Bible quizzing all who's whole question

  1. About whom did Isaiah speak?
    A. Jesus�(12:41) **
  2. About whom did Moses write?
    A. The�Son�(5:46) *****
  3. About whom did the Jews begin to grumble?
    A. Jesus�(6:41) *****
  4. About whom do these Scriptures testify?
    A. The�Son�(5:39) **
  5. About whom is nothing false?
    A. He who works for the honor of the one who sent�him�(7:18)
  6. About whom was Jesus telling the Jews?
    A. His�Father�(8:27) **
  7. About whom will Jesus tell you plainly?
    A. His�Father�(16:25) ****
  8. Among whom did a rumor spread?
    A. Among the brothers�(21:23)
  9. Among whom did Jesus no longer move publicly?
    A. The�Jews�(11:54) **
  10. Among whom did the Jews begin to argue sharply?
    A. Among themselves�(6:52) ****
  11. Among whom do the Jews' people live scattered?
    A. The�Greeks�(7:35)
  12. Among whom should you stop grumbling?
    A. Among yourselves�(6:43) ****
  13. Among whom was there widespread whispering?
    A. Among the�crowds�(7:12)
  14. Among whom were there some Greeks?
    A. Among those who went up to worship at the�Feast�(12:20) ****
  15. Around whom did the Jews gather?
    A. Around�Jesus�(10:24) ***
  16. Between whom did an argument develop over the matter of ceremonial washing?
    A. Between some of John's disciples and a certain�Jew�(3:25) ***
  17. By whom was Joseph accompanied?
    A. Nicodemus, the man who earlier had visited Jesus at�night�(19:39) ****
  18. By whom was the Son sent?
    A. The�Father�(5:23) ***
  19. By whose standards do the Pharisees judge?
    A. Human standards�(8:15) **
  20. By whose will were children of God not born?
    A. A husband's�(1:13) **
  21. Concerning whom does John testify?
    A. The�Word�(1:15) *****
  22. Even who did not believe in Jesus?
    A. His own�brothers�(7:5) ****
  23. Except whom has no one seen the Father?
    A. Except the one who is from�God�(6:46) ***
  24. For whom did Caiaphas prophesy that Jesus would die?
    A. The Jewish nation and the scattered children of�God�(11:51-52) ****
  25. For whom does Jesus pray also?
    A. For those who will believe in him through the disciples' message�(17:20) *****
  26. For whom does Jesus pray?
    A. Those the Father has given�him�(17:9) ****
  27. For whom does the good shepherd lay down his life?
    A. The�sheep�(10:11) **
  28. For whom does the hired hand care nothing?
    A. The�sheep�(10:13) ***
  29. For whom does the watchman open the gate?
    A. The shepherd�(10:3) ****
  30. For whom is any time right?
    A. Jesus'�brothers�(7:6) **
  31. For whom is Jesus not praying?
    A. The�world�(17:9) **
  32. For whom is Jesus not seeking glory?
    A. Himself�(8:50) ***
  33. For whom is Jesus the gate?
    A. The�sheep�(10:7) **
  34. For whom is Jesus' prayer not alone?
    A. The disciples�(17:20) **
  35. For whom is the Teacher asking?
    A. Mary�(11:28)
  36. For whom is there a judge?
    A. The one who rejects Jesus and does not accept his�words�(12:48) ****
  37. For whose benefit did Jesus say, "Father, I thank you that you have heard me"?
    A. For the benefit of the people standing here�(11:41-42) ****
  38. For whose benefit was this voice not?
    A. Jesus'�(12:30) ****
  39. For whose burial was it intended that Mary save this perfume?
    A. Jesus'�(12:7) **
  40. For whose glory is this sickness?
    A. God's�(11:4) *****
  41. From whom did circumcision actually come?
    A. The patriarchs�(7:22) ***
  42. From whom did circumcision actually not come?
    A. Moses�(7:22)
  43. From whom did Jesus receive this command?
    A. From his�Father�(10:18) **
  44. From whom did they love praise?
    A. Men�(12:43) ****
  45. From whom do you accept praise?
    A. One�another�(5:44) ****
  46. From whom does Jesus' teaching come?
    A. From him who sent�Jesus�(7:16) ****
  47. From whom does the Son not accept praise?
    A. Men�(5:41) ****
  48. From whom is Jesus' prayer that the Father protect the disciples?
    A. From the evil�one�(17:15) ****
  49. From whom is salvation?
    A. The�Jews�(4:22) *****
  50. From whom was John sent?
    A. From�God�(1:6) ***
  51. From whom will the sheep run away?
    A. A stranger�(10:5)
  52. From whose family will the Christ come?
    A. David's�(7:42) **
  53. In whom is the Father living?
    A. Jesus�(14:10) ***
  54. In whom is there no truth?
    A. Your father, the�devil�(8:44) **
  55. In whom is there nothing false?
    A. Nathanael�(1:47) *****
  56. In whom will God glorify the Son?
    A. In himself�(13:32) ****
  57. In whom would the crowd still not believe?
    A. Jesus�(12:37) **
  58. In whose favor does another testify?
    A. The�Son's�(5:32) ***
  59. In whose honor was a dinner given?
    A. Jesus'�(12:2) **
  60. In whose name does Jesus do miracles?
    A. His Father's�name�(10:25) ***
  61. In whose name has the Son come?
    A. The Father's�name�(5:43) ****
  62. In whose name will the Father send the Counselor?
    A. In Jesus'�name�(14:26) ***
  63. In whose presence had Jesus done all these miraculous signs?
    A. The crowds'�(12:37)
  64. In whose words did John reply "I am the voice of one calling in the desert, 'Make straight the way for the Lord.'"?
    A. The words of Isaiah the�prophet�(1:23) **
  65. Into whom did Satan enter?
    A. Judas�(13:27) ***
  66. Into whose home was Jesus' mother taken from that time on?
    A. Into the home of the disciple whom Jesus�loved�(19:27) **
  67. Into whose palace was Jesus led by the Jews?
    A. Into the palace of the Roman governor�(18:28)
  68. Like whom was Philip from the town of Bethsaida?
    A. Andrew and�Peter�(1:44) ***
  69. Of whom are these not the sayings?
    A. A man possessed by a�demon�(10:21) ****
  70. Of whom did the soldiers take charge?
    A. Jesus�(19:16) **
  71. Of whom is Jesus the Holy One?
    A. God�(6:69) ****
  72. Of whom was Annas the father-in-law?
    A. Caiaphas, the high priest that�year�(18:13) *****
  73. Of whom was Simon the son?
    A. John�(1:42) ****
  74. Of whom were children of God born?
    A. God�(1:13) ***
  75. Of whom were the Jews who put their faith in Jesus descendants?
    A. Abraham�(8:33) ****
  76. Of whom were the man's parents afraid?
    A. Of the�Jews�(9:22) ****
  77. Of whose accord did Jesus not speak?
    A. His�own�(12:49) ***
  78. Of whose number was Nicodemus?
    A. The Pharisees�(7:50) ****
  79. On whom are your hopes set?
    A. Moses�(5:45) **
  80. On whom did Jesus breathe?
    A. On the disciples�(20:22) ***
  81. On whom does God's wrath remain?
    A. Whoever rejects�the�Son�(3:36) **
  82. On whom does Jesus pass judgment?
    A. No�one�(8:15) **
  83. On whom does the prince of this world have no hold?
    A. Jesus�(14:30) **
  84. On whom has God the Father placed his seal of approval?
    A. On the Son�of�Man�(6:27) ***
  85. On whom is there a curse?
    A. This�mob�(7:49) ****
  86. On whom shall the angels of God be ascending and descending?
    A. The Son�of�Man�(1:51) ****
  87. On whom will they look?
    A. The one they have pierced�(19:37) ***
  88. Over whom has the Father granted the Son authority?
    A. All�people�(17:2) ***
  89. Than whom is a messenger not greater?
    A. Than the one who sent�him�(13:16) ***
  90. Than whom is no servant greater?
    A. His�master�(13:16) **
  91. Through whom did grace and truth come?
    A. Jesus�Christ�(1:17) **
  92. Through whom might all men believe?
    A. The witness�John�(1:7) **
  93. Through whom was the law given?
    A. Moses�(1:17) ****
  94. Through whom was the world made?
    A. Through the true�light�(1:10) *****
  95. Through whom where all things made?
    A. The�Word�(1:3) **
