxillary tanks to the internal fuel cells?
    IPAS air
  6. What are the 2 fuel transfer modes?
    automatic and operator selectable
  7. What, if any, is the indication when external fuel transfer is selected and fails?
    the advisory R/L EXT XFER will be displayed
  8. What is the indication when the fuel transfer pump fails?
    the caution FUEL XFER will be displayed
  9. How are the crossfeed modes controlled?
    by either operator via the MPD fuel page
  10. Why must the crossfeed be in the normal mode at all times while in flight unless executing an EP?
    a malfunctioning crossfeed shutoff valve could result in a single engine flame-out
  11. What is the indication that a crossfeed valve did not go to the commanded position?
    the caution XFEED# VALVE displayed on UFD
  12. When is the FWD FUEL LOW caution message displayed?
    when forward fuel quantity drops below 240 lbs
  13. When is the AFT FUEL LOW caution message displayed?
    when aft fuel cell quantity drops below 260 lbs
  14. What is the indication when an auxillary tank is empty?
    the advisory EXT# EMPTY will be displayed. White E on aux tank icon
  15. When the boost pump is on where does it draw fuel from?
    aft internal fuel cell
  16. What is the indication that the boost pump has failed?
    the caution BOOST PUMP on the UFD
  17. What does the boost pump thermal relief valve do?
    relieves pressure buildup caused by heat expansion of the fuel in the fuel lines
  18. What is the fuel source for the APU?
    aft fuel cell
  19. What is the power source for the APU fuel boost pump?
  20. What is the indication that the APU fuel shutoff valve has failed?
    the advisory APU FUEL VLV will be displayed on the UFD
  21. What is the maximum fueling pressure for gravity refueling?
    15 psig
  22. What is the maximum fueling pressure for closed circuit and single point adapter pressure refueling?
    55 psig
  23. What warning is associated with gravity refueling?
    use extreme care when venting the fuel cell to preclude venting fuel out the filler neck
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