English Midterm- Short Stories

  1. what's bonifacio like?
    on a cliff over a straight wild waters
  2. what is the mood at the beginning of a vendetta?
    grim and gloomy
  3. what happens to antonio saverini?
    murdered by nicolas ravolati who runs to longosardo
  4. what does the wido swear? what is the delima with this promise?
    • swears a vendetta
    • old and weak
  5. what's the widow's dog's name?
  6. what does the widow pray for?
    strength to kill nicolas
  7. how does the widow train semillante?
    • straves and ties sausage around dummy's neck and orders to attack
    • 3 months training
  8. how does the widow disguise herself?
    old beggar man
  9. A Vendetta
    Central conflict
    Inciting Moment
    • widow saverini
    • nicolas ravolati
    • prsn vs prsn
    • when widow swears vendetta
    • semillante kills nicolas
    • widow sleeps well
    • anyone can achieve vengance if thwy are clever enough
  10. what are the prussians doing to paris?
    blockading/starving it
  11. what was the pre-war sunday ritual of morissot and sauvage?
  12. t/f the 2 men need to talk while fishing
  13. what is the danger of the fishing spot they have chosen?
    french outposts are near colombes
  14. what's the village of argentuil like?
    • dead
    • empty
    • colorless
  15. why do the french hate the prussians?
    starved paris
  16. what do the men suggest they do if they run into any prussians?
    give them fish
  17. what interupts the men while fishing?
    canons being fired
  18. what does morrisot mean when he says "madmen who fight"? what's sauvage's response?
    • it's stupid to kill
    • ppl are worse than animals
  19. what do the men agree on?
    man is never free
  20. what do the 4 tall men do to morrisot and sauvage?
    capture them
  21. what does the prussian offer if they tell the password?
    he will spare their lives
  22. what does the officer offer each man individually? how do they respond?
    • take it easy on them if they tell password
    • won't tell
  23. what happens to the men? was it similar to the fate of the fish?
    • dead at the bottom of river
    • fish eaten by officer
  24. two friends
    Central conflict
    Inciting Moment
    • morrisot and sauvage
    • prussian officers
    • prsn vs prsn
    • decision to go fishing
    • executed
    • officer lights pipe
    • people can't be free as long as government exists
  25. setting at the beginning of the monkey's paw?
    • white's house in england
    • happy mood
  26. what is sergeant morris's attitude about the paw? what does he do with it?
    • cursed
    • throws in the fire
  27. what does morris say happend to the 1st 2 men who had the paw?
    wished for death
  28. what's the first wish?
    200 pounds to pay off house
  29. how does white get the 200 pounds?
    herbert killed in mill and company offers 200 pounds recompense
  30. what's the 2nd wish?
    herbert alive again
  31. when the white's hear knocking who do they think it is? what's mr white's reaction?
    • herbert
    • makes 3rd wish
  32. what's the 3rd wish?
    do not know
  33. what do we think the third wish is?
    knocking would stop
  34. The Monkey's Paw
    Central conflict
    Inciting Moment
    • Mr and Mrs white
    • percieved powers of the mokey's paw
    • prsn vs fate
    • mr white posses the paw
    • 3rd wish
    • empty street
    • be careful what you wish for
  35. what is mary doing in the beginning of the story?
    sewing happily
  36. why was when her husband returned home it was a "blissful time of day"?
    first time she got to see him all day
  37. what is her husband doing that's strange?
    • drinking heavily
    • doesn't want her to do anything
    • mean
  38. what do we think he tells mary?
    they are getting divorced
  39. what does mary kill him with?
    leg of lamb
  40. how does mary react after killing her husband?
    wants to protect her unborn child
  41. why does mary go to the grocers?
    needed and alabi to make sure the cops know she wasn't in the house at the time of the murder and the grocer was a wittness
  42. what are the police primarily concerned with finding?
    the murder weapon
  43. what small favor does mary ask the police? how is it ironic?
    • to eat the lamb
    • eating murder weapon
  44. Lamb to Slaughter
    Central conflict
    Inciting Moment
    • mary maloney
    • detectives/police
    • prsn vs prsn
    • mary kills patrick
    • eat the leg of lamb
    • marry giggles
    • if one is clever enough they can get away with murder
  45. what are johnathan's 5 blessing?
    his wife and 3 of his 4 children
  46. what does "happy survival" suggest about the brutality of the war?
    bad violent war
  47. what's john's reaction to fiding his bike? what does he do with it?
    • excited
    • turns into a taxi service
  48. what's ironc about john's little zinc house of no regrets?
    the neighbors concrete house was crushed
  49. what is revealed about the family when the story says the children picked mangos?
    generous family
  50. how is the house a greater blessing than originally intended?
    house for neighbors
  51. what does john get for the biaferan money he turns in? what's it called?
    • 20 nigerian punds
    • eggrasher
  52. why must john be careful with his money?
    theives try to steal it
  53. who knocks on the door in the middle of the night?
  54. how does the family respond to the robbery?
    they are ok with it
  55. Civil Peace
    Central conflict
    Inciting Moment
    • johnathan
    • post war society
    • prsn vs society
    • end of the war
    • reaction to robbery
    • "nothing puzzles God"
    • a positive mental attitude can help you overcome anything
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