  96. To whom did Annas send Jesus, still bound?
    A. Caiaphas the high�priest�(18:24)
  97. To whom did Jesus appear a third time?
    A. His disciples�(21:14) **
  98. To whom did Jesus appear again?
    A. To his disciples�(21:1) ****
  99. To whom did Jesus give the piece of bread?
    A. Judas Iscariot, son of�Simon�(13:26) ***
  100. To whom did Jesus say, "Here is your mother"?
    A. The disciple whom he�loved�(19:27) **
  101. To whom did Jesus say, "Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe."?
    A. Thomas�(20:27) ***
  102. To whom did many Jews come to comfort?
    A. Martha and�Mary�(11:19)
  103. To whom did Mary come running?
    A. Simon Peter and the other disciple�(20:2) **
  104. To whom did Pilate say, "I find no basis for a charge against him"?
    A. The�Jews�(18:38) ***
  105. To whom did Simon Peter motion?
    A. To this disciple (the one whom Jesus�loved)�(13:24) ***
  106. To whom did some think Jesus was telling Judas to give something?
    A. The�poor�(13:29) **
  107. To whom did the neighbors and those who had formerly seen the man begging bring the man?
    A. To the Pharisees�(9:13) ****
  108. To whom did the priests and Levites want to take an answer back?
    A. Those who sent�them�(1:22) **
  109. To whom did the sheep not listen?
    A. All who ever came before�Jesus�(10:8)
  110. To whom did the temple guards go back?
    A. The chief priests and Pharisees�(7:45) ****
  111. To whom did the true light give the right to become children of God?
    A. All who received him, to those who believed in his�name�(1:12) ***
  112. To whom do these words belong?
    A. The Father who sent�Jesus�(14:24) *****
  113. To whom does God listen?
    A. The godly man who does his�will�(9:31) **
  114. To whom does God not listen?
    A. Sinners�(9:31) ***
  115. To whom does no one come except through Jesus?
    A. The�Father�(14:6) **
  116. To whom does the bride belong?
    A. The bridegroom�(3:29) **
  117. To whom does the Son give life?
    A. To whom he is pleased to�give�it�(5:21) **
  118. To whom had the Jews who put their faith in Jesus been slaves?
    A. No�one�(8:33) ***
  119. To whom has Jesus not yet returned?
    A. The�Father�(20:17) *****
  120. To whom has Jesus revealed the Father?
    A. To those whom the Father gave him out of the�world�(17:6) ****
  121. To whom has Jesus spoken openly?
    A. The�world�(18:20) **
  122. To whom is Jesus returning?
    A. His Father and Mary's Father, to his God and her�God�(20:17) **
  123. To whom may the Son bring glory?
    A. The�Father�(14:13) ****
  124. To whom might the man who comes after John be revealed?
    A. Israel�(1:31) ****
  125. To whom might the Son give eternal life?
    A. To all those the Father has given�him�(17:2) **
  126. To whom was Jesus first brought?
    A. Annas�(18:13)
  127. To whom was Jesus returning?
    A. To�God�(13:3) **
  128. To whom will Jesus show himself?
    A. To him who loves�him�(14:21) ****
  129. To whose lips was the sponge lifted?
    A. Jesus'�(19:29)
  130. Who abandons the sheep and runs away?
    A. The hired�hand�(10:12) **
  131. Who accepts the one who sent Jesus?
    A. Whoever accepts�Jesus�(13:20)
  132. Who accompanied Joseph of Arimathea?
    A. Nicodemus, the man who earlier had visited Jesus at�night�(19:39) **
  133. Who acts in secret?
    A. No one who wants to become a public�figure�(7:4) ****
  134. Who also asked the man how he had received his sight?
    A. The Pharisees�(9:15) ****
  135. Who also had been in Jerusalem at the Passover Feast?
    A. The Galileans�(4:45) **
  136. Who also had been invited to the wedding?
    A. Jesus and his disciples�(2:2) ***
  137. Who also must testify?
    A. You (the disciples)�(15:27) ****
  138. Who also went inside?
    A. The other disciple, who had reached the tomb�first�(20:8) ****
  139. Who always taught in synagogues or at the temple?
    A. Jesus�(18:20) **
  140. Who are the Jews determined to kill?
    A. Jesus, a man who has told you the truth that he heard from�God�(8:40) **
  141. Who arrested Jesus?
    A. The detachment of soldiers with its commander and the Jewish officials�(18:12) ***
  142. Who arrived and went into the tomb?
    A. Simon�Peter�(20:6) ****
  143. Who asked Mary, "Woman, why are you crying?"
    A. Two�angels�(20:13) ****
  144. Who asked Pilate for the body of Jesus?
    A. Joseph of Arimathea�(19:38) *****
  145. Who asked, "How can a man be born when he is old?"
    A. Nicodemus�(3:4) ****
  146. Who asked, "How can this be?"
    A. Nicodemus�(3:9) *****
  147. Who asked, �Isn't this the same man who used to sit and beg?�
    A. His neighbors and those who had formerly seen him�begging�(9:8) ***
  148. Who asked, �What are we accomplishing?�
    A. The chief priests and Pharisees�(11:47) ****
  149. Who ate manna and died?
    A. Your forefathers�(6:58) **
  150. Who attends the bridegroom?
    A. The�friend�(3:29) *****
  151. Who became believers?
    A. Many more Samaritans�(4:41) **
  152. Who became flesh?
    A. The�Word�(1:14)
  153. Who began to argue sharply among themselves?
    A. The�Jews�(6:52)
  154. Who began to go away, one at a time?
    A. Those who heard Jesus speaking about throwing the first�stone�(8:9)
  155. Who began to grumble about Jesus?
    A. The�Jews�(6:41) ***
  156. Who begged Jesus to come and heal his son?
    A. A certain royal official�(4:47) ***
  157. Who believed in Jesus because of the woman�s testimony?
    A. Many of the Samaritans from that�town�(4:39) ****
  158. Who believed in Jesus?
    A. Many�(10:42) **
  159. Who belongs to the bridegroom?
    A. The�bride�(3:29)
  160. Who belongs to the earth?
    A. The one who is from the�earth�(3:31) ***
  161. Who belongs to the family forever?
    A. A�son�(8:35) **
  162. Who bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger?
    A. Jesus�(8:6) **
  163. Who betrayed Jesus?
    A. Judas�(18:2) **
  164. Who bound Jesus?
    A. The detachment of soldiers with its commander and the Jewish officials�(18:12) ***
  165. Who bowed his head?
    A. Jesus�(19:30) ****
  166. Who brings out the choice wine first?
    A. Everyone�(2:10)
  167. Who brought in a woman caught in adultery?
    A. The teachers of the law and the Pharisees�(8:3) ***
  168. Who brought Peter in to the courtyard?
    A. The other disciple, who was known to the high�priest�(18:16) **
  169. Who burned and gave light?
    A. John was a lamp that burned and gave�light�(5:35) ****
  170. Who called a meeting of the Sanhedrin?
    A. The chief priests and Pharisees�(11:47) ***
  171. Who called out in a loud voice?
    A. Jesus�(11:43) **
  172. Who called the bridegroom aside?
    A. The master of the�banquet�(2:9) **
  173. Who came and broke the legs of the first man who had been crucified with Jesus?
    A. The soldiers�(19:32) **
  174. Who came and took the body away?
    A. Joseph of Arimathea�(19:38)
  175. Who came down from heaven as a dove?
    A. The�Spirit�(1:32) **
  176. Who came from heaven?
    A. The Son�of�Man�(3:13)
  177. Who came home seeing?
    A. The man (once�blind)�(9:7) ***
  178. Who came only as a witness to the light?
    A. John�(1:8) *****
  179. Who came out to the Jews?
    A. Pilate�(18:29) ****
  180. Who came out wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe?
    A. Jesus�(19:5) ***
  181. Who came running to Simon Peter and the other disciple?
    A. Mary Magdalene�(20:2) ***
  182. Who came to draw water?
    A. A Samaritan�woman�(4:7)
  183. Who came to Simon Peter?
    A. Jesus�(13:6) **
  184. Who can be circumcised on the Sabbath?
    A. A�child�(7:23)
  185. Who can do nothing by himself?
    A. The�Son�(5:19) **
