Pilot Exam - Instruments #1

  1. 3248 Which instrument will become inoperative is the pitot tube becomes clogged?

    B. Airspeed.
  2. 3249 Which instruments will become inoperative if the static vents become clogged?

    C. Airspeed, altimeter, and vertical speed.
  3. 3247 If the pitot tube and outside static vents become clogged, which instruments would be affected?

    B. The altimeter, airspeed indicator, and vertical speed indicator.
  4. 3262 The pitot system provides impact pressure for which instrument?

    C. Airspeed indicator.
  5. 3006 Which V-speed represents maneuvering speed?

    C. Va
  6. 3264 What does the red line on an airspeed indicator represent?

    B. Never exceed speed.
  7. 3268 (Refer to Figure 4) Which color identifies the never exceed speed?
    Image Upload 2

    B. The red radial line.
  8. 3269 (Refer to figure 4.) Which color identifies the power off stalling speed in a specified configuration?
    Image Upload 4

    C. Lower limit of the green arc.
  9. 3011 Which would provide the greatest gain in the altitude in the shortest distance during climb after takeoff?

    C. Vx
  10. 3012-1 After takeoff, which airspeed would the pilot use to gain the most altitude in a given period of time?

    C. Vy
  11. 3265 (Refer to figure 4.) What is the full flap operating range for the airplane?
    Image Upload 6

    B. 60-100 MPH
  12. 3267 (Refer to figure 4.) The maximum speed at which the airplane can be operated in smooth air is
    Image Upload 8

    A. 165 MPH
  13. 3270 (Refer to figure 4. ) What is the maximum flaps extended speed?
    Image Upload 10

    A. 100 MPH
  14. 3271 (Refer to figure 4.) Which color identifies the normal flap operating range?
    Image Upload 12

    A. The white arc.
  15. 3272 (Refer to figure 4.) Which color identifies the power off stalling speed with wings flaps and landing gear in the landing configuration?
    Image Upload 14

    A. Lower limit of the white arc.
  16. 3273 (Refer to figure 4.) What is the maximum structural cruising speed?
    Image Upload 16

    B. 165 MPH
  17. 3274 What is an important airspeed limitation that is not color coded on airspeed indicators?

    A. Maneuvering speed.
  18. 3007 Which V speed represents maximum flap extended speed?

    A. Vfe
  19. 3008 Which V speed represents maximum landing gear extended speed?

    C. Vfe
  20. 3009 Vno is defined as the

    C. Maximum structural cruising speed.
  21. 3010 Vso is defined as the

    A. Stalling speed or minimum steady flight speed in the landing configuration.
  22. 3266 (Refer to figure 4.) What is the caution range of the airplane?
    Image Upload 18

    C. 165-208 MPH
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