Dental Materials

  1. when one is working with dental materials the most common work related health and safety hazards are? (4)
    • exposure to mercury
    • exposure to particulate matter
    • exposure to biological contaminants
    • exposure to toxic effects of chemicals
  2. the proper PPE to be worn during handling of dental materials that can generate particulate matter consists of?
    safety glasses, lab coat or clinic gown and surgical or special dust mask
  3. during the use of acrylic monomer in the lab hazards include?
    • skin contact
    • inhalation of vapors
    • fire
  4. ways in which chemicals can enter the body include?
    • swallowing
    • inhaling
    • cuts in skin
  5. when leftover amalgam scrap is stored?
    it is kept under water in a tightly closed container
  6. eye wash stations are best used when??
    best used in an emergency only if the employee has had training in their use (if not then you are SOL)
  7. what are the best ways to minimize exposure to chemical hazards in the dental office?
    read the label and store according to the manufacturers directions
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