  186. Who can snatch Jesus' sheep out of his hand?
    A. No�one�(10:28) *****
  187. Who can testify that John said, �I am not the Christ, but am sent ahead of him�?
    A. John's disciples�(3:28) ***
  188. Who can the world not hate?
    A. Jesus'�brothers�(7:7)
  189. Who cares nothing for the sheep?
    A. A hired�hand�(10:13) ***
  190. Who challenged Jesus, "Here you are, appearing as your own witness; your testimony is not valid"?
    A. The Pharisees�(8:13) *****
  191. Who challenged Peter?
    A. One of the high priest's servants, a relative of the man whose ear Peter had cut�off�(18:26) **
  192. Who chose you?
    A. I (Jesus)�(15:16)
  193. Who claim that the place where we must worship is in Jerusalem?
    A. You�Jews�(4:20) **
  194. Who climbed aboard and dragged the net ashore?
    A. Simon�Peter�(21:11) **
  195. Who climbs in by some other way?
    A. A thief and�robber�(10:1) **
  196. Who clothed Jesus in a purple robe?
    A. The soldiers�(19:2) **
  197. Who come together in synagogues or at the temple?
    A. The�Jews�(18:20)
  198. Who comes after John?
    A. One you do not know, the thongs of whose sandals he is not worthy to untie�(1:26-27) ***
  199. Who comes into the light?
    A. Whoever lives by the�truth�(3:21) **
  200. Who comes only to steal and kill and destroy?
    A. The�thief�(10:10) ****
  201. Who commanded Jesus what to say and how to say it?
    A. The Father who sent�Jesus�(12:49) **
  202. Who commanded us to stone such women?
    A. Moses�(8:5) ***
  203. Who continued to spread the word?
    A. The crowd that was with Jesus when he called Lazarus from the tomb and raised him from the�dead�(12:17) ****
  204. Who could perform the miraculous signs Jesus is doing?
    A. No one if God were not�with�him�(3:2)
  205. Who cries out?
    A. John�(1:15)
  206. Who crossed to the far shore of the Sea of Galilee?
    A. Jesus�(6:1) **
  207. Who crucified Jesus?
    A. The soldiers�(19:16;�18) **
  208. Who departed?
    A. A certain royal official�(4:50) ****
  209. Who did God call "gods"?
    A. Those to whom the word of God�came�(10:35) ***
  210. Who did John himself not know?
    A. The man who comes after�him�(1:31) **
  211. Who did Martha and Mary lose?
    A. Their brother�(11:19) ***
  212. Who did Martha go back and call?
    A. Her sister�Mary�(11:28)
  213. Who did Mary not realize that it was?
    A. Jesus�(20:14) ****
  214. Who did Mary turn around and see?
    A. Jesus�(20:14) **
  215. Who did not dare ask him, "Who are you?
    A. None of the disciples�(21:12) **
  216. Who did not do such things?
    A. Abraham�(8:40) ***
  217. Who did not enter the palace?
    A. The�Jews�(18:28) **
  218. Who did not go into the tomb?
    A. The other disciple�(20:5)
  219. Who did not know him?
    A. John�himself�(1:31)
  220. Who did not receive the true light?
    A. His�own�(1:11) ***
  221. Who did not want the bodies left on the crosses during the Sabbath?
    A. The�Jews�(19:31) *****
  222. Who did Simon Peter's sword strike?
    A. The high priest's servant (Malchus)�(18:10)
  223. Who did the chief priests plan to kill as well?
    A. Lazarus�(12:10) ****
  224. Who did the disciples know it was?
    A. The�Lord�(21:12)
  225. Who did the Jews ask to have the legs broken?
    A. Pilate�(19:31)
  226. Who did the Jews of Jerusalem send?
    A. Priests and�Levites�(1:19)
  227. Who did the teachers of the law and the Pharisees bring in?
    A. A woman caught in�adultery�(8:3) **
  228. Who distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted?
    A. Jesus�(6:11) **
  229. Who do not accept our testimony?
    A. You�people�(3:11) ****
  230. Who do not associate with Samaritans?
    A. Jews�(4:9) ****
  231. Who do the Jews claim as their God?
    A. Jesus'�Father�(8:54) ***
  232. Who do we know that spoke to Moses?
    A. God�(9:29) **
  233. Who do you know from now on?
    A. The�Father�(14:7) **
  234. Who does he who hates Jesus hate?
    A. His Father as�well�(15:23) ****
  235. Who does not come out of Galilee?
    A. A�prophet�(7:52) *****
  236. Who does not honor the Father?
    A. He who does not honor�the�Son�(5:23) *****
  237. Who does not know his master�s business?
    A. A servant�(15:15) **
  238. Who does not know where he is going?
    A. The man who walks in the�dark�(12:35) **
  239. Who does so to gain honor for himself?
    A. He who speaks on�his�own�(7:18)
  240. Who does the Father seek?
    A. True worshipers who worship the Father in spirit and�truth�(4:23)
  241. Who does the Son seek to please?
    A. Him who sent�the�Son�(5:30)
  242. Who does the world hate?
    A. Jesus�(7:7) **
  243. Who dragged the net ashore?
    A. Simon�Peter�(21:11) ****
  244. Who drank from the well?
    A. Our father Jacob, as did also his�sons�(4:12)
  245. Who draws his wages?
    A. The�reaper�(4:36)
  246. Who drove all from the temple area?
    A. Jesus�(2:15)
  247. Who earlier had visited Jesus at night?
    A. Nicodemus�(19:39)
  248. Who enters by the gate?
    A. The shepherd of his�sheep�(10:2) ***
  249. Who escaped their grasp?
    A. Jesus�(10:39) ****
  250. Who feared the Jews?
    A. Joseph of Arimathea�(19:38)
  251. Who fell at Jesus' feet?
    A. Mary�(11:32) ***
  252. Who fell to the ground?
    A. A detachment of soldiers and some officials from the chief priests and Pharisees�(18:6) **
  253. Who followed in the boat?
    A. The other disciples�(21:8) **
  254. Who forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world?
    A. A woman giving birth to a�child�(16:21) ***
  255. Who found a young donkey?
    A. Jesus�(12:14) ****
  256. Who found Nathaniel?
    A. Philip�(1:45) **
  257. Who found out that Jesus was there?
    A. A large crowd�of�Jews�(12:9) ***
  258. Who found that Lazarus had already been in the tomb for four days?
    A. Jesus�(11:17) ****
  259. Who gave his one and only Son?
    A. God�(3:16) **
  260. Who gave Pilate no answer?
    A. Jesus�(19:9) ***
  261. Who gave up his spirit?
    A. Jesus�(19:30) **
  262. Who gave us the well?
    A. Our father�Jacob�(4:12) *****
  263. Who gave you circumcision?
    A. Moses�(7:22) ****
  264. Who gives birth to a child?
    A. A�woman�(16:21)
  265. Who gives light to every man?
    A. The true�light�(1:9) *****
  266. Who gives the Spirit without limit?
    A. God�(3:34) ****
  267. Who gives you the true bread from heaven?
    A. It is Jesus' Father who gives you the true bread from�heaven�(6:32) ***
  268. Who glorifies Jesus?
    A. His�Father�(8:54) ***
  269. Who goes down ahead of the invalid into the pool?
    A. Someone�else�(5:7)
  270. Who goes out from the Father?
    A. The Counselor, the Spirit of�truth�(15:26) **
  271. Who got into the boats?
    A. The�crowd�(6:24) **
  272. Who got up quickly and went to Jesus?
    A. Mary�(11:29) **
  273. Who had a notice prepared and fastened to the cross?
    A. Pilate�(19:19) *****
  274. Who had a sword?
    A. Simon�Peter�(18:10) **
  275. Who had advised the Jews that it would be good if one man died for the people?
    A. Caiaphas�(18:14) ***
  276. Who had already been in the tomb for four days?
    A. Lazarus�(11:17) **
  277. Who had arrived in Galilee from Judea?
    A. Jesus�(4:47) **
  278. Who had been an invalid?
    A. One who was there at the pool for thirty-eight�years�(5:5) **
  279. Who had been baptizing in the early days?
    A. John�(10:40) ***
  280. Who had charge of the money?
    A. Judas�(13:29) ***
  281. Who had come to Martha and Mary?
    A. Many�Jews�(11:19)
  282. Who had decided that anyone who acknowledged that Jesus was the Christ would be put out of the synagogue?
    A. The�Jews�(9:22)
