Dental Materials

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  1. what is the science of dealing with the development, properties, manipulation, care, evolution, and evaluation of materials used in the treatment and prevention of dental disease?
    Duh duh dental materials
  2. which allied oral health practitioners must have a complete understanding of the potential hazards in the manipulation and disposal of materials and be trained to handle them safely?
    ALL of the them! Yes that means you!
  3. ALL allied oral health practitioners must have a complete understanding of the potential ________ in the ________ and _______ of materials and be ________ to handle them safely.
    • hazards
    • manipulation
    • disposal
    • trained
  4. what are five places to learn about dental materials?
    • professional journals
    • dental materials manufacturers
    • manufacturers reps
    • internet
    • dental meetings
  5. what do dental materials manufactuers, manufacturers reps and internet all have in common about learning about dental materials?
  6. what is the best place to learn about dental materials?
    dental meetings
  7. Who is the father of modern dentistry?
    Pierre Fuchard
  8. In _____ (year) the father of modern dentistry published his book making him known as the father of modern dentistry? Who was he?
    • 1728
    • Pierre Fuchard
  9. what year was an acceptable amalgam invented? by who?
    • 1895
    • G.V. Black
  10. who invented the first acceptable amalgam
    G.V. Black
  11. when was the first community water fluoridation? who founded this program?
    • 1945
    • McKay
  12. what does ADA stand for
    American Dental Association
  13. when did the ADA give its first seal of acceptance?
  14. how long does the ADA award the seal of acceptance?
    5 years
  15. what does the ADA's professional product review do?
    reviews dental drugs, instruments, materials and equipment for safety and effectiveness
  16. the ADA has set ______ and ______ for mechanical, physical and chemical properties of dental materials to ensure quality
    standards and specificaitons
  17. What does the FDA ensure?
    that certain products meet certain standards of safety and efficacy
  18. the FDA ensures that certain products meet certain standards of ______ and ______
    safety and efficacy
  19. when was the medical device amendment?
  20. what is the medical device amendment (FDA)
    regulatory authority over medical and dental devices (including dental materials)
  21. t/f only the dentist is responsible for understanding the potential hazards of dental materials
  22. who is the father of community water fluoridation?
    Dr. Frederick McKay
  23. which regulatory agency is responsible for the safety and efficacy of dental materials?
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