NUR 106 Reproductive A&P

  1. Amenorrhea
    Absence of menstruation. Primary amenorrhea is a delay of the first menstruation; Secondary amenorrhea is cessation of menstruation after its initiation.
  2. Cillia
    Hairlike processess on the surface of a cell that beat rhythmically to move the cell or to move fluid of other substances over the cell surface
  3. Climacteric
    Endocrine, body, and psychic changes occuring at the end of a woman's reproductive period. Also informally called menopause, although this term doesn't encompass all changes.
  4. Coitus
    Sexual union between a male and female
  5. Fornix
    An arch or pouchlike structure at the upper end of the vagina. Also called a cul-de-sac.
  6. Gamete
    Reproductive cell; Ovum in females & Spermatozoon in males
  7. Genetic Sex
    Sex as determined at conception by union of two X chromosomes (female) or XY (male)
  8. Gonad
    Reproductive glad that produces gametes and sex hormones. Ovaries in the female & Testes in the male
  9. Gonadotropic Hormone
    Secretions of the Anterior Pituitary gland that stimulates the gonads, specifically FSH and LH. Chorionic Gonadotropin is secreted by the placenta during pregnancy
  10. Graafian Follicle
    A small sac w/n the ovary taht contains the maturing ovum
  11. Menarche
    1st Menstruation; the onset
  12. Menopause
    Permanent cessation of menstuation during the climacteric
  13. Puberty
    Period of sexual maturation accompanied by the development of secondary sex characteristics and the capacity to reproduce.
  14. Rugae
    Ridge or fold in tissue, as on teh male's scrotum or in the females vagina, that allows the area to stretch or shrink.
  15. Secondary Sex Characteristics
    Physical differences between mature males and females hat are not directly r/t reproduction.
  16. Somatic Sex
    Gender assignment as male or female on the basis of form and structure of the external genitalia.
  17. Spermatogenesis
    Formation of male gametes (sperm) in the testes.
  18. Spinnbarkeit
    Clear, slippery, stretchy quality of cervical mucus during ovulation.
  19. What center of the brain stimulates the a. pituitary gland to produce hormones?
  20. Gonadotropin -Releasing Hormone
    • Female: Stimulates release of FSH & LH, initiating puberty and sustaining female reproductive cycles
    • Male: Stimulates release of FSH & LH, initiating puberty
  21. Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
    • Female: Stimulates final maturation of follice. Stimulates growth and maturation of graafian follicles before ovulation
    • Male: Stimulates Leydig cells of testes to secrete testosterone
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