  283. Who had drawn the water?
    A. The�servants�(2:9) **
  284. Who had enough to eat?
    A. All those who were�seated�(6:12) ****
  285. Who had five small barley loaves and two small fish?
    A. A�boy�(6:9) **
  286. Who had given orders that if anyone found out where Jesus was, he should report it?
    A. The chief priests and Pharisees�(11:57) *****
  287. Who had given thanks?
    A. The�Lord�(6:23) ***
  288. Who had given the plot of ground to his son Joseph?
    A. Jacob�(4:5) ****
  289. Who had gone away alone?
    A. Jesus' disciples�(6:22) **
  290. Who had gone into town to buy food?
    A. Jesus' disciples�(4:8) ****
  291. Who had Jesus not yet joined?
    A. The disciples�(6:17) ****
  292. Who had leaned back against Jesus at the supper?
    A. The disciple whom Jesus�loved�(21:20) **
  293. Who had left for the feast?
    A. Jesus' brothers�(7:10) ****
  294. Who had no husband?
    A. The Samaritan�woman�(4:17)
  295. Who had no idea who it was?
    A. The man who was�healed�(5:13) **
  296. Who had not yet joined the disciples?
    A. Jesus�(6:17)
  297. Who had pointed out that a prophet has no honor in his own country?
    A. Jesus�himself�(4:44) **
  298. Who had put all things under Jesus' power?
    A. The�Father�(13:3) ****
  299. Who had reached the tomb first?
    A. The other disciple�(20:8) **
  300. Who had slipped away into the crowd?
    A. Jesus�(5:13) **
  301. Who had taken part in a rebellion?
    A. Barabbas�(18:40) *****
  302. Who had taken the bread?
    A. Judas�(13:30) ****
  303. Who had to go through Samaria?
    A. The�Lord�(4:4) ***
  304. Who had to keep coming to the well to draw water?
    A. The Samaritan�woman�(4:15) **
  305. Who had to wait outside at the door?
    A. Peter�(18:16) ***
  306. Who harvests the crop for eternal life?
    A. The�reaper�(4:36) **
  307. Who has a testimony weightier than that of John?
    A. The�Son�(5:36)
  308. Who has been lost?
    A. None but the one doomed to destruction�(17:12) **
  309. Who has brought the Father glory on earth?
    A. The�Son�(17:4) **
  310. Who has certified that God is truthful?
    A. The man who has accepted his testimony�(3:33) **
  311. Who has crossed over from death to life?
    A. Whoever hears Jesus' word and believes him who sent�Jesus�(5:24) ***
  312. Who has entrusted all judgment to the Son?
    A. The�Father�(5:22)
  313. Who has ever gone into heaven?
    A. No one, except the one who came from heaven--the Son�of�Man�(3:13) **
  314. Who has ever heard of opening the eyes of a man born blind?
    A. Nobody�(9:32) *****
  315. Who has ever seen God?
    A. No�one�(1:18) ***
  316. Who has everlasting life?
    A. He who believes�(6:47) **
  317. Who has fallen asleep?
    A. Our friend Lazarus�(11:11) *****
  318. Who has given the sheep to Jesus?
    A. Jesus'�Father�(10:29) ****
  319. Who has given the Son authority to judge?
    A. The�Father�(5:27) ***
  320. Who has given you the law?
    A. Moses�(7:19) **
  321. Who has gone after him?
    A. The whole�world�(12:19) **
  322. Who has granted the Son to have life in himself?
    A. The�Father�(5:26) **
  323. Who has know from the beginning which of them did not believe and who would betray him?
    A. Jesus�(6:64) **
  324. Who has lifted up his heel against me?
    A. He who shares my�bread�(13:18)
  325. Who has loved Jesus?
    A. The�Father�(15:9) **
  326. Who has made him known?
    A. God the One and Only, who is at the Father�s�side�(1:18)
  327. Who has no hold on Jesus?
    A. The prince of this�world�(14:30) ****
  328. Who has no honor in his own country?
    A. A�prophet�(4:44) **
  329. Who has no permanent place in the family?
    A. A�slave�(8:35) **
  330. Who has no right to execute anyone?
    A. The�Jews�(18:31) ****
  331. Who has obeyed the Father's word?
    A. Those the Father gave Jesus out of the�world�(17:6) ****
  332. Who has overcome the world?
    A. Jesus�(16:33) **
  333. Who has pain?
    A. A woman giving birth to a�child�(16:21) **
  334. Who has placed everything in his hands?
    A. The�Father�(3:35) ****
  335. Who has testified to the truth?
    A. John�(5:33) ****
  336. Who hates Jesus' Father as well?
    A. He who hates�Jesus�(15:23) ****
  337. Who hates the light?
    A. Everyone who does�evil�(3:20) **
  338. Who have done the hard work?
    A. Others�(4:38) ***
  339. Who have no excuse for their sin?
    A. Those who persecuted Jesus and will persecute you�(15:20;�22) **
  340. Who have you seen from now on?
    A. The�Father�(14:7) ****
  341. Who heard that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem?
    A. The great crowd that had come for the�Feast�(12:12) **
  342. Who heard that the Pharisees had thrown the man born blind out?
    A. Jesus�(9:35) ****
  343. Who heard the crowd whispering such things?
    A. The Pharisees�(7:32) **
  344. Who hears the bridegroom's voice?
    A. The friend who attends�him�(3:29) **
  345. Who hears the bridegroom�s voice?
    A. The friend who attends the bridegroom�(3:29) **
  346. Who hears what God says?
    A. He who belongs�to�God�(8:47) ****
  347. Who hid himself from the crowd?
    A. Jesus�(12:36) *****
  348. Who himself drank from the well?
    A. Our father�Jacob�(4:12) **
  349. Who himself has testified concerning the Son?
    A. The�Father�(5:37) **
  350. Who in fact baptized?
    A. Jesus' disciples�(4:2) **
  351. Who in turn told Jesus?
    A. Andrew and�Philip�(12:22) **
  352. Who insisted, "I am the man."
    A. The man born�blind�(9:9) *****
  353. Who is a devil?
    A. One of you (the�Twelve)�(6:70) ***
  354. Who is a liar?
    A. Your father, the�devil�(8:44)
  355. Who is a man of truth?
    A. He who works for the honor of the one who sent�him�(7:18) ***
  356. Who is a slave to sin?
    A. Everyone who�sins�(8:34) ***
  357. Who is a thief and a robber?
    A. The man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other�way�(10:1) ****
  358. Who is above all?
    A. The one who comes from above and the one who comes from�heaven�(3:31) ****
  359. Who is asking for Mary?
    A. The Teacher�(11:28) ****
  360. Who is at the Father�s side?
    A. God the One and�Only�(1:18) ****
  361. Who is called Christ?
    A. Messiah�(4:25) **
  362. Who is dead?
    A. Lazarus�(11:14) ****
  363. Who is doing his work?
    A. It is the Father, living in Jesus, who is doing his�work�(14:10) ***
  364. Who is full of joy when he hears the bridegroom�s voice?
    A. The friend who attends the bridegroom�(3:29)
  365. Who is glorified in the Son of Man?
    A. God�(13:31) ***
  366. Who is going to Jesus?
    A. Everyone�(3:26) ****
  367. Who is greater than all?
    A. Jesus' Father, who has given the sheep�to�him�(10:29) ***
  368. Who is greater than Jesus?
    A. The�Father�(14:28) *****
  369. Who is guilty of a greater sin?
    A. The one who handed Jesus over to�Pilate�(19:11) ***
  370. Who is it not who has given you the bread from heaven?
    A. Moses�(6:32) ****
  371. Who is Jesus' other witness?
    A. The Father, who sent�him�(8:18) **
  372. Who is like a branch that is thrown away and withers?
    A. Anyone who does not remain in�Jesus�(15:6) *****
  373. Who is Moses?
    A. Your�accuser�(5:45)
  374. Who is not condemned?
    A. Whoever believes in him (God's one and only�Son)�(3:18) **
  375. Who is not greater than his master?
    A. No servant�(13:16)
  376. Who is not greater than the one who sent him?
    A. A messenger�(13:16) ***
  377. Who is not here on his own?
    A. Jesus�(7:28) ****
  378. Who is not the Samaritan woman's husband?
    A. The man she�now�has�(4:18)
  379. Who is not the shepherd who owns the sheep?
    A. The hired�hand�(10:12) **
