Bible quizzing easy questions from john

  1. Where does the light shine?
    In the darkness J 1:5
  2. With what does John baptize?
    Water J 1:26
  3. What was on the other side of the Jordan?
    Bethany J 1:28
  4. What does Rabbi mean?
    Teacher J 1:38
  5. Who was in the beginning?
    The Word J 1:1
  6. What took place at Cana in Galilee on the third day?
    A wedding J 2:1
  7. How many stone water jars stood nearby?
    Six J 2:6
  8. Who has saved the best till now?
    The bridegroom J 2:10
  9. What did Jesus make out of cords?
    A whip J 2:15
  10. Whose tables did Jesus overturn?
    The money changers' tables J 2:15
  11. In how many days will Jesus raise this temple again?
    Three J 2:19
  12. When did Nicodemus come to Jesus?
    At night J 3:2
  13. Who gives birth to spirit?
    The Spirit J 3:6
  14. What did men love instead of light?
    Darkness J 3:19
  15. Who was put in prison?
    John J 3:24
  16. To whom does the bride belong?
    The bridegroom J 3:29
  17. What did a Samaritan woman come to draw?
    Water J 4:7
  18. With whom do Jews not associate?
    Samaritans J 4:9
  19. What is deep?
    The well J 4:11
  20. How many husbands has the Samaritan woman had?
    Five J 4:18
  21. What are ripe for harvest?
    The fields J 4:35
  22. What in Aramaic is called Bethesda?
    The pool near the sheep gate J 5:2
  23. What did Jesus ask the invalid?
    Do you want to get well?J 5:6
  24. What was Jesus breaking?
    The Sabbath J 5:18
  25. Who loves the Son and shows him all he does?
    The Father J 5:20
  26. Who will rise to be condemned?
    Those who have done evil J 5:29
  27. In John, chapter 6, what did a boy have?
    Five small barley loaves and two small fish J 6:9
  28. How many baskets were filled with the left over pieces?
    Twelve J 6:13
  29. Who was walking on the water?
    Jesus J 6:19
  30. What spoils?
    Food J 6:27
  31. Where did our forefathers eat manna?
    In the desert J 6:31
  32. For what does the flesh count?
    Nothing J 6:63
  33. What was Judas later going to do?
    Betray Jesus J 6:71
  34. What did Jesus begin to do in the temple courts?
    Teach J 7:14
  35. Who live scattered among the Greeks?
    Our people OR the Jews J 7:35
  36. What is the greatest day of the Feast?
    The last J 7:37
  37. Where did David live?
    Bethlehem J 7:42
  38. Who does not come out of Galilee?
    A prophet J 7:52
  39. Who was caught in adultery?
    A woman J 8:3
  40. With what did Jesus begin to write on the ground?
    His finger J 8:6
  41. What is the testimony of two men?
    Valid J 8:17
  42. To what does a son belong forever?
    The family J 8:35
  43. In whom is there no truth?
    The devil J 8:44
  44. When can no one work?
    At night J 9:4
  45. What did Jesus make with the saliva?
    Mud J 9:6
  46. Whose eyes did Jesus open?
    The blind man�s J 9:17
  47. Of whom are the Jews disciples?
    Moses J 9:28
  48. Who does not listen to sinners?
    God J 9:31
  49. What listen to the shepherd's voice?
    The sheep J 10:3
  50. Whose voice do the sheep not recognize?
    A stranger�s J 10:5
  51. What does the wolf attack and scatter?
    The flock J 10:12
  52. How many shepherd's shall there be?
    One J 10:16
  53. When shall Jesus' sheep perish?
    Never J 10:28
  54. Who had been baptizing in the early days?
    John J 10:40
  55. From where was Lazarus?
    Bethany J 11:1
  56. In what will this sickness not end?
    Death J 11:4
  57. Of what are there twelve hours?
    Daylight J11:9
  58. For how many days had Lazarus already been in the tomb?
    Four J 11:17
  59. According to John, chapter 11, verse 35, who wept?
    Jesus J 11:35
  60. How much pure nard did Mary pour on Jesus?
    About a pint J 12:3
  61. What was this perfume worth?
    A year's wages J 12:5
  62. What did Jesus find and sit upon?
    A young donkey J 12:14
  63. Whom did Jesus raise from the dead?
    Lazarus J 12:17
  64. What has he blinded?
    Their eyes J 12:40
  65. What did Jesus wrap around his waist?
    A towel J 13:4
  66. What should Jesus' disciples also wash?
    One another's feet J 13:14
  67. What new command does Jesus give his disciples?
    Love one another J 13:34
  68. How many times will Peter disown Jesus??
    Three J 13:38
  69. When will Peter disown Jesus three times?
    Before the rooster crows J 13:38
  70. Where are there many rooms?
    Jesus' Father's house J 14:2
  71. Who is the way and the truth and the life?
    Jesus J 14:6
  72. For what may the disciples ask Jesus in his name?
    Anything J 14:14
  73. Whom will Jesus not leave as orphans?
    Jesus' disciples J 14:18
  74. What prince is coming?
    The prince of this world J 14:30
  75. What can no branch bear by itself?
    Fruit J 15:4
  76. Whose business does a servant not know?
    His master�s J 15:15
  77. Out of what has Jesus chosen his disciples?
    The world J 15:19
  78. Who now have no excuse for their sin?
    The world J 15:22
  79. In what must a branch remain?
    The vine J 15:4
  80. Whom did Jesus warn?
    His disciples J 16:4
  81. In whom do men not believe?
    Jesus J 16:9
  82. What will turn to joy?
    Your grief J 16:20
  83. What will no one take away?
    Your joy J 16:22
  84. What is Jesus now leaving?
    The world J 16:28
  85. Who looked toward heaven and prayed?
    Jesus J 17:1
  86. In what will Jesus remain no longer?
    The world J 17:11
  87. Who has hated the disciples?
    The world J 17:14
  88. Whose word is truth?
    The Father�s J 17:17
  89. Where did the Father send Jesus?
    Into the world J 17:18
  90. Who betrayed Jesus?
    Judas J 18:2
  91. Whom did Simon Peter strike with a sword?
    The high priest's servant J 18:10
  92. What should Peter put away?
    His sword J 18:11
  93. What did a rooster begin to do at that moment?
    Crow J 18:27
  94. Who said, "You are a king, then!"?
    Pilate J 18:37
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