1. Food service employees can wear two rings on each hand
  2. What jewlery is allowed for food service employees
    Plain Wedding Band
  3. Any food or ingredients that requires temperature control because in a form can support rapid or progressive growth of an organsim
    Potentially Hazardous Food
  4. food in a form that can cary toxigenic organism
    Potentially Hazerdous Foods (PHF)
  5. any food that can spoil if not maintsained at a particular storage or serving condition
    Perishable Food
  6. Food that is canned, dried, dehydrated, or spoiled or other wised processed to the extent that such items under normal conditions may be stored in non refrigerated spaces
  7. to clean a food contact surface with heat or chemical that results in 99.999% reduction of representative microorganism of public health importance
    sanitize or Sanitation
  8. to clean and sanitive food contact surface or materials
    Ware Washing
  9. To clean and Sanitize a cutting knife
    Ware washing
  10. To clean and sanitize a cutting board
    Ware Washing
  11. To clean a surfacew with heat to reduce microorganism to 99.999%
    Sanitize or Sanitization
  12. evaluating food using the sense of smell
  13. evaluation of food involving the use of the sense organs
  14. Evaluating food by how it feels, Looks or even taste
  15. A single distributor serves as the major provider of product or various federal customers within a geographical region or zone
    Substance Prime vendor
  16. A vendor under contract with the DoD to supply comercially available substances
    Substance Prime vendor
  17. A vendor that delivers to dining facilities within 48 hours after order
    Substance Prime Vendor
  18. What can exclude an SPV from being listed USDA publications for meat and poultry inspection directory
    Listed by the U. S> Army publication, directory of Sanitary food establishments
  19. What must be done with meat, poultry and fish delivered overseas that cannot be inspected by Ferderal or State inspection systems
    Must be inspected be the US Army Vet services
  20. Standards by which fruits and vegatables are based
  21. You can use home canned products in navy food establishments
  22. The use of home canned products are allowed or prohibited
  23. Grade A pasturized milk or any milk products are ok for procurement according to food safety requirements
    No, must be from approved plants
  24. Inspectors can allow milk and milk products to be delivered at 50 degreea
    False, must be 45 or less
  25. What is the temperature that an inspector can allow milk and milk products to be delivered
    45 degrees or less
  26. Delivery vehicles can use ice on top of milk cartons for cooling
    No this is prohibited
  27. Ice on top of milk cartons can be allowed only on the serving line
    False, this is prohibited
  28. Shelled eggs must be delivered at what temperature
    45 deg F or less
  29. if a cheese is found with mold what can be done to use it
    remove 1/2 inch layer
  30. Molded block of cheese must be discarded
    Only the 1/2 layer that has mold
  31. What is the Temperature a food delivery must maintain if it carries PHF
    41 deg F or lower
  32. if there is evidence of abuse on PHF can it be accepted apon reciept
  33. Product compliance inspections shall be conducted by AVI's when?
    • Cursory
    • Routine
    • Special Compliance inpsection
  34. What is the type of inspection an AVI must preform once recieving a complaint about food activity
    Special Compliance evaluation
  35. Routine product compliance evaluation are preformed to ensure
    food are at thier best value for thier intended use
  36. Can food employes touch ready-to-eat food with thier bare hands
  37. What must be done with the utensil once used for tasting food
    Discarded to be washed
  38. Food service supervisrors can use that same utensil that they taste with to continue cookinf
  39. Vegetables from an uncertain orgin and may be suspected to be contaminated should be
    chemically disinfected at 50 PPM for 1-2 minutes
  40. what should be done if unsatisfactory food item is discovered in a military food establishment
    Be reported by the person in charge by Op-Immediate message to defense personnel support center, Phillidelphia
  41. how do ships submitt smaples to one of the vetenarry labratories
    NAVSUP PUB 486, volume 1. Management-General
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