  380. Who is of age?
    A. The man born�blind�(9:21) **
  381. Who is our father?
    A. Abraham�(8:39)
  382. Who is reliable?
    A. He who sent�Jesus�(8:26) *****
  383. Who is spirit?
    A. God�(4:24) ***
  384. Who is the bread of God?
    A. He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the�world�(6:33) ***
  385. Who is the bread of life?
    A. Jesus�(6:35)
  386. Who is the father of lies?
    A. Your father, the�devil�(8:44) ***
  387. Who is the Father's very own?
    A. The one whom he set�apart�(10:36)
  388. Who is the gardener?
    A. Jesus'�Father�(15:1) ****
  389. Who is the gate for the sheep?
    A. Jesus�(10:7) *****
  390. Who is the good shepherd?
    A. Jesus�(10:11) ***
  391. Who is the hired hand not?
    A. The shepherd who owns the�sheep�(10:12)
  392. Who is the one who seeks glory?
    A. The�judge�(8:50) ****
  393. Who is the shepherd of his sheep?
    A. The man who enters by the�gate�(10:2) *****
  394. Who is the Son of Man?
    A. The Son of�God�(5:25-27) **
  395. Who is the son of Simon Iscariot?
    A. Judas�(6:71) **
  396. Who is the Spirit of truth?
    A. Another Counselor who will be with us forever�(14:16-17) **
  397. Who is the true vine?
    A. Jesus�(15:1) *****
  398. Who is the way and the truth and the life?
    A. Jesus�(14:6) *****
  399. Who is this surely?
    A. The Prophet who is to come into the�world�(6:14) **
  400. Who is truthful?
    A. God�(3:33) *****
  401. Who is working?
    A. Jesus�(5:17) **
  402. Who is your accuser?
    A. Moses�(5:45) ****
  403. Who judges no one?
    A. The�Father�(5:22)
  404. Who jumped into the water?
    A. Simon�Peter�(21:7) ***
  405. Who keeps the law?
    A. Not one�of�you�(7:19) ****
  406. Who knew all men?
    A. Jesus�(2:24) **
  407. Who knew what was in a man?
    A. Jesus�(2:25) ****
  408. Who knew where the wine had come from?
    A. The�servants�(2:9) ***
  409. Who know what Jesus said?
    A. Those who heard�him�(18:21) **
  410. Who knows his sheep?
    A. The good shepherd�(10:14) ***
  411. Who knows Jesus?
    A. The�Father�(10:15) ****
  412. Who knows Lazarus will rise again in the resurrection at the last day?
    A. Martha�(11:24) ***
  413. Who knows that he tells the truth?
    A. The man who saw the flow of blood and�water�(19:35) **
  414. Who lay sick at Capernaum?
    A. The son of a certain royal official�(4:46) **
  415. Who lays down his life for the sheep?
    A. The good shepherd�(10:11) **
  416. Who leaned back against Jesus?
    A. The disciple whom Jesus�loved�(13:25) ****
  417. Who learned that the man had been in this condition for a long time?
    A. Jesus�(5:6) ****
  418. Who led Jesus from Caiaphas to the palace of the Roman governor?
    A. The�Jews�(18:28) ***
  419. Who lifted up the snake in the desert?
    A. Moses�(3:14) ***
  420. Who live scattered among the Greeks?
    A. The Jews'�people�(7:35) ***
  421. Who loved darkness instead of light?
    A. Men�(3:19)
  422. Who loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus?
    A. Jesus�(11:5) *****
  423. Who loved praise from men more than praise from God?
    A. Many even among the leaders�(12:43) ***
  424. Who loved the world?
    A. God�(3:16) **
  425. Who loves the Son?
    A. The�Father�(3:35) **
  426. Who loves the Son?
    A. The�Father�(5:20)
  427. Who made a whip out of cords?
    A. Jesus�(2:15) ***
  428. Who made himself equal with God?
    A. Jesus�(5:18)
  429. Who made his dwelling among us?
    A. The�Word�(1:14) **
  430. Who made plans to kill Lazarus as well?
    A. The chief priests�(12:10) ****
  431. Who may be glad together?
    A. The sower and the�reaper�(4:36) **
  432. Who may be glorified through this sickness?
    A. God�s�Son�(11:4) ****
  433. Who may be truly sanctified?
    A. The disciples�(17:19) ***
  434. Who may glorify the Father?
    A. The�Son�(17:1) ***
  435. Who may have eternal life?
    A. Everyone who believes�in�him�(3:15) *****
  436. Who may honor the Son?
    A. All�(5:23)
  437. Who met the royal official with the news that his boy was living?
    A. His servants�(4:51) **
  438. Who might believe?
    A. All�men�(1:7) ***
  439. Who motioned to the disciple whom Jesus loved?
    A. Simon�Peter�(13:24) *****
  440. Who must be lifted up?
    A. The Son�of�Man�(3:14) ***
  441. Who must become greater?
    A. Jesus�(3:30) *****
  442. Who must become less?
    A. John�(3:30) ***
  443. Who must Jesus bring?
    A. Other sheep that are not of this sheep�pen�(10:16) ****
  444. Who must learn that Jesus does exactly what his Father has command him?
    A. The�world�(14:31) **
  445. Who must learn that Jesus loves the Father?
    A. The�world�(14:31) **
  446. Who must Peter follow?
    A. Jesus�(21:22) ***
  447. Who must worship in spirit and in truth?
    A. His worshipers�(4:24) *****
  448. Who needs only to wash his feet?
    A. A person who has had�a�bath�(13:10) ****
  449. Who never performed a miraculous sign
    A. John�(10:41) ***
  450. Who noticed how quickly Mary got up and went out?
    A. The Jews who had been with Mary in the house comforting�her�(11:31) **
  451. Who now stands condemned?
    A. The prince of this�world�(16:11) **
  452. Who only has seen the Father?
    A. Only the one who is from�God�(6:46) ***
  453. Who opens the gate for the shepherd?
    A. The watchman�(10:3) **
  454. Who opposes Caesar?
    A. Anyone who claims to be�a�king�(19:12) **
  455. Who outran Peter?
    A. The other disciple�(20:4)
  456. Who persecuted Jesus?
    A. The�Jews�(5:16) ***
  457. Who pierced Jesus' side?
    A. One of the soldiers�(19:34)
  458. Who plotted to take Jesus' life?
    A. The Sanhedrin�(11:53) ***
  459. Who poured an expensive perfume on Jesus' feet and wiped his feet with her hair?
    A. Mary�(12:3) ***
  460. Who poured perfume on the Lord?
    A. This Mary (from the village of Bethany)�(11:2) **
  461. Who prompted Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus?
    A. The�devil�(13:2) **
  462. Who protested to Pilate?
    A. The chief priests of the�Jews�(19:21) **
  463. Who prunes every branch that bears fruit?
    A. The gardener (Jesus'�Father)�(15:2) **
  464. Who questioned Jesus?
    A. The high�priest�(18:19) ****
  465. Who questioned John?
    A. Some Pharisees who had been�sent�(1:24-25) ***
  466. Who raises the dead and gives them life?
    A. The�Father�(5:21) **
  467. Who reached the tomb first?
    A. The other disciple�(20:4) ***
  468. Who realized that only one boat had been there?
    A. The crowd that had stayed on the opposite shore of the�lake�(6:22) ****
  469. Who realized that this was the exact time at which Jesus had said to him, �Your son will live.�?
    A. The�father�(4:53) ****
  470. Who really is the Savior of the world?
    A. This man�(Jesus)�(4:42) ***
  471. Who recalled what Jesus had said?
    A. His disciples�(2:22) ***
  472. Who rejoiced at the thought of seeing Jesus' day?
    A. Your father�Abraham�(8:56) ***
  473. Who rejoices?
    A. The�world�(16:20) ***
  474. Who remains in his Father's love?
    A. Jesus�(15:10) ***
  475. Who remembered that it is written, "Zeal for your house will consume me?"
    A. Jesus' disciples�(2:17)
  476. Who revealed his glory?
    A. Jesus�(2:11) ****
  477. Who said it and to whom? �Sir, I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred. �
    A. The invalid said it�to�Jesus�(5:7) **
  478. Who said it had thundered?
    A. The crowd that was there and heard it (the voice from heaven)�(12:29) ***
  479. Who said nothing in secret?
    A. Jesus�(18:20) *****
  480. Who said to Peter, "It is the Lord!"?
    A. The disciple whom Jesus�loved�(21:7) **
