Vocab lesson #5

  1. Atypical
    not conforming to type; not typical; irregular; unusual; abnormal
  2. Awe
    inspire with awe (fear mixed with dread, wonder, or veneration); frighten; terrify
  3. Curt
    rudely brief; abrupt; brusque
  4. Domestic
    pertaining to one's own country or to a particular country; national; internal
  5. Duress
    compulsion by threat; coercion; constraint
  6. Formidiable
    tending to inspire awe or wonder by reason of notable size, power, superiority, of excellence; superior; outstanding
  7. Friction
    clashing between to persons or parties of opposed views; conflict; dissension; disagreement
  8. Identical
    similar or alike in every way; equal; equivalent
  9. Indubitable
    too evident to be doubted; unquestionable; indisputable
  10. Inequity
    lack of fairness; injustice; wrong
  11. Legitimate
    in accordance with the law; legal; lawful; genuine
  12. Perpetrator
    one who perpetrates (commits) a crime or offense; criminal; culprit
  13. Premature
    occurring or done before the proper time; early; untimely
  14. Specify
    make something specific; stipulate; detail
  15. Stymie
    stand in the way of; block; thwart; hinder
  16. Tally
    make a count of; add; total
  17. Unremitting
    not slackening of abating; constant; incessant; unabated
  18. Utter
    carried to the utmost point of highest degree; complete; absolute
  19. Veciferous
    vehement or noisy in making one's feelings known; clamorous; vocal
  20. Wake
    visible turbulence or path left by a moving body; trail; track
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