  481. Who said, "My Lord and my God!"?
    A. Thomas�(20:28) ****
  482. Who said, "See, this is getting us nowhere"?
    A. The Pharisees�(12:19) ***
  483. Who said, �Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.�
    A. Martha�(11:21) ***
  484. Who sat down by the well?
    A. Jesus�(4:6) ****
  485. Who sat down on the judge's seat?
    A. Pilate�(19:13) ****
  486. Who sat upon a young donkey?
    A. Jesus�(12:14) ***
  487. Who saw and believed?
    A. The other disciple, who had reached the tomb�first�(20:8) ***
  488. Who saw Jesus' day and was glad?
    A. Your father�Abraham�(8:56) ****
  489. Who saw Jesus� glory and spoke about him?
    A. Isaiah�(12:41) *****
  490. Who saw Mary weeping?
    A. Jesus�(11:33) **
  491. Who saw two angels in white, seated where Jesus' body had been?
    A. Mary�(20:12) **
  492. Who says elsewhere?
    A. Isaiah�(12:39) **
  493. Who sees by this world�s light?
    A. A man who walks�by�day�(11:9) **
  494. Who seized Jesus?
    A. No�one�(8:20) ****
  495. Who sent Jesus still bound to Caiaphas the high priest?
    A. Annas�(18:24) **
  496. Who sent priests and Levites to ask him who he was?
    A. The Jews of Jerusalem�(1:19)
  497. Who sent temple guards to arrest Jesus?
    A. The chief priests and the Pharisees�(7:32) *****
  498. Who sent the Son?
    A. The�Father�(5:23) ***
  499. Who served at the dinner given in Jesus' honor?
    A. Martha�(12:2) ****
  500. Who set apart one as his very own?
    A. The�Father�(10:36) ****
  501. Who sets you free?
    A. The�Son�(8:36) **
  502. Who shall Jesus raise up at the last day?
    A. All that the one who sent him has given�him�(6:39) **
  503. Who shall never perish?
    A. Jesus'�sheep�(10:28) ***
  504. Who shall not perish but have eternal life?
    A. Whoever believes in God's one and only�Son�(3:16) **
  505. Who should be the first to throw a stone at the woman?
    A. Any one of you who is without�sin�(8:7) ****
  506. Who should Mary go to instead?
    A. Jesus' brothers�(20:17) **
  507. Who should stay in darkness?
    A. No one who believes in�Jesus�(12:46)
  508. Who shouted "Crucify! Crucify!"?
    A. The chief priests and their officials�(19:6) ****
  509. Who shows the Son all he does?
    A. The�Father�(5:20) ****
  510. Who speaks as one from the earth?
    A. The one who is from the�earth�(3:31) **
  511. Who speaks the words of God?
    A. The one whom God has�sent�(3:34) ***
  512. Who speaks to gain honor for himself?
    A. He who speaks on�his�own�(7:18) ****
  513. Who spoke to Moses?
    A. God�(9:29) ****
  514. Who spoke to the girl on duty there?
    A. The other disciple�(18:16)
  515. Who spoke up and said, �You know nothing at all.�
    A. Caiaphas�(11:49) **
  516. Who stands condemned already?
    A. Whoever does not�believe�(3:18) ****
  517. Who stared at one another?
    A. Jesus' disciples�(13:22) ****
  518. Who started for the tomb?
    A. Peter and the other disciple�(20:3) ****
  519. Who stayed at home?
    A. Mary�(11:20) ****
  520. Who stayed in Capernaum a few days?
    A. Jesus, his mother and brothers, and his disciples�(2:12) **
  521. Who stayed in Galilee?
    A. Jesus�(7:9) **
  522. Who stood around a fire?
    A. The servants and officials�(18:18)
  523. Who stood near the cross of Jesus?
    A. His mother, his mother's sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene�(19:25) ****
  524. Who stood on the shore?
    A. Jesus�(21:4) ***
  525. Who stood outside the tomb crying?
    A. Mary�(20:11) **
  526. Who stood warming himself?
    A. Simon�Peter�(18:25) ***
  527. Who stooped down and wrote on the ground?
    A. Jesus�(8:8) ***
  528. Who struck the high priest�s servant?
    A. Simon�Peter�(18:10) ****
  529. Who summoned Jesus?
    A. Pilate�(18:33) ****
  530. Who summoned the man who had been born blind a second time?
    A. The Pharisees�(9:24) ****
  531. Who takes away the sin of the world?
    A. The Lamb�of�God�(1:29) **
  532. Who tasted the water that had been turned into wine?
    A. The master of the�banquet�(2:9) **
  533. Who tells the truth?
    A. The man who saw the flow of blood and�water�(19:35)
  534. Who testifies concerning the Word?
    A. John�(1:15) ***
  535. Who testifies in the Son's favor?
    A. Another, whose testimony is�valid�(5:32) ****
  536. Who testifies to what he has seen and heard?
    A. The one who comes from heaven�(3:31-32) ****
  537. Who thought Jesus meant natural sleep?
    A. His disciples�(11:13) ***
  538. Who told Thomas, "We have seen the Lord!"?
    A. The other disciples�(20:25) **
  539. Who too will listen to the good shepherd's voice?
    A. Other sheep that are not of this sheep�pen�(10:16) **
  540. Who took charge of Jesus?
    A. The soldiers�(19:16) ****
  541. Who took Jesus and had him flogged?
    A. Pilate�(19:1) *****
  542. Who took Jesus at his word?
    A. A certain royal official�(4:50) **
  543. Who took palm branches and went out to meet him?
    A. The great crowd that had come for the Feast�(12:12-13)
  544. Who took the loaves?
    A. Jesus�(6:11) **
  545. Who tried all the harder to kill Jesus?
    A. The�Jews�(5:18) *****
  546. Who tried to set Jesus free?
    A. Pilate�(19:12) **
  547. Who turned back and no longer followed him?
    A. Many of Jesus' disciples�(6:66) **
  548. Who twisted together a crown of thorns?
    A. The soldiers�(19:2) ****
  549. Who understood why Jesus said this to Judas?
    A. No one at the�meal�(13:28) *****
  550. Who urged him �Rabbi, eat something?�
    A. His disciples�(4:31) **
  551. Who urged Jesus to stay with them?
    A. The Samaritans�(4:40) **
  552. Who used this figure of speech?
    A. Jesus�(10:6) ****
  553. Who used to lie at the pool?
    A. A great number of disabled people�the blind, the lame, the paralyzed�(5:3) **
  554. Who used to lie?
    A. A great number of disabled people--the blind, the lame, the paralyzed�(5:3) **
  555. Who waits and listens for the bridegroom?
    A. The friend who attends the bridegroom�(3:29) **
  556. Who was a lamp that burned and gave light?
    A. John�(5:35) **
  557. Who was a man of the Pharisees?
    A. Nicodemus�(3:1) ***
  558. Who was a member of the Jewish ruling council?
    A. Nicodemus�(3:1) **
  559. Who was a murderer from the beginning?
    A. Your father, the�devil�(8:44) **
  560. Who was a relative of the man whose ear Peter had cut off?
    A. One of the high priest's servants�(18:26) *****
  561. Who was accompanied by Nicodemus?
    A. Joseph of Arimathea�(19:39) ***
  562. Who was already dead?
    A. Jesus�(19:33)
  563. Who was also warming himself?
    A. Peter�(18:18) ***
  564. Who was among those reclining at the table with Jesus?
    A. Lazarus�(12:2) ***
  565. Who was behind the other disciple?
    A. Simon�Peter�(20:6) **
  566. Who was called aside by the master of the banquet?
    A. The bridegroom�(2:9)
  567. Who was called Didymus?
    A. Thomas�(11:16)
  568. Who was called Didymus?
    A. Thomas�(20:24) **
  569. Who was caught in the act of adultery?
    A. This�woman�(8:4) ****
  570. Who was close to death?
    A. The son of a certain royal official�(4:47) ****
  571. Who was coming into the world?
    A. The true light that gives light to every�man�(1:9) **
  572. Who was deeply moved in spirit and troubled?
    A. Jesus�(11:33) ***
  573. Who was doing these things on the Sabbath?
    A. Jesus�(5:16) ***
  574. Who was even more afraid?
    A. Pilate�(19:8) **
  575. Who was flogged?
    A. Jesus�(19:1) ***
  576. Who was following Peter and Jesus?
    A. The disciple whom Jesus�loved�(21:20) **
  577. Who was from Cana in Galilee?
    A. Nathanael�(21:2) *****
  578. Who was gaining and baptizing more disciples than John?
    A. Jesus�(4:1) ***
  579. Who was high priest that year?
    A. Caiaphas�(11:49) **
  580. Who was high priest that year?
    A. Caiaphas�(18:13) **
  581. Who was hurt?
    A. Peter�(21:17) **
  582. Who was in the beginning?
    A. The�Word�(1:1) *****
  583. Who was in the middle, between two others?
    A. Jesus�(19:18) **
  584. Who was Jesus gaining and baptizing?
    A. More disciples than�John�(4:1) ****
  585. Who was keeper of the money bag?
    A. Judas Iscariot�(12:6) **
  586. Who was later to betray Jesus?
    A. Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot�(6:71) ***
  587. Who was later to betray Jesus?
    A. One of his disciples, Judas Iscariot�(12:4) **
  588. Who was left?
    A. Only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing�there�(8:9)
  589. Who was living?
    A. The royal official's�boy�(4:51) ****
  590. Who was Malchus?
    A. The high priest's servant�(18:10) ***
  591. Who was named Nicodemus?
    A. A man of the Pharisees, a member of the Jewish ruling�council�(3:1)
  592. Who was not with the disciples when Jesus came?
    A. Thomas (called Didymus), one of the�Twelve�(20:24) *****
  593. Who was of Arimathea?
    A. Joseph�(19:38) **
  594. Who was on duty in the courtyard?
    A. A�girl�(18:16) **
  595. Who was one of the two who heard what John had said and followed Jesus?
    A. Andrew, Simon Peter's�brother�(1:40) ****
  596. Who was one of their own number?
    A. Nicodemus�(7:50) **
  597. Who was passing by John and his two disciples?
    A. Jesus�(1:36) **
  598. Who was put in prison?
    A. John�(3:24) ***
  599. Who was reclining next to Jesus?
    A. One of them, the disciple whom Jesus�loved�(13:23) ****
  600. Who was right when she said she had no husband?
    A. The Samaritan�woman�(4:17) ***
  601. Who was secretly a disciple of Jesus?
    A. Joseph of Arimathea�(19:38) **
  602. Who was sent from God?
    A. A man who was sent�from�God�(1:6) ****
  603. Who was sent, still bound, to Caiaphas the high priest?
    A. Jesus�(18:24) **
  604. Who was sent?
    A. A man from God; his name�was�John�(1:6)
  605. Who was Simon Peter's brother?
    A. Andrew�(1:40) **
  606. Who was Simon Peter's brother?
    A. Andrew�(6:8) ****
  607. Who was standing nearby?
    A. The disciple whom he�loved�(19:26) **
  608. Who was still standing there?
    A. The woman (caught in adultery)�(8:9) ***
  609. Who was talking with a woman?
    A. Jesus�(4:27) ****
  610. Who was the father-in-law of Caiaphas?
    A. Annas�(18:13) **
  611. Who was the traitor?
    A. Judas�(18:5) ***
  612. Who was the wife of Clopas?
    A. Mary�(19:25) ***
  613. Who was Thomas?
    A. One of the�Twelve�(20:24)
  614. Who was tired from the journey?
    A. Jesus�(4:6) ****
  615. Who was to come into the world?
    A. The Christ, the Son�of�God�(11:27) **
  616. Who was with God in the beginning?
    A. The�Word�(1:2) ****
  617. Who welcomed Jesus?
    A. The Galileans�(4:45) **
  618. Who went away first?
    A. The older�ones�(8:9) ****
  619. Who went back to the chief priests and Pharisees?
    A. The temple�guards�(7:45) **
  620. Who went back to their homes?
    A. The disciples�(20:10) ***
  621. Who went back to town?
    A. The�woman�(4:28) ****
  622. Who went down to the lake?
    A. Jesus' disciples�(6:16) ***
  623. Who went into the high priest's courtyard?
    A. Another disciple who was know�to�him�(18:15) ****
  624. Who went out into the Judean countryside?
    A. Jesus and his disciples�(3:22)
  625. Who went to Capernaum?
    A. The�crowd�(6:24)
  626. Who went to tell Andrew?
    A. Philip�(12:22)
  627. Who went to the disciples with the news: "I have seen the Lord!"?
    A. Mary Magdalene�(20:18) ***
  628. Who went to the Mount of Olives?
    A. Jesus�(8:1) *****
  629. Who went to the tomb?
    A. Mary Magdalene�(20:1) ****
  630. Who went up to Jesus again and again, saying, "Hail, king of the Jews!"?
    A. The soldiers�(19:3) ***
  631. Who wept as she bent over to look into the tomb?
    A. Mary�(20:11) ***
  632. Who were also weeping?
    A. The Jews who had come along with�Mary�(11:33)
  633. Who were among those who went up to worship at the Feast?
    A. Some�Greeks�(12:20) ****
  634. Who were carrying torches, lanterns and weapons?
    A. A detachment of soldiers and some officials from the chief priests and Pharisees�(18:3) ****
  635. Who were comforting Mary?
    A. Jews�(11:31) **
  636. Who were crucified at the place of the Skull?
    A. Jesus, and with him two�others�(19:18)
  637. Who were divided because of Jesus?
    A. The�people�(7:43) ***
  638. Who were exchanging money?
    A. Others sitting at�tables�(2:14) ****
  639. Who were from Bethany?
    A. Lazarus, Mary and�Martha�(11:1) ***
  640. Who were going over to Jesus and putting their faith in him?
    A. Many of the�Jews�(12:11) ****
  641. Who were in white?
    A. Two�angels�(20:12) ***
  642. Who were later to receive the Spirit?
    A. Those who believed in�Jesus�(7:39) ***
  643. Who were of Zebedee?
    A. Sons�(21:2) **
  644. Who were overjoyed?
    A. The disciples�(20:20) **
  645. Who were running?
    A. Peter and the other disciple�(20:4) **
  646. Who were surprised to find him talking with a woman?
    A. His disciples�(4:27) **
  647. Who were terrified?
    A. The disciples�(6:19) ***
  648. Who were thieves and robbers?
    A. All who ever came before�Jesus�(10:8) *****
  649. Who were watching for Jesus at the Feast?
    A. The�Jews�(7:11) **
  650. Who will all men know that you are?
    A. Jesus' disciples�(13:35) **
  651. Who will baptize with the Holy Spirit?
    A. The man on whom you see the Spirit come down and�remain�(1:33) **
  652. Who will be ascending and descending on the Son of Man?
    A. The angels�of�God�(1:51) **
  653. Who will be driven out?
    A. The prince of this�world�(12:31) ****
  654. Who will be loved by my Father?
    A. He who loves�Jesus�(14:21)
  655. Who will be saved?
    A. Whoever enters through�Jesus�(10:9) ****
  656. Who will be thirsty again?
    A. Everyone who drinks this�water�(4:13) ****
  657. Who will come and take away both our place and our nation?
    A. The�Romans�(11:48) *****
  658. Who will come in and go out, and find pasture?
    A. Whoever enters through Jesus, the�gate�(10:9) *****
  659. Who will convict the world of guilt?
    A. The Counselor�(16:8) **
  660. Who will do even greater things than these?
    A. Anyone who has faith in�Jesus�(14:12) **
  661. Who will do what Jesus has been doing?
    A. Anyone who has faith�in�him�(14:12) **
  662. Who will draw all men to himself?
    A. Jesus�(12:32) ***
  663. Who will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go?
    A. Someone�else�(21:18)
  664. Who will explain everything to us?
    A. Messiah (called�Christ)�(4:25) ****
  665. Who will find pasture?
    A. Whoever enters through�Jesus�(10:9) **
  666. Who will give Jesus whatever he asks?
    A. God�(11:22) ***
  667. Who will give you another Counselor?
    A. The�Father�(14:16)
  668. Who will give you food that endures to eternal life?
    A. The Son�of�Man�(6:27)
  669. Who will give you whatever you ask in Jesus' name?
    A. Jesus'�Father�(16:23) ****
  670. Who will guide you into all truth?
    A. The Spirit of�truth�(16:13) ****
  671. Who will hear the Son's voice?
    A. All who are in their�graves�(5:28) **
  672. Who will hear the voice of the Son of God?
    A. The�dead�(5:25) **
  673. Who will keep his life for eternal life?
    A. The man who hates his life in this�world�(12:25) ***
  674. Who will lose his life?
    A. The man who loves his�life�(12:25) **
  675. Who will never be thirsty?
    A. He who believes in�Jesus�(6:35) ****
  676. Who will never die?
    A. Whoever lives and believes�in�me�(11:26) ****
  677. Who will never go hungry?
    A. He who comes to�Jesus�(6:35) **
  678. Who will never see death?
    A. A man if he keeps�my�word�(8:51) ***
  679. Who will never taste death?
    A. Anyone who keeps your�word�(8:52) ****
  680. Who will never thirst?
    A. Whoever drinks the water Jesus gives�him�(4:14) ****
  681. Who will not be condemned?
    A. Whoever hears Jesus' word and believes him who sent�Jesus�(5:24) ****
  682. Who will not come into the light?
    A. Everyone who does�evil�(3:20)
  683. Who will not obey Jesus' teaching?
    A. He who does not love�Jesus�(14:24) **
  684. Who will not see life?
    A. Whoever rejects�the�Son�(3:36) ***
  685. Who will not stumble?
    A. A man who walks�by�day�(11:9) ****
  686. Who will obey Jesus' teaching?
    A. Anyone who loves�Jesus�(14:23) **
  687. Who will Peter disown?
    A. Jesus�(13:38) ***
  688. Who will remain forever?
    A. The�Christ�(12:34) ***
  689. Who will remind you of everything Jesus has said to you?
    A. The Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in Jesus'�name�(14:26) **
  690. Who will rise to be condemned?
    A. Those who have done�evil�(5:29) ***
  691. Who will rise to live?
    A. Those who have done�good�(5:29) ***
  692. Who will speak for himself?
    A. The man born�blind�(9:21) **
  693. Who will teach you all things?
    A. The Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in Jesus'�name�(14:26) ****
  694. Who will testify about Jesus?
    A. The Counselor, the Spirit of truth who goes out from the�Father�(15:26) ***
  695. Who will weep and mourn?
    A. The disciples�(16:20) **
  696. Who will you accept?
    A. Someone else who comes in his own�name�(5:43) ***
  697. Who wiped the Lord's feet with her hair?
    A. Mary�(11:2) ***
  698. Who withdrew again to a mountain by himself?
    A. Jesus�(6:15) ***
  699. Who wore the crown of thorns?
    A. Jesus�(19:5) ***
  700. Who worshiped on this mountain?
    A. Our�fathers�(4:20)
  701. Who would Jesus bring together and make one?
    A. The Jewish nation and the scattered children of�God�(11:51-52) **
  702. Who would not confess their faith for fear they would be put out of the synagogue?
    A. Many even among the leaders�(12:42) ***
  703. Who would not entrust himself to them?
    A. Jesus�(2:24) **
  704. Who would not have died if Jesus had been there?
    A. Martha's brother Lazarus�(11:21) **
  705. Who would you know if you really knew Jesus?
    A. Jesus' Father�as�well�(14:7)
  706. Who wrapped his outer garment around him?
    A. Simon�Peter�(21:7)
  707. Who wrapped Jesus' body?
    A. Joseph and Nicodemus�(19:40) **
  708. Who wrote about me?
    A. Moses�(5:46) **
  709. Who wrote these things down?
    A. This disciple who testifies to these things�(John)�(21:24) *****
  710. Whom can the world not accept?
    A. The Spirit of�truth�(14:17) ****
  711. Whom did Andrew and Philip in turn tell?
    A. Jesus�(12:22) *****
  712. Whom did Jesus ask, "You do not want to leave too, do you?"
    A. The�Twelve�(6:67) *****
  713. Whom did Jesus mean?
    A. Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot�(6:71) ****
  714. Whom did Jesus thank for having heard him?
    A. The�Father�(11:41)
  715. Whom did John's two disciples follow?
    A. Jesus�(1:37) ***
  716. Whom did Mary Magdalene tell that he had said these things to her?
    A. The disciples�(20:18)
  717. Whom did Mary think Jesus was?
    A. The gardener�(20:15) *****
  718. Whom did Moses command us to stone?
    A. Such�women�(8:5) **
  719. Whom did others say Jesus deceived?
    A. The�people�(7:12) **
  720. Whom did Philip go to tell?
    A. Andrew�(12:22) **
  721. Whom did you not choose?
    A. Me (Jesus)�(15:16) **
  722. Whom do the sheep know?
    A. The good shepherd�(10:14) **
  723. Whom do you circumcise?
    A. A�child�(7:22)
  724. Whom does Jesus honor?
    A. His�Father�(8:49) *****
  725. Whom does Jesus' Father love?
    A. Jesus�(10:17) ****
  726. Whom does the Father judge?
    A. No�one�(5:22) ****
  727. Whom does the Father raise?
    A. The�dead�(5:21) ***
  728. Whom does whoever accepts Jesus accept?
    A. The one who sent�Jesus�(13:20) ***
  729. Whom had the devil prompted Judas Iscariot to betray?
    A. Jesus�(13:2)
  730. Whom has Jesus chosen?
    A. The�Twelve�(6:70) **
  731. Whom has Jesus not lost?
    A. One of those the Father gave�him�(18:9) *****
  732. Whom has the Father heard?
    A. Jesus�(11:41) **
  733. Whom has the Son brought glory on earth?
    A. The�Father�(17:4) ****
  734. Whom have the world yet hated?
    A. Both me (Jesus) and my�Father�(15:24) ****
  735. Whom will Jesus draw to himself?
    A. All�men�(12:32) ***
  736. Whom will Jesus never drive away?
    A. Whoever comes�to�him�(6:37)
  737. Whom will the sheep never follow?
    A. A stranger�(10:5) **
  738. Whom will you always have among you?
    A. The�poor�(12:8) ***
  739. Whom will you not always have?
    A. Jesus�(12:8) ***
  740. Whose brother Lazarus now lay sick?
    A. Mary's�(11:2) **
  741. Whose children did the true light give the right to become?
    A. God's�(1:12)
  742. Whose commands has Jesus obeyed?
    A. His Father's�(15:10) ****
  743. Whose disciples are you showing yourselves to be?
    A. Jesus'�(15:8) ***
  744. Whose dwelling was made among us?
    A. The�Word's�(1:14) ***
  745. Whose feet should you also wash?
    A. One another's�(13:14) ***
  746. Whose form have you never seen?
    A. The Father's�(5:37) **
  747. Whose hour has come?
    A. The Son of�Man's�(12:23) **
  748. Whose judgment is just?
    A. The�Son's�(5:30) ****
  749. Whose legs did the soldiers come and break?
    A. The legs of the first man who had been crucified with Jesus, and then those of the�other�(19:32) **
  750. Whose legs did the soldiers not break?
    A. Jesus'�legs�(19:33) *****
  751. Whose love do you not have in your hearts?
    A. The love�of�God�(5:42) **
  752. Whose praise does the Son not accept?
    A. Men's�(5:41) **
  753. Whose seal of approval has been placed on the Son of Man?
    A. The seal of God the�Father�(6:27)
  754. Whose testimony is true?
    A. The man who saw the flow of blood and�water�(19:35)
  755. Whose will does the godly man do?
    A. God's�will�(9:31) **
  756. Whose will has Jesus come down from heaven to do?
    A. The will of him who sent�him�(6:38) ***
  757. Whose work must we do as long as it is day?
    A. The work of him who sent�Jesus�(9:4) ***
  758. With whom did Jesus go down to Capernaum and stay a few days?
    A. His mother and brothers and his disciples�(2:12) ****
  759. With whom did Jesus sit down on a mountainside?
    A. His disciples�(6:3) ****
  760. With whom did Jesus stay in a village called Ephraim?
    A. His disciples�(11:54) *****
  761. With whom do Jews not associate?
    A. Samaritans�(4:9) ***
  762. With whom does Jesus stand?
    A. The Father, who sent�him�(8:16) ***
  763. With whom was Jesus crucified?
    A. Two�others�(19:18) ***
  764. With whom was Peter also standing?
    A. The servants and officials�(18:18)
  765. With whom was the Word?
    A. With�God�(1:1)
  766. With whom was Thomas not when Jesus came?
    A. The disciples�(20:24) **
  767. With whom will Jesus be only a little longer?
    A. His children�(13:33) ***
  768. With whose permission did Joseph come and take the body away?
    A. Pilate's�(19:38) **
  769. Without whom was nothing made that has been made?
    A.The�Word�(1:3) ***
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